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    Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius)


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    Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius) Empty Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius)

    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:15 pm

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe was bored so she decided that some sword practice would keep her boredom at bay. She grabbed her sword and walked to the Arena. She wore knee length boots with shin guards, a black tank top with arm guards, and a pair of black skinny jeans.

    She looked around, she seemed to be the only one here. She pulled her hair up in a messy ponytail but didn't care. Jupe held her sword with both hands and stared at the dummy, of course this would be pretty easy. Jupe began to lunge, slash, and block as she trained against the dummy. This was definitely getting her un-bored.

    She trained for about two hours before she took a small breather. She grabbed her bottle of water and took a sip before sitting down for a few minutes.

    Terrance wrote:Terrance was still getting used to the lay of the camp as well as the different types of people here. It was all a bit...surreal to be exact. People running around as if it was a movie for those old movies about mythology or early roman campaign. He'd already had to threaten to cut someone from the Hermes cabin who tried to lift his bag. While not overly attached to any of his belongings, they were the only things he owned and he wasn't going to let them be taken by a bunch of kleptomaniacs. Hiking his knapsack a bit higher on his shoulder, he stopped when he saw a girl practicing with a sword. While that wasn't strange around here, from what he'd seen yesterday, it still weirded him out a bit.

    Unconcerned about how it might have seemed with him watching her, Terrance strode over when she decided to take a break. While he'd been able to scavenge a blade to use before he got here, he wasn't all that skilled and mostly only survived he was sure to what the centaur had called, 'battle reflex' or whatever. Not one to ask for help, he instead asked, "Want someone who will fight back?"

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe was sitting down, taking a breather, didn't even notice someone had come into the Arena. When she heard a young man speak she turned to look at him, he must've been watching for a bit, if so, she really didn't care. She sipped her water again and wiped the sweat off her forehead with the back of her hand.

    She nodded. " Sure," she said as she took one last sip of her water and grabbed her sword before standing up and looking at him. " You have a sword already it seems, want to use shields or no?" She asked him, not that she thought he needed one, but sometimes people preferred using shields when they fought. She pulled her hair out of it's ponytail and let it loose for a bit, the sun was beginning to burn her neck a bit, she put the hairband around her wrist as she waited for the young man to answer her.

    Thanos wrote:Thanos was looking around for the perfect weapons. He had made terrance knives...small blades that were better suited to him. He headed around until he found him. Walking over and threw his arms over him. "Terrance...I found you...you are already making trouble? I made you some better blades..." He pulled back and despite his height he shrank down to seem less imposing. Holding the blades out to him. "Oh? You are going to fight? I want to see...please use my blades Terrance." he said. Looking up at him with pleading eyes. Holding the bronze blades out to Terrance. they were lighter and a mixture of a dagger and a short sword. Forged to be perfectly balanced and weigh light enough to Terrance they wouldn't weigh him down. Looking to the girl. "If you hurt him I'm your opponent next." he said with no remorse. Handing the blades over and made his way into the shadows...he'd watch now.

    OOC: You can skip me a for now he'll just be watching.

    Terrance wrote:While he had aquired a blade from a less unfortunate demigod, Terrance hadn't really found a shield nor really bothered to try one out. He really didn't want his first time using one to be where he could be made a fool out of and embarrasing himself by falling flat on his ass. However, he was relieved that she had agreed to be his oppenant so he could at least get in some practice that way. He had found out and rather the hard way that he was more of a kinesthetic learner. Sure, he could try and memorize something but the best thing was learning by doing. He didn't have the muscle nor the muscle memory to try weilding a shield, so he dumped his bag on the ground about to tell the girl he'd opt for weapons only but shut it when he saw who else came into the arena. Hazel eyes narrowed in irritation as he tensed slightly from anger as well as to hide what he felt as unwanted arms on him. Sighing with exhasperation he didn't reply at first since Thanos was one to talk about getting into trouble. With the way he behaved it caused all sorts of problems.

    "Hmm?" Turning to look at the proferred blades and took them. "Yeah, it's better than surving by the skin of ourt teeth depending on luck." Terrance's eye twitched at the threat aimed at the girl who had offerred to help him. It seemed as if eh thought that Terrance would lose by a very large degree. "You're confidence in me is inspiring," he commented dryly.

    Taking a few swipes with the new blades, he felt his lip twitch upwards. They were nice and something he could weild without getting too tired unlike the swords. Nodding he stated, "These will work." Then to his oppenant, "Sorry for the interuption. Blades only if you please."

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe pulled her hair up again when she saw another person enter the Arena. She let him talk to the other young man and she sipped on her water again when he suddenly threatened her, she laughed. " Such confidence in your friend here. Trust me, I won't hurt him on purpose." She said before swinging her blade around a bit. She watched him leave and turned back to her opponent.

    " It's alright. No harm done." She said with a soft smile. " i'm Jupiter by the way." She added introducing herself politely. She nodded when he said just blades. " Alright, sounds good." She said before getting into her fighting stance. " Ready when you are." She told him.

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    Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius) Empty Re: Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius)

    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:19 pm

    Terrance wrote:Taken aback since he wasn't that big on social graces, it threw him off kilter for a moment. It wasn't as if he introduced himself to the person he was fighting usually. If a bit stilted, he replied back, "Terrance." He realized he'd have to probably introduce himself to others as well, that was not something he looked forward to doing.

