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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:41 pm

    Konan Martins wrote:-GENERAL-
    Name: Konan Martins (last name taken)
    Species: Cerebus Pup
    Age: unknown looks young adult or teens.

    Description: three headed dog with tails. main poisonous fangs. Konan has a puppy form. three tails. one tail is spade tail, one is a snake head, one is a curled dog tail. has puppy ears and three tails in human form that hides. will include images later
    Puppy Konan: Konan Martins F57a8b3bb906db5e39b56d471dc67ef9-d56k9t0
    teenage cerbus konan : Konan Martins Cerberus_by_Somnii
    HumanKonan Martins Chris-hemsworth-4-435

    Mother: ???
    Father: Cerberus

    Abilities/Skills/Strengths: Cerberus' most potent ability is its looks: It has a mane of snakes, three heads, and a tail which was a living serpent. His looks could frighten many mortals and demigods. It is also very large, and ferocious, with sharp teeth that can slice flesh. In some accounts it was said that Cerberus had a poisonous bite. The poison that drips onto the ground sprung up as a plant that is known as a wolfsbane.
    Weaknesses: meat and pettings...really the only ones has outside hades and his dad
    Personality: In his human form he tends to be oblivious to obvious things, extremely loyal, loving and devoted, a goofball and easygoing, yet he has a temper...it tends to come with it. Yet he is highly playful.
    Character Likes: Aiden & Nico equally...ones his and the others a future master, hellfire, meat, his human form, the gods of death, reapers, hell hounds, spyders, pretty faces regardless of gender, people stroking his hair has the same effect as a good petting to his cerebus form, certain dog treats
    Character dislikes: most humans, angels outside of angels of death, leashes unless its got a kinky meaning, dog treats, being called a mutt, staying in his true form, demi-gods
    Strengths: control over the racial aspects of being a cerebus including use of hellfire, heavy lifting, fast running, using his true form or staying human, loyalty, raising spiders, following orders from dastan even though there is no contract there yet, his good looks for one, extremely good in sports, average level of book smarts, the abilities and traits of the spiderkin in minor amounts and a major amount the ability to use spidersilk and form it like a spiderkin from eating his buddy Ikatask
    Weaknesses:staying in human form causes fluctations in his voice like three different speakers as his true form has three heads with three minds and three voices, he acts like a puppy dog to dastan and would do anything even jump off a bridge if told to, is into both males and females and due to being a cerebus is prone to 'going into heat', due to the fact cerebus's are rarely male he could get kncoked up by the right genetic type same as he could knock someone else up, will risk his life to save a spider even if doing so is risky, can hear the other 'heads' of his true form so comes off a bit schitzophrenic at times
    Quirks:when he is really happy his three dog tails with the unique tips show and end up wagging
    History: Konan is the son of cerebus...the guardian of the gates of hell. He was the only pup to live and he was also quite short focused. He has been watching people, demi-gods and mortals, gods and monsters alike. He tends to seem a bit airheaded at times. He and his father are close but he never really met his mother. He loved hell and hades. When people came through as a puppy he tried to play with them.

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