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    Kaito "Cain" Inoue


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    Kaito "Cain" Inoue Empty Kaito "Cain" Inoue

    Post by Raven on Wed Feb 08, 2017 12:34 am

    Kaito Inoue wrote:
    Kaito "Cain" Inoue Gackt
    (Kaito 'Cain' Inoue)

    Full Name: Kaito Inoue
    Nicknames: Cain
    Age: 11
    Year: First
    Blood Type: Unknown
    Sexual Orientation: Asexual

    Hair Color: Black (natural),  often highlighted when not dyed blond or brown
    Eye Color: blue
    Height: 5'11
    Body Type: slender
    Distinguishing Markings:
    Dress Style: Comfortable and flattering

    - Bites thumb in thought
    - Stares when caught up looking at someone's magic
    - Doesn't wear shoes when he can get away with it
    - Different colored contacts
    - Yoshi (most animals)
    - Magic
    - Being sent away
    - Being touched
    - Corrupt magic
    - Can see magic
    - Solitude
    - Multi-tasking
    - Sheltered
    - Humour impaired
    - Serious

    - Inoue Kaede (Mother)
    - Makko (Mentor)

    Personal History: Kaito's first memory was of his mentor Makko. Makko basically raised him and taught him about magic. They were always traveling and Kaito was never enrolled in school. Everything he learned he learned from his mentor. When he recieved his letted, he was sent away to "Experience the world" on his own.
    RP Receiving Your Acceptance Owl: Cain had been perched on his stool bare feet on the rungs, hands gripping the seat as to not topple off. He was watching his mentor's magic as it wove itself from his body and traveled down his arms. He was supposed to guess which hand held the wand. Makko's arms were behind his back as he smiled at his pupil. Cain's eyes went back and forth before confidently pointing to the left. The non dominate hand.

    Before his mentor could confirm, Cain's kitten's head shot up, ears swiveling. The boy turned his attention to the cat who had roused itself from sleepy slumber to alertness. Trying to follow the cat's gaze, Cain then looked to his mentor who had a strange look on his face. An owl descended upon their table bearing a letter that would change Cain's life as he knew it.

    Wand: Whitebeam and Coblynau hair, 11"
    Pets: Kaito "Cain" Inoue Rt447o
    Yoshi - White dsh cat with one blue eye and one green


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