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    Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares)


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    Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares) Empty Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares)

    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:57 pm

    Aiden wrote:Arriving at camp, healthy and pretty much safe, was one of the best things that had happened to one Aiden Harvey in three months. The sixteen year old had been on the run for the past three months, ever since he had been attacked by monsters for the last time at his private school. He had, had no idea about why he was attacked until his first month on the run. He had met a Satyr then and the man had informed him of why monsters were coming after him. He was a demi-god, a child from a god and a human.

    Frankly it was a shock to him and he had found it pretty hard to believe but the monsters, the satyr and the undeniable fact that he was something else other then human had certainly made him realize that yes, there were things out there that most people didn't know about. He had been told by the satyr about Camp Half-Blood and Aiden was glad that he wasn't the only demi-god in the world. He had traveled for another two months, fighting monsters and generally improving his hand to hand fighting techniques. And now he had arrived at Camp Half-Blood, finally.

    He stared at the magnificent tree in front of him and blinked his eyes. It was beautiful and frankly, Aiden just did not have the words for it.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe was out jogging early that morning, she really had nothing better to do at the time. She had been at camp half blood for about a month now and she truly loved being there. If that satyr hadn't brought her here and told her that she was a demigod, a child of a human and a god, than she never would have known of this beautiful yet calming place.

    Jupe stopped to take a small breather and decided to walk the rest of the way back, but she wanted to take the longer way so she could cool off a bit. She really didn't know anyone at the camp yet, but that was ok, she didn't mind. Jupe was an introverted person, she liked to have her space. Jupe wore a pair of black sweat pants, a purple tank top, and her tennis shoes. She had her red hair up in a ponytail and out of her face.

    Jupe took a sip of her water she had when she came to Thalia's Pine Tree, it was an absolutely beautiful tree in her opinion. It reminded her of the pine trees that were outside her old house, she shook her head, she didn't want to think about that now, but she always thought about her family. She walked towards the tree when she came to a young boy, she smiled shyly and came up to him. " Beautiful isn't it?" She asked him as she came to stand next to him, he looked around her age or so.

    Aiden wrote:Aiden had been startled when the girl spoke up. He hadn't even felt anyone approaching and that was a bit disorientating. "It is." Aiden nodded his head with a light smile at the girl who looked to be about his age but he wasn't sure.

    "How long you've been here?" He asked the girl, eyeing the girl with curiosity as he was quite sure she wasn't as new as he was. After all he only just arrived and the girl didn't seem to be looking as messy as he was. Unlike the girl who was pretty much clean Aiden was dressed in a pair of jeans and a top with a pair of sneakers and all were practically dirty and roughed up. Being on the road for three months certainly didn't help.

    Konan wrote:Konan was watching in his three headed puppy form. He watched them without saying anything. Actually he was watching Aiden first and foremost but sombody else came up soon after. Scrunching his nose. They smelled weird. He didn't like it. Half liked it...half reminded him of Hades and Persephone. Half reminded him of crazy mortals. He didn't know what to think of it. Though he  watched as Aiden seemed uneasy and bit back the growls from his three small adorable big eyed puppy heads. Tails wagging a bit as he finally heard the man's voice in person. He wanted to have a close bond with someone like his daddy did and does. He watched still as he pawed on his belly a bit closer. Moving more and more towards them yet stayed in the shadows of the treelines and bushes.

    Ares wrote:From time to time Ares would descend from Olympus to see what the mortals were up to. It got rather boring and imagination limited to stagnating among some of the immortals. That was why more often than not, they sought out their entertainment on earth. Mortals were such fun and easily manipulated into things. After awhile it would fade, not keeping their attention or it was divided or caught by other interests. Rather then appearing only to his children while they were on quests to either help or hinder (those that weren't his children), Ares would come and observe them at camp or if they'd caught his attention, on their way to camp. If he was pleased with them he would immediately claim them.

    Standing outside the boundary, Ares had sensed more than one demigod in the area along with something else. Appearing he observed the interactions knowing that only the creature that looked as if it was the lovechild of Cerberus and Medusa would be able to detect his presence let alone see him. To the mortals he would be invisible. A smirk of amusement curled his lip in anticipation as the mutt crept closer to the boundary. This might actually prove to brighten up and liven up his rather uneventful day.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe looked at the young man as he spoke. " Have you heard the story about this tree?" She asked him curiously, she had heard a couple of people mention there was a story about it but she never heard the actual one. When he asked her how long she'd been there she shrugged. " About a month or so, never really kept count. But I know i've been here long enough that i know my way around the woods." She laughed softly, she wasn't good at keeping dates but when it came to directions she was pretty good about that. " What about you? How long you've been here?" She asked him as she sipped her water again and a soft breeze swept through. She hadn't seen him around, so he must have come a little bit after her.

