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    A Lethargic Feeling (Leyton Lestrange)


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    A Lethargic Feeling (Leyton Lestrange) Empty A Lethargic Feeling (Leyton Lestrange)

    Post by Raven on Tue Mar 06, 2018 8:40 pm

    The teen had come to the Student Commons since it seemed like a quiet place to relax for once. There wasn't that many students in the place and those that were were thankfully keeping to themselves. The noise level wasn't as loud either and the Ravenclaw chalked that up to there being no Gfyffindors there, or none that he could see or that he could recall. The long lean figure that was Silas Lestrange had his grey jean clad legs were propped up on the arm of one of the couches near the fire. His expensive leather shoes were set close to the couch by his feet. One jumper clad arm was tucked behind his head while his other was close to his chest, his hand holding the book that was propped up on his chest as his brown eyes roamed over the pages as he read.

    The house elves had built up the fire so it was nice and warm and since the teen was comfortable, had already eaten, and it was quiet as he lay relaxing, Silas could say he was in a comfortable content mood. So much so that the Ravenclaw could fall asleep if he wasn't careful. As it was, the fifteen year old could still feel his eyelids becoming heavy wanting to shut. Using the back of his wrist, he rubbed at his eyes and blinked trying to wake himself up a bit. His fingers fumbled causing him to drop the book. Giving an annoyed sigh, Silas glanced down at it but resigned it to it's fate. He was too comfortable to retrieve it and feeling too lazy to move. That was probably why he tilted his head backwards a bit when he heard a noise but didn't immediately get up. Looking at the person who'd come to either intrude or join him in his sloth like behaviour he stated, "I'm not budging."


    Leyton found himself wandering the corridors after leaving a few second years in a not so pleasant postion on the first floor, and not wanting to be caught out and presumed the culprit he ducked into the study area since it was the closet thing to him. He had no books on him but he was sure he could come up with an excuse if one of the professors came looking for him. With a tug of the heavy door he let it close with a gentle thud after he made his way inside. Looking around he gave a seething glare to a group of Hufflepuff girls sitting at a table before seeing a familiar head on one of the couches.

    "I'm not surprised Silas, you always were a lazy bum," he said with a quiet chuckle teasing his cousin as he moved around the couch and took a seat in an empty chair. Picking the book up off the floor he clapped it against his leg as he looked up once more. "Skeeving off your studies in order to sleep by the fire. You could have been a Slytherin I tell you." Relaxing back into the chair he kept a hold on the book, figuring he would give it back when he asked for it.


    Annoyance warred with resentment and caution. Silas was always wary around his cousin. Unlike Draco Leyton was the bigger danger. Even more so this year than previously with the escape of Bellatrix. He had no idea how his mother viewed Leyton since he'd been twoish at the time and Silas a baby.

    "Mother would have preferred that but do you honestly see you, me, and Draco in the same house without one of dying?" Silas didn't think they would survive. More than likely they would have taken up permanent residence in Professor Snape's office. They would take family feuding to a whole new level.

    Glancing at his book about poisonous plants he considered just holding out his hand for it. Knowing that Leyton wouldn't give it back unless he verbally requeated it, Silas wondered if he'd be quick enough if he tried to summon it. Deciding it was too much trouble for now he arched a brow instead. He would play civil as long as the did. He was however unable to not be..him. So he was curious and suspicious. "I highly doubt you came here to talk with me just to reminisce."


    Leyton held an amused look on his face while others were around and had they been truly alone the look on his face would have been much different. Tensions ran high between the two cousins especially since Leyton would be coming of age soon enough and there was that whole pesky heir business. He shrugged it off like he always did though, always putting off dealing with it for another day.

    With a roll of his eyes he tapped his fingers against the book on his lap. "Well we all know where your mothers allegiances lie so no its no surprise she wished you were in Slytherin. And as far as Draco is concerned we both know he is no match for me. He is too scared to actually get his hands dirty doing something while I am more likely to take charge and get something done."

    Crossing his legs he smiled when he followed Silas' line of sight to the book he continues to hold against the side of his leg. He had no plans of giving it back even if he asked for it, just one more thing to annoy him further. He smiled though it never reached his eyes.

