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    Go For Walkies? (Nico di Angelo & Konan Martins


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    Go For Walkies? (Nico di Angelo  & Konan Martins Empty Go For Walkies? (Nico di Angelo & Konan Martins

    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:05 pm

    Nico wrote:Wiping at his eyes, Nico had a slight scowl on his young face. Bianca had been busy and hadn't wanted to play a game of Mythomagic with him. She had wanted to spends some time apart and suggested they go look at the games. Nico had gotten lost and his shoulders drooped a bit until he found a spot he could sit and shuffle through his cards. He placed them on the ground sorting them in a pattern only he knew. He would look up occasionally and glance around before refocusing his attention on the cards and muttering about the creatures/deities depicted on them. When a server came by him he took the cookie she offered without thought. After taking a bite of it, he wiped his hands on his jeans and set it on his knee. Wait... why where there three shadows in front of him? Looking up he blinked in shock and surprise. It was...a dog? Shaking his head he squinted and then stared with wide eyes and an opened mouth. "Cerberus!" He stated and shuffled quickly through his cards, hands shaking a bit as he found the one he'd searched for. The picture showed a three headed dog, but this one was different. He rambled off a statistic about attack and defense power and an "awesome!" before he said, "I thought you'd be bigger," he almost sounded disappointed.

    Konan wrote:Konan after making friends with Jupiter, or Jupe, Iper? Well. It didn't matter. It was something like that...had played with Aiden again. His one day chosen mate. The cerberus pup remembered the first and second encounters with Jupiter. Then the one most recently had been interesting. He tried, and failed, as adorable cerberus pup Konan and the other two heads...to intimidate Jupiter. It turned instead into fetch...then triple fetch. Then pettings, scratchings, belly rubs...and training a demi-goddess how to pet a pooch properly! As well as growling off any stray monsters that dared to try to interfere in his demi-goddess training. That went well.

    Going home and spending time with his daddy had been nice. Secretly practicing the bigger form even though he knew he couldn't take it long periods he wanted to hold it more than fiveish minutes. Then his human form where he practiced standing until he could do it...without fail. That was all he got to. Then back to puppy form. Finding another pool and using energy he managed to get himself out into the shadows near Lotus Casino's...hotel floor.

    Padding away from the exit thing he'd used and sniffed around. All three heads to the floor. Tails wagging as one before he moved around and folllowed the scent. His boy was here...somewhere. Here. He could smell him. Heads lifted as he moved off in that direction faster. Slowing as he neared and stopped. Staring in awe. His boy had gotten so big! His middle head (konan) yipped. The left and right alternatingly tilted to the side yipped then looked back at him. Looking utterly confused before laying down and belly crawling closer. He sounded upset. Yipping at Nico before he pounced and started licking him. Yes!!! He smelled like hades. <Puppy...Konan...Puppy...> He yipped out. The three heads alternating the yips...maybe being son of hades he would understand him.

    Nico wrote:Nico stared in awe at the cerberus. It was cute and also the coolest thing he'd ever seen! And the puppy, it had to be a puppy, still weighed more than a normal dog that size so when it pounced Nico, he fell over. Giggling happily, he reached up and unafraid began to pet the heads before blinking. Did..."Did you just talk?" That was awesome!

    "I'd offer you a cookie, but..." he glanced over to where the lotus cookie had fallen to the floor when he'd gotten tackled. While a kid and a boy, Nico still wouldn't eat something that came off the floor here. Patting his jacket pockets he didn't find anything except the cash card. "I can get you something if you're hungry."

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