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    Mikhail Novikov wrote:-General-

    Full Name:
    Mikhail[Mik-highel] Remy Novikov


    Date of Birth:
    December 1st


    Former House:
    Attended Durmstrang

    Blood Type:

    Allegiance // Why?:
    A Neutral Stance; However, he does not agree with the Dark Lord and his followers about what they do. If he's pushed to it, then he would most likely join the Order in the coming days.


    Herbology, fierce honestly to those he happens to care for, and the ability to adapt to any situation no matter what the circumstance.

    Easily frustrated at things that have him on edge, he's a complete neat freak to the point where things have to be in perfect order and in pristine condition, and he tends to be cynical toward everything in his life no matter what it is.

    A leopard cat; he remembers the days of taking pictures of wildlife with his parents, when the leopard cats leapt in front of their cameras, turning their calm forest pictures into action shots of the animals. These were some of the happier times for him before his mother became sick.

    A werewolf; ever since he was a young lad his grandparents told him tales of villages being plundered by the beings. Despite also being constantly told that they were just myth tales, he was wary of the forest near his home at night.

    Mikhail is proud of his ability to avoid people the way he does. Because his mother died when he was young, coupled with the fact that his father dumped him off at his mother's parents and went off on his own, Mik had to grow up faster than he wanted to. He learned quickly that trusting no one was the best way to be, but also that honesty was the best policy. He tells it how it is, and he doesn't care how people perceive him. This also has to do with the fact that he's been a touch telepath since he was born. Any skin to skin contact with anyone, and he knows anything and everything about them. He passes out and experiences blinding headaches for days afterward, something he learned painfully - and quickly. For now, he appreciates his meticulous appearance that allows people to think twice about approaching him for conversations he does not wish to have. If there's one thing that he loves, it's his teaching. He has a fondness for children that does not transcend over into those of his own age. [Power approved by Myrddin Emrys]


    Paternal Grandfather:
    Raoful Novikov [deceased]

    Paternal Grandmother:
    Sara Novikov [deceased]

    Maternal Grandfather:
    Dirk König [deceased]

    Maternal Grandmother:
    Arei König

    Bo Novikov

    Danielle Novikov [deceased]

    Siblings: --

    Spouse/Partner: --

    Children: --

    Other: --



    Mother's Side

    His mother was born in Germany to Dirk and Arei König, who were an auror and a photographer, respectively. Though Arei grew up in a household that housed strict Pureblood traditions, her chosen career was that of a Muggle, which her husband encouraged at every opportunity. They were both raised in Pureblood households, so when Mik's mother was born, she was taught to respect both the Muggle and the Magical world, no matter what blood she was. When his mother was attending Durmstrang, she developed a love for photography like her own mother before her. Though cameras and other Muggle devices were not allowed at the Institution, Danielle used a camera every chance she got when she was at home.

    Both his grandparents were proud of his mother for embracing what they taught her over the years she was growing up. While attending Durmstrang, Danielle met a strapping Pureblood boy by the name of Bo, who insisted that it was his whole name and not just some nickname to hide a name he wasn't proud of. They were friends from third year on, dating by sixth year, and when graduation had come around and gone, he had proposed. To his delight, she couldn't say yes to him fast enough. She taught him about all that she had learned from her own mother when it came to photography, and she had been surprised when Bo had taken to it like a fish to water.

    Father's Side

    His father was born in Moscow, Russia, to Raoful and Sara Novikov, who both maintained jobs very different from each other. Raoful was an Unspeakable, who tended to spend more time at his job than Bo liked. Sara, however, was a good Mediwitch. Everyone at the magical hospitals adored her and her adorable son that she toted along after her when she had to work at the same time as Raoful. Bo wished that his father was home more often or that he would know what he did while working during the day, and sometimes during the night, but he knew better than to ask an Unspeakable about their work.

    He was lucky if his father talked to him most days. Raoful was a quiet and tough man, but he loved his family more than his own life. His work as an Unspeakable ended up with him getting killed, however, when wizards had come searching for knowledge that he could not provide. Bo wasn't more than five at the time he lost his father, so he was raised by his mother who did the best she could with a small child who constantly wondered why his father was taken from him so early. While attending Durmstrang, he met Mik's mother, Danielle. He was smitten with her from the beginning, and it didn't matter that they were only in third year. He knew that eventually, she'd be his. Gathering up the courage to ask for her hand after graduation was the best thing he had ever done, in his opinion.

    Mik was born to Danielle and Bo Novikov, who were both Pureblood freelance photographers. Though, to Bo, photography was more of a hobby that he did with his wife. When he had time off from being an auror, Bo took his wife and child out for pictures. It was also the most calming times for them because with the large war growing every strong between Voldemort and the Order, Bo was constantly being pushed to pick the side of good at work. Mikhail grew up in a steady home, or as much as his parents could provide for him with the Dark Lord rising, but it was clear to both of his parents that he had something that neither of them had seen before. His mother had nearly had a heart attack when after her child had been born, he had passed out near instantly. The mediwitches had thought him to be dead, but had finally assured his mother that he was alive.

    Finally, one woman had mentioned that she had seen hardly any cases of touch telepaths because they were so rare, but she knew that they existed. Both Danielle and Bo made sure to touch their child, so that once he had absorbed their information, they could touch him freely. When he was around five or six, his mother had explained to him just what he had, and since that moment, Mik had stayed away from people as much as he could. While attending Durmstrang Institute, it was easy for him to maintain his facade of not caring about anyone except those close him. There were few people he trusted, especially after his mother had died. Distraught at her death, his father left him in the care of his mother's grandparents in Germany after he was eight. Mik would later come to find that his father figured that a grandson with his grandparents would be more overlooked than an auror living with his son. He would never forgive himself if the Dark Lord had someone gotten hold of his son. Despite knowing this, however, Mik is still distrusting of those around him.

    When he had turned fifteen, the same illness that had taken his mother took his grandfather Dirk, much to the displeasure of his grandmother, who continued to raise him with kindness and love. He would be forever grateful to her and always visited Arei whenever he had the chance, but with the talk of uprising and wars, he didn't want to attract any attention to her. After graduating from Durmstrang, he scoured all around Germany, following after his parents footsteps in photography. It was hard to get good pictures in the more recent years as he got older. Flowers and colorful landscapes soon become desolate villages and charred remains of trees. Eventually, he put the camera away altogether and decided to turn to another passion of his: teaching. Applying for the position of Herbology Professor over at Hogwarts was one of the best decisions he could have made. Having an orange cat follow him home, however, was not.  While out strolling one day, a small female kitten had decided to make herself known to him and tag along wherever he went. After realizing that he could not get rid of her, he named her Tigon and has kept her ever since. He can currently be found situated in his office with a cat bed over to the side of his desk.


    Place of Work:  

    Job Position:
    Herbology Professor

    What does it entail:
    Teaching children the art of taking care of plants, but also identifying where certain plants grow, what they do, and how they can be used in potions or out in the wild.

    Why did you take this job?:
    Despite not liking the company of people, Mikhail is fond of teaching children all that he knows when it comes to his favorite subject. He also thinks that he can protect them from the dangers that they all face in the trying times, if only for a little while.


    Ash wood; Dragon Heartstring core; 8 inches

    An orange kitten by the name of Tigon

    A framed picture of his mother resides on his desk, and he also has numerous rare volumes of books neatly stacked away on the shelves in his office for his own perusal.


    Friends: --

    Enemies: --

    Allies: --

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