    "Too right you are Silas, I am actually avoiding any professors that might tie me to a nasty bit of hexes some second years ran into downstairs." he said with a shrug like it was a common every day thing.


    Keeping his face blank, Silas didn't give in to the shiver that wanted to run down his back. This was only one reason he had opted Ravenclaw. There was no doubt in his mind that Leyton could cheerfully smother him in his sleep. The logistics of the heir fued he was sure only played a minor part of the older boy's personality. He just was. Something Draco had tried to replicate when trying to be tje boss but only succeeded in being a prat when they were young.

    His cousin smiling was not a good thing. At least from what Silas had observed. Which was proven accurate when Leyton told him of why he was here. "Lovely," was his dry reply.

    As if he wasn't poking a stick at a dangerous snake, Silas' lips twitched while his eyes lit with a curious gleam. "And what kind of hexes were they?"

    Obviously they couldn't have been deemed too bad if they were cast at the lower levels. There hadn't been any deaths or maiming. So he was curious what was bad enough that would have his cousin seek out a hiding place with people. Let alone him.


    Leyton kept a keen eye on both his cousin and the various people around the room who both held about the same level of interest to him at this point. Glancing back to Silas he relaxed back in the chair more kicking his feet up on the table with a thump.

    "Well I thought so, they were rather annoying. This will teach them to be less so in the future. And while I cannot afford to spend any more time in detention they were practically begging for it."

    Pushing the book further back his side he tapped his fingers against the arm of the chair he couldn't contain the chuckle that escaped over his lips. "Oh lets see. One of them got the Bat-Bogey and another got a tail-growing hex and the last..well you see they got the best one. The sardine hex." Chuckling again his eyes flashed as he grinned at the younger boy.

    It had been a rather enjoyable morning for him.


    Sitting up, Silas sat cross legged, his eyes on his cousin. His fingers twitched wanting to hold his book but the otjer boy had it where he couldn't and wouldn't touch it. Arching a brow he humorlessly and a bit of sarcasm asked, "Because they didn't make way for the oh so important seventh year?"

    The first hex mentioned was disguting bit the second had him curious. "Sardine hex?"

    Was Leyton lying again or was this some sort of new hex that the Slytherin had come up with? Silas wouldn't put it past him. Coming up with new and cruel ways to torture someone were likely what Leyton called fun. Malicious or not, Silas' curiosity was piqued. Perhaps it was his nature or him wanting to probe his cousin that had him saying, "If this the best you have, its no wonder the family hasn't decided named you heir to the Lestrange house and name."


    Continuing to smile he watched as Silas sat up and continued to stare at the book he held at his side. Wrapping his fingers around it he moved it to the arm of the chair and continued to tap his thumb against it. He did love to annoy his cousin, it was one of his favorite things to do anymore.

    "That was one reason among many I assure you. They just didn't know who to fear so I gave them someone."

    Chuckling darkly he nodded, "Yes a sardine hex, quite brilliant if you ask me. It makes sardines come out of the nose. Smug little second year will be smelling sour fish for weeks to come." with a smug smile he settled back in the chair once more.

    "Yes well its not exactly as if you are shining beacon of hope either so we shall see who earns the right won't we?"


    Having made a noncommittal noise about fearing Leyton, he curled his lip in disgust at the description of the hex. That was...juvenile. It was right there with that slug hex. Nasty amd vile and in his opinion for children. It did get the message across he supposed. One would think twice after a round of vomiting slugs or having fish come out your nose. Dying by sufficating from fish was not pleasant or dignified and a very poor way to go.

    "I'd say I'm at least a few steps above you, cousin." Silas let a bit of his anger slip into his tone and gaze. Silas was purely human for one. He wasn't going around fornicating with anything with legs. Really it was amazing that there weren't bastard children popping up all over the place. It seemed like magical teenagers were randier than their mundane counterparts.

    Sillping his shoes on he stood flexed his wrist dropping his wand into his hand. "Accio book."

    Catching his book, Silas gave his cousin a cold grin that held no humor. He could be just as cruel as his family if he wanted. He just preferred methods that weren't so obvious. He didn't flaunt or appear power hungry like his relatives. "Bit of advice cousin. Unlike most, I don't tip my hand. You have no idea what I am capable of."

    A mocking smile adorned his face as he asked, "Want to find out? I'm curious too."

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