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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:28 pm

    Terrance Taggart wrote:-GENERAL-
    Name: Terrance Eugene Taggart
    Age: 16
    Birth date: August 21st
    Birthplace: Hawaii
    Home: Currently on the run with Thanos

    Play by: Max Irons
    Hair: Brown with long bangs usually swept upwards
    Eyes: Glasz (changes from blue to green to gray depending on what color he's wearing or what he's feeling)
    Build: 5'11, Slim and wirey
    Distinguishing Marks: his glasz eyes // when his hair is cut short it shows his widow's peak
    Dress Style: What's relevant and functional for a life on the run

    Mother: Helen Anne Stewart Taggart (hospitalized)
    Father: Travers Aiden Taggart
    Siblings: Nathan Taggart (dead)
    Guardian: Does Thanos count?
    godly parent: (please leave blank)

    Fatal Flaw: Pride. Can't lower himself to ask or accept help.
    Hobbies: Irritating Thanos, People watching, Collecting items found left behind by demigods, staying alive, Sketching


    • Calculating
    • Doesn't like to lose
    • Won't play fair
    • Sense of revenge (payback)

    Personality: Plays things close to the chest and doesn't like to show anyone what he's really thinking or feeling. He's very suspicious and doesn't trust anyone but himself. Doesn't like to be out of the loop and likes to make sure he's in the know on news. Very possessive of things he considers his be it people or things. Has mercurial moods and doesn't like to give up control to anyone (goes along with his trust issues). Won't commit to anything unless he knows whats in it for him.

    History: Terrance was adopted by the Taggart family when he was about two years old. Mostly grew up in Hawaii until the age of twelve when he ran away. Always felt he didn't really belong to the Taggarts and the feeling grew and was confirmed when they had their own flesh and blood child when Nathan was born. Never able to please Travers, Terrance learned to not care about pleasing others but only himself. He learned early on how to behave as people expected him to be. It was the best way to fit in wherever he wanted and become whomever he needed to be at the time. The one thing that never changed from the time that he could grasp the concept was that Terrance liked to be in control of everything in his life. Terrance became an accomplished liar where only Thanos could tell if he was lying.

    Not sure really when he met Thanos but knew that they've always had a weird sort of relationship. Since toddlerhood they were friends as well as rivals. While Terrance didn't like most people he was able to tolerate Thanos. When a monster attacked the Taggarts during an outing the result hadn't been pretty. Nathan died while Helen ended up hospitalized for the rest of her life. After an altercation with Travers, Terrance packed a bag and ran away taking Thanos along with him. He broke down and cried for the first and last time.

    Stole a boat and sailed it to Mexico near the Gulf of California. Knew there were strange things out there but never believed in things like gods and demigods until they kept getting attacked repeatedly and being told by monsters that they were demigods. Knows how to steal and pick locks since that was essential to his survival. Learned quickly how to fight and have picked up a few items found from clashes of monsters with demigods. Have been trekking across America fighting monster for the past four years.

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