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    HOM lesson 1


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    HOM lesson 1 Empty HOM lesson 1

    Post by Raven on Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:36 am

    Entering the classroom, Cain kept a tight hold on the strap across his chest. It wasn't as if he was afraid the bag would be suddenly taken from him. It was something that grounded him. Flicking his eyes around the classroom the boy quickly took a seat away from the others. Placing his bag atop the desk while keeping it around a shoulder, Cain gave a tight lipped and sharp nod of acknowledgement to the professor.

    The shoes and uniform was still quite uncomfortable. If there was a way to remove the shoes and cumbersome robe he would. As it was the Hufflepuff had forgone socks not like them. They were a silly invention. Flexing his toes he sighed. Maybe the lesson would distract him.

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