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    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane


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    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane Empty Lexington Baines - Christian Kane

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    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane Hu15xw
    Full Name: Lexington Baines
    Date of Birth: 22 September (15 years old)
    Home Town: Pearl City, Honolulu, Hawaii
    Current Home Town: Acton, London, England
    Blood Purity: Half?

    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane Zjglzn
    Hair: Medium short brown hair
    Eye color: blue
    Body type: athletic
    Height: 5'9
    Dress Style:
    Casual - dress pants, button up shirt, loafers (when he goes out)
    Comfortable - jeans, sneakers (sometimes leater boots), t-shirt or long sleeve t-shirt

    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane X36zye
    Character Likes:
    - Swimming (he grew up on an island, its kind of second nature)
    - Potions; its fascinating as well as brilliant. He likes that there are so many uses and that it takes skill.
    - puzzles, riddles, tongue twisters, anything that really challenges and is fun.
    - cooking and baking; it relaxes him and is something he did with Dodi.
    - Getting lost and exploring; he never knows what he'll find around the next corner
    - Playing sports rather than watching them; he'd rather be involved then be a spectator
    - When his interests collide like Star Wars and Shakespeare
    - Antique furniture; they're timeless and works of art and tell a bit of history
    - People watch and make up stories based on how they're behaving; it's a past time that stayed with him since childhood
    - sleeping in on cold rainy gloomy days

    Character dislikes:
    - The smell of damp plants especially bushes
    - Any eye searing monstrosity that should not be part of the color spectrum.
    - Not having time to do everything that he would like to do in a day
    - Dogs; has every since his cousin set one on him when he was four
    - Fishing; its the second most boring thing right below golf in his book
    - Potion ingredients that involve body parts or bodily fluids
    - The cold; he spent most of his life in a tropical warm climate
    - The smell of antiseptic and/or hospitals
    - Being judged or having assumptions made about him
    - Clowns; does it really need explaining?

    - Decisive
    - Pragmatic
    - Keeps his own council
    - Lies like a politician

    - Dyslexia : Slight case. He transposes numbers and confuses words such as from/form, etc.
    - Colorblind: He has trouble distinguishing between certain shades and sometimes that is really really bad. Such as mixing up colored powders in potions or other such things.
    - Boggart: Box Jellyfish: Lexington grew up on the Hawaiian Islands and had been pursued and stung by one. He nearly died from the sting and had to get over his fear of the water but is still terrified of jellyfish. The only reason he survived was that his accidental magic kicked in and latched onto the only person that could save him and that he felt safe with; his great aunt Dodi.

    - Sleeps with hand over his mouth: Something he's done since he was a child.
    - Coffee makes him tired rather than awake.

    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane 2hqrrde
    Eliza was from an aristocratic family and expected to marry whom her parents wished. They had already mapped out her life for her. She rebelled and married Andras unknowing that he wasn't the type to settle down or stay in one place for long. He'd been disowned by his parents and never spoke of them, so when he vanished, there was no one on his side to take in Lexington. Eliza had been disowned by her own parents for running off and ruining herself. The only memeber of that family to take pity was Dodi who had long since rid herself of association except her rebellious niece.

    Lexington has grown up more or less isolated from the rest of his family. At times he has had interactions with his Great Aunt Dodi's husband's family as well as her children, grandchildren, and great grandchildren. He's grown up mostly at his great aunt's home in Hawaii with vacations in other parts of the world. Homeschooled until the age that his aunt had said he needed to broaden his horizens and go to her and her husband's alma mater; Hogwarts. He doesn't mind that he knowns practically no one and had to get used a new set of laws, speech, money, etc.

    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane 2u5dh5c
    Name: Elizabeth (Eliza) Jane Howell-Baines.
    Age: 20 when died
    Living or Dead: deceased from an inoperable brain tumor when Lexington was just a newborn.
    Blood Purity: Muggle

    Name: Andras Owen Baines
    Age: 40
    Living or Dead: Living
    Blood Purity: Unknown

    Any siblings?: None that he is aware of

    Great Aunt
    Name: Dorothy (Dodi) Elizabeth Byrant-Wyngarde
    Age: 92
    Living or Dead: Living
    Blood Purity: Pureblood

    Lexington Baines - Christian Kane 14mcs90
    Wand: Snakewood & Coral 8 inches
    Age Living or dead

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