    Jupe heard something and frowned a bit, she turned around, where was that noise coming from? She wondered. She shrugged it off as her paranoia. She felt something was watching her so it made her uneasy, but she kept her face calm and cool and was ready to jump into her defensive stance if it happened to be a monster. " I'm Jupiter by the way, you can call me Jupe, Chase, or Valentine if you want." She said with a small smile as she held her hand out to the young man.

    Aiden wrote:"I don't know." Aiden shook his head with a tilt of his head. "I only just arrived. I've been on the run for four months and only met a satyr three months ago after I ran from home when I was attacked by monster." He heard that there was a story surrounding the tree but the satyr had no time to tell him as he was going to collect another Demi God. He had only come across Aiden by accident and pointed him in the right direction.

    Aiden frowned when he heard something but he shook it off and instead concentrated on the girl in front of him. "Aiden, Aiden Harvey." He smiled softly. "It's nice to meet you Jupe." He said softly.

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    Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares) Empty Re: Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:14 pm

    Konan wrote:Konan tensed then relaxed. He smelled a god! A full god! He could see him over to the side. His tails wagged like one before he watched the teenagers again. He looked at the girl a bit. Who was she? She wasn't one of his boys. One was in a weird place the other was talking to the she creature. She was definitely not a boy. Her scent told him that much. The left head wondered how she would taste. Right was just like whatever. The middle one was like whooooooa....she just looked around. His motions stopped as he sniffed a bit. He growled too low for human or demi-god ears to hear before he turned and ran silently over to Ares. Tails wagging as he looked up at the god. Knowing that the two must have heard his movement through the bushes. He also doubted they'd see Ares. He pressed into him. Curiously wondering if he'd be unseen too if he was smooshed into Ares form. He looked at the demi-gods again. He wanted to get closer but something put his fur on edge when he tried to. He would have to wait to see Aiden again when he came out of the boundary. Again...he met him in the human form once or twice before he'd entered it.

    Ares wrote:A bit disappointing that the mutt hadn't gone further towards the boundary, Ares wondered if he was wasting his time here. There didn't seem to be much entertainment to be gained by staying here. When the dog came over, he arched a brow at it as he (he was sure it was a he), pressed into his side. Picking the dog up by the scruff of the middle head he gave it a warning look that said he wouldn't be so nice if one of the heads tried to bite him. He didn't mind dogs since they were one of his animals after all. "What are you doing here? A bit far from home aren't you?"

    Turning his gaze back to the demigods he wondered what he could do to stir things up a bit before turning to the pup in his grip. "Why don't you go liven things up?" It would be interesting to see what would happen and Ares was rather bored. "If you do, I'll give you a treat."

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe listened to the young man and nodded softly. " Ah. Well maybe we'll both hear the story about the tree someday." She said with a shrug, she took a sip of her water again when she heard the man introduce himself. " It's nice to meet you too, Aiden." She said

    " So today is your first day here?" She asked him politely and turned around as she thought she heard more bushes moving. " Huh, must be an animal or something." She thought out loud and sure enough a little rabbit came out from the bushes and Jupe smiled. " That's what must've been making that noise." She said to Aiden before the rabbit took off again.

    Jupe turned to look at him again. " So, what are you looking forward to most here?" She asked him curiously.

    Aiden wrote:Aiden listened to the girl with a tilt of his head, a light smile on his lips. "Ah, I hope I'll hear the story someday myself." He agreed with a nod of his head. It would certainly be nice to know what the tree meant to the camp apart from being just a beautiful tree.

    "Yeah, I just managed to arrive." The brunette chuckled sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head before startling when he heard the bushes rustle and then seeing the rabbit jump out. He had been very skittish when he was travelling and now that he arrived at camp it didn't seem to have left him at all.

    "Quite a few things." Aiden said. "Meeting new people, training..." He shrugged his shoulders. "What did you look forward to when you came here first?" He asked.

    Konan wrote:Konan rubbed against Ares then watched the girl talking with one of his boys. He would check on Nico later. He would call that one master and this one would be his in a different way. He learned to take that other form just so he could have Aiden. It was selfish means but it worked. Watching the two demi-gods and wiggled a bit in amusement when they both startled over a bunny. BUNNY!!! His right head found that hilarious the left was scoffing mentally. the primary one happened to be the middle one. Looking up at Ares like pet me.

    Tails wagging like one when Ares looked down at him. He just dangled there and whimpered a bit. Middle head panting as the left looked at him like what the hells your problem. Right was busy licking the hand holding the middles scruff. His tails wagged as he moved his gaze to Aiden as if to say him. He is why I'm here. His ears drooped a bit. Then he looked back at the god there. The heads tilted a bit. <How? How? How you want me to liven it up Ares?> He asked. Though to anyone else it might sound like really faint yips. Eyes widened and tail wagged. <TREAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAT. Dad said you have the best treats!!!!!!!> He barked and tail wagged more.

