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    Kado Theron (The Bloody Masquerade)


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    Kado Theron (The Bloody Masquerade) Empty Kado Theron (The Bloody Masquerade)

    Post by Raven on Mon Jul 27, 2015 3:04 pm

    Name: Kado Theron
    Birthdate: April 2nd
    Age: 16
    Year: 10
    Affiliation: Neutral although his family and Hunters believe his allegiance is to them.
    Prefect: (Yes or No)

    Personality: Quiet kid that keeps mostly to himself. Confident but not cocky and knows better than to underestimate someone. Nonjudgmental since he'd be a hypocrite if he did.

    Background: Since he was old enough to talk and understand, Kado learned that he was to grow up and follow in his families tradition of being a hunter. He was taught that it was unnatural to have abilities other humans didn't. That it was bad and that those that were unnatural were a blight that had to be exterminated.

    Even at a young age Kado disliked violence and preferred pacifism. That didn't mean he wasn't smart enough to hold his tongue whenever his family was around. He kept quiet about how he really felt and learned how to fight.

    - Resilience, flexibility, endurance
    - Observant, thoughtful, relies on his own judgement
    - Pacifist, doesn't like to fight, loner
    - Sarcastic disposition at times, doesn't rely on others
    - Can't relate emotionally to others, dense when certain things concern him
    - Orange Soda, bananas, frozen yogurt, the smell of freshly baked cookies and pie
    - The stars, the colrours of the sky when the sun sets and rises
    - Nature, the smell of rain, snow as it falls and the landscape before it's disturbed
    - Extreme temperatures, slush, bright lights, complete darkness
    - Grape flavoured anything, pears, maraschino cherries
    - Smell of sulfur, acidic smells, alcohol

    Family: Kado is from mixed parentage. His mother is English/Greek as well as a hunter who dislikes and thinks other creatures are 'unnatural'. She is from a long line of hunters and any child of hers was going to be a hunter as well. Unfortunately for her, Kado has no inclination of being a Hunter.

    Kado's father was a wanderer and six years older than his mother. The man met Ilene and had an intense brief tryst. The result was Kado. Kaede didn't know that his summertime girlfriend had become with child when he left her. The reason he left was because he knew that it had become dangerous to stick around. He'd known that the woman was a hunter and had chosen her because it was fun for him to flirt with danger. When her family found out about him though it was time to move on.

    Father - Kaede Kase (age 43)
    Mother - Ilene Theron (age 37)


    Other: Because of his family being Hunters, Kado always carries with him a silver rosary.

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