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    Found It! (one shot)


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    Found It! (one shot) Empty Found It! (one shot)

    Post by Raven on Sun Jul 12, 2015 2:47 pm

    Two months. Sixty-one days or sixty actually if you didn't include the first day back. Silas didn't count it officially since for most of it they were on a train. A train that took a scenic tour. He was still trying to figure out why it took so bloody long and when the tradition with sodding train started. Traditions were all well and good unless they were useless. Such as the train, the boat ride, and many other things.

    Eyes roaming the hallway, Silas looked for the cabinet that the Slytherin had described. Last year he had been fortunate enough to be around Montague and Draco when the former was telling his cousin about what had happened after the Weasley twins stuffed him in a cabinet. After hearing about it, Silas had been naturally curious. He'd wanted to see if he could find it last year but had been too busy. That toad of a woman hadn't helped matters. Without her randomly showing up, printing up new decrees. With his prefect status he now had an excuse to go places he wasn't allowed before.

    Unfortunately the stupid Slytherin hadn't remembered what bloody floor it was on other than it was on the lower floors. It had taken Silas all his free time scouting and ruling out the basement and ground floor. Spotting what he was looking for, his lips curled up into a genuine smile. There it was! Finally! This had better have been worth his time. Now it was time to go tell his cousin about what he had found. The ponce had better appreciate his help since the git had been dedicating his time to chasing skirt.

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