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    Christopher Smith - Johnny Depp (Silver Linings)


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    Christopher Smith - Johnny Depp (Silver Linings) Empty Christopher Smith - Johnny Depp (Silver Linings)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:29 pm

    [b]Full Name:[/b] Christopher Smith
    [b]Age:[/b] 30
    [b]House:[/b] Ravenclaw
    [b]Birthdate:[/b] December 2nd
    [b]Blood Type:[/b]Muggleborn
    [b]Job:[/b] Charms Professor at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardy

    [b]Likes:[/b] Summer vacation, freedom, those that think for themselves
    [b]Dislikes:[/b] gossip, rumors, false accusations, idiots, and this bloody profile sheet!
    [b]Strengths:[/b] Charms, Sense of Humor, Strong Morals
    [b]Weaknesses:[/b] Has a temper when it is set off, a flirt, tends to jump from one subject to another rapidly and tends to confuse not only himself but others as well

    [i]Father:[/i] Charles Allen Smith [deceased]
    Charles was a muggle and son of a doctor and a reporter. An average student with his head in the couds. He did show an aptitude and love of violin making. Once he graduated secondary school he traveled to Italy to apprentice under a master violin maker. However, he fell in love with a college student on holiday. He returned with her to England where he got into restoring antiques. Not wanting his wife to think he didn't think about her, he always brought home a single red rose every day. It continued after his death since he set it up before hand with the bank and the florist. The roses would continue until his wife's death. He unfortunately died from a stroke which caused him to fall down the stairs and hit his head.

    [i]Mother:[/i] Margret Louise Jones-Smith (68 years old)
    Margret had been one of three daughters to a middle class muggle family. Vacations were few and far between and going anywhere outside the country was very rare indeed. A good student she was able to get a scholorship majoring in history. It was during a joint vacation with a friend that she ended up going to Italy. There she had met Charles and while she wasn't overly pleased with him at first, she grew to like him. She had been tempted to stay in Italy with him, but had to return to England and she was pleased that he came back with her. She was able to graduate and while she would have loved to have been a history professor she realized that she didn't like to teach a large group of people and decided instead to become a private tutor.

    Christopher was always a curious, inquisitive, getting into everything child. He constantly asked, "Why", "How," and never accepted the answer, "You're too young to understand". One of those children that was walking before he was crawling and reading by the time he turned four. In school he was the bane of his teachers' existence because he was always questioning them and wanting to know more or argued with them when he thought they were wrong. They didn't like him voicing his opinions but that never stopped him since he was never one to conform to social norms. While he was a reader, he wasn't a loner and had a vast creative imagination which he liked to utilize any way he could.

    It was when Christopher was around six years old his parents as well as Christopher himself realized that there was more to him then met the eye. His first bout of accidental magic was when his father refused to let him leave the dinner table until he'd eaten his vegetables. Normally that wouldn't be a problem except that he disliked cabbage, especially baby cabbage that was named Brussel Sprouts. They tasted foul and gave you gas. Inclined to being stubborn, Christopher refused to eat the despised vegetable and tried to think of a way out of eating it. He didn't have a pet nor did he think his parents were so slow as to not check his napkin. The one time he hid them in his shoes he'd congratulated himself until his parents as punishment made him wear the nasty things all week. So when he was next faced with the dreaded vegetable he'd desperately wished it away. It wasn't just gone from his plate but from the icebox as well. Whenever his parents bought the vegetable it would disappear wihtout a trace.

    Thinking his parents were putting one over on him when he'd gotten his Hogwarts letter, Christopher was thrilled to learn that it was real. When he'd gotten to the school he had to redefine what the words 'creative' and 'impossible' were. While there he'd known a girl that was as couragous as any lion, cleverer then any raven, and more ambitious then a snake. But, she was as loyal as they came and had the most generous, kind, and gentle personality and a Hufflepuff. that was how he'd learned not to judge anyone based on houses.

    When he was in fourth year the wizarding world celebrated the downfall of one of it's Just as he learned that people were stupid, blind, and hysterical in the magic worlds as in the muggle world. That was when he'd become disillused and wanted to not be involved with most of the world. He'd gone for being a Curse Breaker because he thought it would be challenging and right up his alley. Unfortunately, it wasn't and after annoying his superiors one too many times, he was sent to mentor a trainee as  punishment. Instead of the lesson meant for him to realize how much of a pain in the arse he was, he found that he rather liked teaching and switched careers. Upon the notice that his old head of house and Charms professor had died, he'd gone to pay his respects. Seeing that there was an opening, he put for his application to try and teach at his alma mater.

    Favorite color is chartreuse although he'll lie and say it's heliotrope just for the reactions. Started smoking in his teens, not out of pressure, only because he thought it would help with his stress and he's not really stopped. Has a habit of biting his thumb nail when he's thinking. Although he loves coffee, he's not an addict. A mother's boy even if he denies it, he still keeps in contact and visits her often.

    [b]Wand:[/b] cherry wood and griffin tail hair 12 inches
    [b]Pet: [/b]Do the students count?

    [b]Friends:[/b] Mr. Coffee and Mr. Nicotine
    [b]Enemies:[/b] Alarm clock, sunshine

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