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    Ariandne Liddell Empty Ariandne Liddell

    Post by Raven on Wed Feb 08, 2017 1:11 am

    Ariadne Liddell wrote:-General-
    Full Name: Ariadne Marie Liddell
    Alias: Ari, 'Ri or sometimes Lids
    Date of Birth: August 7th
    Age: 28
    Former House: Gryffindor
    Blood Type: Half-Blood
    Allegiance // Why?: Ariadne has sided with the Order of the Phoenix, to fight the dark forces that have poisoned the world she loves.

    Strengths: Charms, Transfiguration. She is also able to quickly make decisions which allow her to solve problems.
    Weaknesses: Her skill at Dueling isn't the best, like most Gryffindors she can be accused of wearing blinders and seeing things in black and white, and also can be quick to judge.
    Patronus: Her Patronus would be an Owl; a memory of her first Christmas with her younger sister and how she loved that new babe.
    Boggart: Her sister Emilie dead.
    Personality: The oldest daughter in her family, Ariadne was looked to as the leader of her sisters. She displayed magic somewhat late; when she was seven, but went to Hogwarts. She was Sorted into Gryffindor. Her sisters ended up following her at their proper times. Ari was a doting older sister, and despite the fact they were not in the same Houses, she still played the doting older sister and did her best to look after them. She had to work hard at her studies, but she passed her NEWTS and graduated Hogwarts. After passing the Auror examination and seeing the way Voldemort has corrupted the system she once trusted, Ariadne chose to fight from the inside. There is a rumour in her family that she is related to Alice Liddell.

    Paternal Grandfather: Arthur Liddell (grandson of Harry Liddell, the brother of Alice)
    Paternal Grandmother: Caroline Liddell (nee Hargreve) (Deceased)
    Maternal Grandfather: Michael Delaney (Deceased)
    Maternal Grandmother: Grace Delaney (nee Trappe)
    Father: Duncan Liddell
    Mother: Jane Liddell nee Delaney
    Silblings: Two Sisters: Emilie and Anne
    Spouse/Partner: None
    Children: None
    Other: None

    Family: The Delaney family is a fairly new bloodline in the magical world, beginning with Ariadne's thrice-great grandparents. They have done not all that much to distinguish themselves among the Wizarding world; all of them who have turned out to be witches or wizards went to Hogwarts, were educated, and then went on into respectable positions.
    The Liddells on the other hand, have a bit of penchant for falling into strange and unusual places; hence it was one day when Duncan, a descent of Alice Liddell's family itself, found and fell in love with Jane Delaney. As to Duncan, he is a direct descendant of the famous Liddell family. Yes; THAT Liddell. As in the original Alice of the "Alice in Wonderland," fame. While they are not direct descendants of the famous Alice, they are related to the Liddell family by her brother, Henry.

    Place of Work: Ministry of Magic
    Job Position: Auror
    What does it entail: Ariadne is a case-worker; reports of Wizarding Law being broken come to her and it is her job to investigate and then to capture and/or eliminate the offender(s).
    Why did you take this job?: Ariadne took the job because she wanted to do good, and help people who needed it.  

    Wand: 10 Inches, Hazel--Phoenix Tailfeather Core.
    Familiar/Pets: One Raven; Aiden.
    Other: Several books, one being a copy of Alice in Wonderland. She also possesses various family mementos from her father's side of the family.

    Enemies: Isabelle Lidstrom

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