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    Jace Lowell wrote:-General-

    Full Name: Jonathan Anthony Lowell
    Alias: Jace
    Date of Birth: 24th December
    Age: 15
    Creature: Werewolf Type II
    Allegiance // Why?:
    Secret resistance - he wants the world the way it use to be when he was a small child, he knows what he is and will do anything to fight for what he believes in - a free world run by the right people and he wants to make a difference.


    Strengths:Loyal, outgoing, loving to the right people, protective and intellectual.
    Weaknesses:Deciding, his temper, inability to talk sometimes out of frustration or fear.


    • Extremely fast & Agile
    • Very keen sense of smell, eg. Rain can wash away most traces but is still able to pick up the scent after heavy rainfall.
    • Strong jaw for attacking.
    • Ability to maintain human and wolf brain at the same time.
    • Ability to morph into a wolf at any given time. Younger people who have emotional outbursts are known to just turn on the spot no matter how much control they think they have.
    • Cannot succumb to magical curses. Eg. Killing curse or Cruciatus. While in wolf form.
    • Very loyal, protective and smart.


    • Is weakest during the last few minutes of turning.
    • Magical curses can affect human form but not severely, killing curse puts them into a coma until counter-curse can be performed. Most wolves are killed with silver during this time. Very few know the counter curse.
    • Easily angered, fast to attack even in human form over small disputes. Eyes change color from their human color to their wolf color which is usually red.
    • If of Wizard descent, can use magic like any normal wizard but cannot be killed. If Muggle descent, cannot use magic but can see the Wizarding world.
    • Silver will kill either wolf or human form. Allergies persist while in human form, mainly the dead give away if sprinkled with it. Rashes appear and hayfever sympotoms appear.
    • Always allured by the smell of blood, will do anything for a good feed.
    • While easily angered, they are very protective of who they love and are very loyal. Sometimes it can be their biggest downfall.
    • They hate the smell of Lavender and usually avoid it. Sneezing often persists after exposure to it, reasons are unknown.
    • They like chew toys, tennis balls etc. Can act like a domesticated Canine.
    • They randomly have a habit of just acting like a puppy instead of the mature adult they should be when squeaky toys are used.

    Jace is the type of person who is all talk (mostly) unless he needs to be serious, he is a gentle soul that has been forced to take a stand in his life and grow up quicker than what he should have. Because of this, Jace will take risky chances no other person would think of. He is proud, courageous and albiet a little bit stupid. He is protective of what he considers his own whether they be friends or family. He has a habit of talking himself into things and having to fight his way out. He may appear tough but really he is just a little softie.

    When Jace lies, it appears that he is in thought and will chew the right hand side inside his mouth but if he is actually in thought he will chew the left. Many people get this confused and usually cannot pin him for getting into trouble.

    Biological Father: Dyten Lowell
    Biological Mother: Keira (nee) Bennett
    Biological Silblings:

    • Little sister - Abigail Jennifer

    • Big Brother - Duke Jackson

    Children: -
    Other: Alpha - Dyten
                       Alpha female - Keira


    Biological Family:

    Keira (nee Bennett) was born to a well-known natural born werewolf family, four years she was courted by different men in order to find the right pack master. Many of the men who courted her were abusive of their power and only had small packs. For years there were whispers on the wind about Voldemort or Tom Riddle coming back into power and she wished to be apart of the pack that destroyed his up-coming reign. She was quiet about it until she met Dytanion - also known as Dytenn - Gryn. He was strong, observant, compassionate, loyal, a leader and most of all a good fatherly figure. Keira began to court him, keeping an eye on his behavior and how he treated people when it came to mercy and prosecution.

    Within the year, Keira married Dyten and fell pregnant almost instantly. Within the pack she was known as gentle, caring and lenient. She was a fierce protector, fighter and mother. No one dared stand in her way for fear of being ripped to shreds, she had a temper.

    Duke was born and was fierce, he had a very short fuse but got things done quickly and he was known for random outbursts.

    Duke is seven years older than Jace.

    Pack/Coven: Jace grew up in a family pack of Natural Born werewolves who are among some of the strongest in the world. He, behind his brother Duke, is the third Alpha in line should anything happen to his superiors. Because Jace has no real responsibility just yet he likes to goof off but his brother Duke always brings him back into line and reminds him of his duties as an example. His mother is the Alpha female and can often be found scolding Jace for putting his hand in the cookie jar right before dinner.

    Personal: Jace wants to overthrow Lord Voldemort, he hates all the rules that has been placed on the 'natural born' werewolves or what he assumes are natural borns but really they're cross bred, incest ridden mutts. The Werewolf Genetic Type II wolves were being more discreet about their adventures, their plotting to overthrow Voldemort but not all of them thought on the same wave length. 15 year old boys and girls, born of natural birth were being used as a blood sacrifice to Voldemort, Jace wanted to avoid that in his pack as some of the members including his father did not see eye to eye.

    Jace wants to run away and just go to school where he knew Professor Snape could keep him safe, if he knew the situation he was being placed in. Perhaps he could make some new friends and even talk to the sorting hat about being in another house!

    Place of Work: Hogwarts: School of Witchcraft and Wizardry
    Job Position: Student
    What does it entail: He studies, like any normal student and gets up to mischief when he can.
    Why did you take this job?: It was either that or the pack.

    Wand: 14" Oak with Hippogrif Talon
    Drudge's Name(s):
    Other: Always wears a stainless steele wolf talon.
    Territory: Deep in the woods of England, in a Village off the coast.

    Friends: Isaac Alkaev - also known as Birdy

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