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    Post by Raven on Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:57 am

    Name: Ripley Lucas Fane
    Alias: Rip, Lucky
    Age: 11
    Birth date: July 4
    Birthplace: Las Vegas, Nevada
    Home: The Wilderness School, Nevada

    Play by: Dakota Goyo
    Hair: Medium length sandy blond hair
    Eyes: Blue-gray
    Build: Typical child. Skinny but gets a little pudgy before a growth spurt
    Distinguishing Marks: scars on hands from cuts, road rash burn on his right forearm and wrist, left pinky and ring finger of the second knuckle. A scar above his right eyebrow.
    Dress Style: Calf length shorts, ripped jeans, band t-shirts, tank tops, sneakers, old military jackets, leather jacket, hoodies, fingerless gloves, headphones usually are hung around his neck.

    Father: William "Wade" Fane
    Siblings: Rudy Fane
    Guardian: "Gracie" Lenora Fane (aunt)
    godly parent:

    Fatal Flaw: Pushes just that bit too much not knowing when to quit.
    Hobbies: Games of chance, listening to his aunt tell folk tales, getting into trouble
    Traits: Really lucky when it comes to game of chance. Thrives under pressure. Can manipulate his luck to usually always come out on top. Daring, always pushing the boundaries.
    Personality: Easy going, devil-may-care attitude. Has a temper when it's stoked. Very hyper and always needs to be active and moving. Cocky and very self confident with a brash attitude at times to cover when he's feeling vulnerable. Argumentative and will get into an argument sometimes just for fun.
    History: William Fane was the son of a Las Vegas show girl. He was raised around the casinos and knew the ins and outs. A juvenile delinquent turned card shark and con man that has been in and out of prison trying to get that 'last big score'. Met Ripley's mother along the strip and didn't know what to do when he was suddenly a father. Couldn't handle the kid's energy levels and dumped him a lot on his cousin who was also a vegas show girl as well as cocktail waitress. It was very obvious that Ripley was ADHD and dyslexic. He wouldn't read anything but he could manipulate cards and dice like no one's business. Once it was clear that the kid had a thing for games of chance, Wade took his son with him and taught him all he knew until he was busted and Ripley was once again in the care of his 'aunt'. She put him in gymnastics to cope with his energy and tae kwon do classes hoping to improve his attitude and anger issues.

    Ripley was constantly in trouble. Caught several times in school gambling and taking wagers, even kicking the daylights out of a fellow student because he reneged on a bet. There were other reasons as well but the school had had enough and expelled him. Another expulsion followed a stunt where he was dared to rollerblade through the school, across the roof and into the parking lot. Ripley had done so and ended up landing on the car of a teacher that was making his life miserable by embarrassing him any chance she got by making him stand up in front of the class and try to either read or write out parts of their english book. So it went in every school.

    Became interested in folk tales when Gracie began to tell them to him to get him to settle down since it seemed the only thing that would catch his attention for long periods of time. When he learned that she was pregnant he didn't want the baby and resented it, happy with the way things were. But then she moved them to a 'proper' house, and he didn't help with the move at all. After his latest expulsion, his aunt had said she'd had enough and placed him in the Wilderness School. A place took troubled children from ages eleven to eighteen. Since Ripley turned eleven that was where he immediately went and since the place was made for kids from all over, it wasn't as if he could go home once classes ended nor could he go home on weekends.

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