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    Prefect Meeting


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    Post by Raven on Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:45 pm

    It was very obvious by the glare she gave the slytherin girl that Hermione did not like or appreciate her and that wasn't a surprise. The blonde agreed that it was childish that the boys couldn't get along enough for them to work together and wondered who would request to not work with who. Holly wouldn't mind working with the others even Malfoy who didn't look like he liked the idea much.

    She had never given it a thought before but when Hermione brought it up it it sounded like a good point. It probably was hard to work around all the different team training schedules and would be harder if they mixed prefects on rounds. Holly hadn't been in charge of scheduling last year so she had assumed the switch back to house pairs had been because of Weasley and Malfoy.

    "That's cool! I think that's a great idea." She said about the task the gryffindor set before them. It would be difficult to arrange some of these things with classes and rounds and quidditch but where there was a will there was a way. Holly hoped the others felt the same too. She remembered having to help the first years last year too and she didn't have any questions so she stayed silent on that end.

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