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    Field Trip (Sophia Smith, Jonothan)


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    Field Trip (Sophia Smith, Jonothan) Empty Field Trip (Sophia Smith, Jonothan)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:21 pm

    Ophelia wrote:Ophelia did not like going on field trips with her University course, she didn't see the point in seeing things in practical applications when she already knew how they worked and had seen examples of them already. Coming to one of the labs within Metropolis was not something that she was interested in, witnessing the new equipment that they had brought and the work that they were doing on diseases were dull things to spend her afternoon doing.

    One web search and she had learnt all of those things within ten minutes and could even recall the serial numbers of the new machines that the laboratory had installed. Not that anybody bar herself would be interested in knowing what they were, but, if they asked she would be able to tell them the information in a heartbeat.

    So, instead of wasting away her hours inside a building which smelt of disinfectant, Ophelia had made her way to the nearby park and taken up a seat in a quiet corner of it where she could spend a few hours sitting and reading through a variety of books that she had brought with her. They were not particularly factual books today, no, instead she had brought a science fiction writer's work - Ian Banks. She would read for pleasure instead of anything else seeing as she had almost completed the entire course reading so far.

    Picking out one of the books from her bag, she cracked it open and was about to begin to read when her tin of chapstick rolled out of her bag and down the path some way. Watching it with wide eyed embarrassment, Ophelia debated leaving it there but seeing as it was her only one and she needed it she slowly stood up and made her way over to where it had stopped rolling.

    At the heel of one of the other people in the park.

    Ophelia gulped slightly and bent down to retrieve the small tin;

    "Sorry." she whispered quietly.

    Jonothan wrote:Metropolis was nothing like what Jace had thought from his mother's stories which made it sound like the best place in the world to live. From what he'd observed it just seemed like a cleaner more posh version of Gotham. When Gotham began to become even stranger, his mother had begun to talk of leaving permanently and finding a better place to live. Somehow or other they ended up in Metropolis and after he'd helped square his mother away, she'd made Jace promise to find himself a good job. He was sure she'd been hoping that getting him away from Gotham and coming to Metropolis would make him reconsider their college talk. It hadn't but he hadn't let her know that, he'd just smiled like he had and promised that they would see. The truth was, part of the reason he'd come along was not only to make sure she'd arrived safe and no one fleeced her, it was because he'd already been turned away from Wayne Enterprises when he sought out a factory job there.

    A walk was something he was in desperate need of since it helped clear his mind but he found himself first jogging then running trying to find alley walls to vault or sidewalk trash such as thrown out sofa's to jump and leap over. After finding himself completely lost, he'd slowed down to a walk again then stopped to actually take in where he was. Looking about himself he saw he was in a park that seemed to be devoid of loiterers that were anything but what they appeared to be; normal everyday law abiding citizens. Shoving his hands into his jean pockets, Jace slowly took a tour but ended up back where he'd started from and stopped. Who would have thought you'd miss graffiti? With marked walls and such it was easy to find your way unlike here. It was just too much...sameness.

    Feeling something hit the back of his worn converse shoe, Jace turned and blinked before giving an easy smile. "No problem. My good luck. You wouldn't happen to be a native would you?"

    Without any embarrassment at all, he continued, "I'm sort of lost."

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