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    Cáel Fianna wrote:-General-
    Full Name: Cáel Oisín Fianna
    Alias: Cain
    Date of Birth: 1st of April
    Age: 100
    Creature: Aos Sí
    Allegiance // Why?: Undecided // Cáel hasn't chosen whom he would have decide his fate without more information.


    • Sense of humor
    • Innovative
    • Flexible


    • Bores easily
    • Self-centered
    • Apathetic


    • Hightened reflexes, stamina, healing.
    • Sharper eyesight, hearing, strength is above a humans.
    • Can sense magic in people, places, objects. If its being used and about how long ago.
    • Scrying, glamours, illusions come easily to some depending on their affinities.
    • Longevity and youthful appearance


    • Cannot abide the touch of iron. Any wound made with iron would fester, resist healing, and scar.
    • Knowing their true name would give power to the one with the knowledge. Trying to fight against a command would cause the Aos Sí incredible pain.
    • Always have to be careful of how they speak. Rarely use 'thank you' as it implies you owe a debt. Usually leave room for error when promising or making deals.
    • Even under a glamour a bit of the Aos Sí lingers be it the eyes, slender limbs, etc.

    Personality: As a child would often play tricks on the neighboring village and laugh himself silly. Even though he had never crossed over to cruelty or vindictiveness did not mean that he wasn't capable of it. It just meant that no one had angered him or gotten him to that point. Cáel doesn't care or think about anyone or anything else unless it directly involves him. Playful and always looking for mischeif. Like many of his kind he's vain, offends easily, and holds a grudge.

    Biological Father: Oisín Fianna
    Biological Mother: Blái Doirich
    Biological Siblings: Aíllén Fianna
    Spouse/Partner: N/A
    Children: N/A
    Other Bolcán

    Biological Family: Oisín is a Aos Sí like all of his family and tribe have been for many generations. His ancestors took the name Fianna from a tribe of humans. Their ideals fitted the Aos Sí and so it was from them they would take a child and leave behind a changeling if needed. The petty affair of the above worlders meant nothing to them other than entertainment. A source of new blood if it was essential and they always gifted the humans they took from. Like many of his kind he wanted to at least once tease humans. It was one such trip he met his future wife.

    Blái was mostly human with some magic in her ancestry. Whence it came from none of the family knew or would willingly say. Upon her eleventh birthday she received a letter to attend a magic school. Without talking to her parents she politely declined the missive much more content to be learning from her grandmother whom the family avoided. She learned many things and it was during an outing collecting some plants that she met a very strange man. She knew he was strange because there was just something about him that didn't quite ring true with how he appeared.

    Oisín finding Blái interesting discovered she at least kept to the old ways. They courted and married despite knowing she would have a much shorter life span. They were able to prolong it but not indefinitely by having her come to his home. Delaying that she wanted to stay with her own family for awhile longer. They went back to the Sidhe when Blái was due to give birth to Aíllén. He took after his father with the skill of scrying. Finding no need to visit the humans he did not understand Cáel's curiosity. The boys had gone out and due to a misunderstanding and a nasty retaliation, they were not allowed out by themselves again.

    Tribe: Cáel's tribe has dwindled considerably. There are not many who still wish to participate with the outside world. They have retreated far into their own world. Few, the young, like Cáel still are much too curious for their own good. Some had joined the war and perished, went mad, or disappeared. Others are just vicious and stay above to create havoc.

    Personal: Cáel was raised by his parents and tribe. Never having explored anywhere without someone of the tribe accompanying him, he didn't know about the danger of the world. He grew up listening to tales about humans and their world. Had been cautioned about it often enough. When he'd snuck out successfully, Cáel had met his first fire demon. Although that outcome of that encounter hadn't been a disasterous one, it had been educational. His people and ways were dying.

    Reaching the age of his majority, Cáel ventured out despite his families and tribe's misgivings. He didn't have to travel far but always with a glamour, to discover a much changed world. The last time he'd wandered the human realm they had been at a standstill. Magical folk were not known to the humans. Now wherever he went people not only knew, they were ruled by it. Everywhere he could feel the use of magic both natural and perverse.

    Learning the history, Cáel knew he needed more information. Going to the closest concentration of magical signatures, he found himself at a school for younglings. Knowing he coul gather information as well as have entertainment, he acquired himself a job. Introducing himself to the professor of plants, he simply assumed the role of assistant. If the professor was bothered he didn't mention it. Cáel finds it an easy and agreeable task to go into the forest when required to collect what needs to be collected.

    Place of Work: Hogwarts
    Job Position: Herbology Assistant
    What does it entail: Fetching herbs and plants from the forbidden forest. Helping the children when the Professor is busy. Assisting and learning from the Professor.
    Why did you take this job?: To understand about the people encroaching on my peoples territory. To learn whom we should side with. There is also less iron at Hogwarts then the rest of the world. Plus there are plenty of children and people to amuse and entertain me.

    Other: Silver charmed amulet on a black leather cord he wears about his neck.
    Territory: Oronsay, Loch Sunart, Scotland

    Friends: Mischeif, Entertainment
    Enemies: Iron, Boredom
    Allies: Misdirection, Confusion

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