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    Blatantly jack's profile template since charrie is from same site template came from.

    Legal Name
    First Name: Basil
    Middle Name: Rupert
    Last Name: Davidson
    Suffix: 1st
    Nickname: Sil

    Birth Records
    Birthdate: 07/04/1979
    Birthplace: South London
    Blood type: O+
    Blood status: Muggleborn

    Brother(s)/Sister(s): Peter Walker, Sarah Jones
    Mother: Mary Davidson-Jones
    Father: Geoff Abrams

    Mother’s History:
    Mary was a teenage mother who married young. Her first husband gave her Peter but she cheated on him with Basil's father. Mr. Walker left but to make the man suffer demanded and ended up winning custody of Peter. Hasn't had a steady boyfriend or job in many years. Never sat her A-levels and became dependant on substances. She had never really wanted to be a mother and only seemed to have cleaned up her act a few years ago when she met then married her current husband Thomas Jones. She is trying to be a good mother to Sarah, while Basil is waiting for her to fall off the wagon again.

    Father’s History:
    Geoff was a Half-blood who became an auror. He doesn't know about Basil and forgotten about Mary since it had been just a few brief one nighters. He still works for the Ministry and has become interested in another woman. (s'all I remember XD)

    Hair Length: meduim
    Hair Color: blond
    Eye Color: brown
    Scar: burn from a firework on hand, scars from falling and other kid activities.

    About Me
    Basil grew up in the poorer side of south london. He has a horrible way of speaking and doesn't care to clean it up. Met his bestfriend by shoving a banger in the pocket of a boy who was bullying him. He brought Lexi home to meet Peter and after that Lexi sort of became another brother to Peter and Basil.

    His homelife wasn't all that horrible but he still spent most of his time at parks or walking around. When his Hogwarts letter came and scared his mother it had been one of his most treasured days. He had never really payed attention to the weird things he could do. Peter said it explained a lot. Not wanting to leave his best friend he told Peter to watch him. Basil and Lexi's friendship grew strained during the summer because Basil couldn't tell his friend about magic. He didn't want to go to jail, be expelled, or have Lexi's memory wiped. So durimg the next summer Basil avoided his friend so the next year when Lexi started Hogwarts he didn't know him.

    After a few misunderstandings, adventures, a blackmail war, some hexes, and threats, they became friends again. When Basil thick as he was realized how bad Lexi was at home wrote Peter. They had it arranged so Lexi would never have to go home to his father. Peter had his own flat where Basil crashed when he didn't want to go home. Peter gained temporary guardianship of Lexi and Basil was happy since his best friend couldn't say no to both Basil and Peter.

    Basil is the type to act first and think later, if he does at all. Severely dyslexic, and has a temper to boot. Will do anything for a friend.

    Favorite thing to do in free time: Parkour, annoy his brother Peter and best friend Lexi.
    Favorite Color: red
    Likes: fireworks, explosions, comics, annoying his brother and best friend
    Dislikes: alcohol, drugs, bullies, reading, SQUIRRELS!!!!!!
    Future Animangus:
    Quirks: has a squirrel paranoia, can make most anything explode
    Hobbies: Fireworks, annoying Lexi, fireworks, annoying Peter, fireworks, parkour, did he mention firworks?
    Weaknesses: Fireworks (can't walk by without buying/stealing them), Can't read well
    Worst class: Potions
    Best class: CoMC (even though he's not allowed a pet)

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