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    Checking Up (Ares & Tobias Ray-James)


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    Checking Up (Ares & Tobias Ray-James) Empty Checking Up (Ares & Tobias Ray-James)

    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:08 pm

    Ares wrote:The god of war stood near the edge of the precipice gazing down towards the earth. A hand idly stoked his goatee as he thought. He'd just come from a council that had made him snort in amusement. As if his family ever agreed unanimously about anything. However his thoughts were not on the council but rather focused on his earthly children. Most of the time he knew he along with the other Olympians were too busy to pay much attention to their offspring that are doomed to die. Frankly some of them were rather disappointing and no child that didn't prove their mettle would ever be claimed by him.

    Normally when his sons reached fifteen he would allow them to have a day with his war chariot. It was another test and if his daughter couldn't handle it that meant it had been a mistake to claim her. His eyes narrowed slightly at the thought of having to warn her against shaming him. Turning his head his brow arched and his mouth curled with slight annoyance as he faced back toward the hall. Seeing he was no longer alone he challenged, "What?"

    Tobias wrote:Tobias had heard nonstop thrumming...booming or otherwise...in his head. He had been trying to ignore it. When that failed he headed to the place he was to go. Silent as death itself...not the deed that brought the death. The man wearing a hood with a ninja mask covering up to the middle of the brim of his nose...vanished off into the night. Going. Going. Going far, far away from earthly realms. Taking the path not many could. His summons had been final. Which of them had...he had no idea. He just knew where to go. When he appeared he walked out of the shadows. A hand to his head. Hooded cloak and ninja mask over his lower face. "Were you the lord deity who summoned me?" Came the words that sounded as if the wind itself whispered them against Ares ear. Kneeling down. One arm draped over the raised knee. Head lowered as the owner of the whispering words voice waited.

    Ares wrote:Arching a brow, Ares let his hand drop to the pommel and hilt of his sword, as he stared at the newcomer. Oh, he liked this. Immediate groveling and show of reverence, if only everyone now would behave this way. While pleased he was still quite puzzled how someone could have gotten here that wasn't a god. Demigods were only allowed so far into Olympus and that was only to the throne room. To go further was to invite trouble and yet...

    "That depends," Ares decided to answer, eyeing the strange person before him. "Why do you think you were summoned?"

    Tobias wrote:Tobias let light glint off special blades obviously granted to him by one of the big three. A silent I wouldnt' do that if I were you...let's keep this peaceful. He merely moved his body so that the shadows hid the blades again. On one knee. Head still bowed. He stayed silent as he waited for the response. The pulsating throb in his head much louder yet the sounds of all the deities voices and thoughts...much quieter. "If you don't know the answer you obviously didn't summon." Came the words that whispered like wind against Ares ear. He stood and moved with a graceful deadly stride most were unable to possess. Moving he turned and sat beside the artifact that Ares had been looking through. "In that case I will take a nap." He said. Legs sat beneath him in the indian style seating. "To await the deity who summoned me." He clarified in words that danced through the air. Head remaiend where shadows veiled the face.

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