    Ares wrote:"Oh come on!" Ares muttered as he watched the two teenagers before scowling at the tree. While he disliked any demigod child of Zeus on principle, even he had thought it harsh what his father had done. For her sake, he hoped that she wasn't aware of what had occurred. These two really were greenhorns if they believed the noise had been a rabbit and hadn't gone to investigate nor even gotten into stances should it prove to be something less harmless. It was amusing how one of them startled though. Looking down at the puppy, he smirked wickedly not really listening or minding what the demigods were saying anymore. "Oh, you can have as many treats as you desire. Depending on how you do."

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe nodded at Aiden. " Yeah." She said, she noticed Aiden seemed to be startled by the bunny and she giggled softly. " Jumpy are we?" She asked with a raised eye brow. She wasn't sure if a little bunny like that could make all that noise, but she just decided she'd investigate it a little while later. " Oh you just arrived huh? Well, Welcome to Camp Half blood." She said.

    Jupe listened as he said what he was looking forward to the most, when he asked her she shrugged. " The same things you are, i was also hoping to find where I belong, but that's more of a personal thing." She said with a shrug, her curiosity finally got the better of her and she walked out of the barrier. " Wanna take a walk with me?" She asked Aiden, she really wondered what the noise was and even though students didn't usually go outside the barrier, she liked to. " So, you in for a small adventure or are you gonna stay by the tree?" She asked as she put a hand on her hip.

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    Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares) Empty Re: Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:17 pm

    Aiden wrote:"You would be too probably if you were on the run for four months and fighting monsters." Aiden said with a slightly snappish tone. It wasn't exactly his fault he was jumpy; having to fight monsters day in and day out for four months straight was getting to him and even at Camp Half Blood he doubted he would get rid of the jumpiness. "Thanks." He said dryly.

    Aiden eyed the girl before curling his lips in a sneer and then following. He only just arrived so he couldn't exactly be blamed for what Jupe was doing. She would probably be the one to get the blame.

    Konan wrote:Konan was also listening with the right head and one of his left ears to the conversation between the two half mortal and half deity scented creatures. Two legged mind boggling creatures. They must be like his future master/pet bond boy Nico Di Angelo...son of hades. Must be. He remembered meeting Aiden a time or two prior and then a few times as his human form. The form he learned to be able to take and with training take for more than short to few hour periods. Growling a bit as he watched Jupiter. Talking to HIS Aiden was okay. Helping his aiden. Befriending his Aiden. He was drawing a line at her hand holding with his Aiden.

    He looked at Ares and chrred. Nudging him with the left head. The middle wanting to nudge but was held by the scruff. Listening to everything and looked all three heads up at him. Tails wagged as one. <Do whatever you want me to do long as I don't hurt Aiden. If you give me a few treats and lots of treats after...I just need you to order me to use the bigger form. I'll use bigger form. I trained with using it to try to help daddy out. Just tell me what to do. I will do it. You have yummy treats.> He responded to him.

    Ares wrote:Ares' smile widened seeing that the girl would come over to this side of the barrier. As for how things were turning, an amused laugh escaped him. Doind what he did best he latched onto the irritation that the boy was feeling increased by his paranioa and possible exhaustion was just the combination Ares needed. Fueling the frustration he sent out waves of aggression towards the two demigods. This should be fun. Glancing down at the cerberus pup he set it down on the ground. "Oh don't worry. We're not going to hurt them. We're just going to have a little fun."

    Pulling out a biscuit he usually gave to the pup's father whenever he had the unfortunate duty to go to the Underworld, he dropped it towards the pup and it multiplied to three. "I command you to use your larger form to help me." Hand on the hilt of his sword in a relaxed stance he told Konan, "Let's see what these demigods can do. Why don't you go say hello."

    It was clear that he didn't expect the cerberus to actually go say hello, but to go cause a ruckus and possibly scare the teenagers. It wouldn't do to have them so relaxed. There was a reason there was a border here after all. Ares' eyes unconsciously went to the pine tree and he sneered again.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe sensed Aiden's irritation and felt herself getting a bit irritated also. " Well I'm so sorry. How was I supposed to know that when I've only met you?" She asked him. " You're not the only one with a sad story like that y'know. Some watched their family die right in front of them, some friends, some complete strangers." She added as she walked, why was she suddenly irritated and angry? She wasn't like this a minute ago. Odd.

    Jupe looked around for the source of the earlier noise. " What's with the stupid sneer?" She asked indignantly as she glanced over her shoulder at the young man. She knew he would probably get angry back at her but she didn't really care. She was just very angry and irritated at Aiden for some reason. Jupe turned to look around again for the source of the noise, keeping an eye on Aiden over her shoulder.

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    Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares) Empty Re: Arriving at Camp (Aiden Harvey, Jupiter Valentine, Konan Martins, Ares)

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