    After observing her and recalling his own experiences with a sword, he'd gotten into a stance only to correct himself when it felt wrong. Making sure his stance was secure, he held up one arm as he would if it was a sword while the other went more in a defensive position closer to his chest and slightly angled. Without warning he made a lunge with his right arm stabbing at Jupiter's left side.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe nodded when he introduced himself as Terrance. She stood there and watched too see what he would do, when he lunged at her left side she blocked it and side stepped away. " Pretty good, you seem to have a fire in you." She said simply as she lunged at his chest than attempted to slash at his right side, but she wasn't sure if it hit.

    It had been a while since Jupe had someone other than a dummy to fight against. It was refreshing. She moved a few feet away and looked at Terrance. " C'mon we ain't got all day." She commented, trying to rile him up.

    Terrance wrote:Using his left anlace, Terrance used it to block and slide away from him but jumped back in case she could recover faster then he could. At her comment his eyes slightly narrowed wondering what that meant. His smile held only slight humor since he knew what she was doing. Or what he thought she was doing. Thanos and he had figured out it was a lot easier to take on an angry or confused monster rather then one that was clear headed. Then again, some of the people here were quite...tempermental.

    Feinting with his right, Terrance tried a back handed slice at the girl's face. While some might think that was a bad move, he had heard in that orientation thing that nectar and ambrosia would fix up whomever got injured. And if he was honest, he really didn't think it would connect. If it did, he'd end up paying for it he was sure.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe smirked a bit, this was going to be a lot of fun. She loved a challenge. She noticed he blocked her and she quickly recovered and went to slash at him again. She moved back a few feet and noticed he narrowed his eyes. " What?" She asked him simply.

    Jupe just smirked as he smiled with humor, she was not sure why though. She shrugged inwardly, maybe he thought her taunt was funny? Eh, who knew. She watched him cautiously, trying to anticipate his next move while trying to come up with her own.

    Jupe went to block his right, than she noticed he feigned and went to slash at her face, she leaned back trying to avoid it. It grazed her slightly and she blinked, absolutely stunned. Than when the shock faded she got awfully serious. " Good shot. Sadly though, you'll have to pay for that." She said, she quickly rushed at him, she feigned doing the same thing he did, but moved so her leg would try to get behind Terrance's and she would try to knock him flat on his back. Whether that would work or not she didn't know.

    Thanos wrote:Thanos was thinking over what was sent. He listened and watched them as he spoke up. He had a delayed reaction but he finally spoke again. Still tinkering and shining up something in the shadows. "It was not an insult Terrance. Merely an observation of skill. Compared to fighting to survive she has more hands on training...it is my job to protect you. I swore that I would protect you even from the higher powers themselves...she outskills you." he said simply. Waiting to see if Terrance was knocked onto his back if he was then it was his turn. He fell silent again. If not he was just going to watch.

    Terrance wrote:Pride was something that Terrance had been lectured about. It was something Terrance didn't listen to so was victim to his own arrogance when feeling a touch of smugness he let down his guard. It didn't help matters when Thanos decided to pipe up diverting his attention. He had a habit of doing that; having a delayed reaction and saying something completely irreverent to whatever was happening. It irritated him at times such as now when his concentration should have been solely on Jupiter. The continual reference to needing to be protected grated as well. It wasn't in his nature to give up, but it was exactly his way to win by any means necessary. So when he landed in an undignified heap on the ground, Terrance scowled and kicked out at her stomach gathering a handful of sand.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe was very proud her leg trick actually worked, she went to put her sword at Terrance's throat when Thanos began to speak. She listened to him and looked at Terrance again. " Heh. Your friend is a good at observing. But he doesn't seem to have a lot of faith in you." She said with a one shouldered shrug, she than returned to what she was doing and was suddenly kicked in the stomach. She made an 'oof' sound before she doubled over and pretended that he had actually hurt her. Jupe kept her sword in her hand and waited to see the reaction, she coughed a bit more and inhaled sharply as though it hurt, but it actually didn't.

    Terrance wrote:Sneering, Terrance's eyes narrowed at the girl. While normally he would say things like that to Thanos, he didn't really allow anyone else to disparage him. Terrance was the only one permitted that right and only because he had grown up with the strange boy and knew him whereas other people often got the wrong impression. Yet his anger was kindled when she'd stated that Thanos had no faith in him. It jacked his jaw that this girl would presume to judge the other boy. If there was one way to push Terrance's buttons that was it. Giving a cold smile he stated, "Shows what you know doesn't it?" Flinging the sand at her face, Terrance got to his feet and thrusting the right blade at her chest followed by the left towards her abdomen.

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    Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius) Empty Re: Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius)

    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:21 pm

    "Thanos wrote:ooc: please forgive typos typed through pain to give this to yuo both ^^

    Thanos looked at Terrance as he blinked. What? Did he say something phrased wrong again? Words...weren't exactly his strongsuit. He was evaluating the girl fighter...he wasn't honestly entirely sure if he fought fair he could truly defeat her. Pretty sure he could easily fight her off or defend against her. Disarm her maybe but truly get the finishing blow...unlikely. Even if he was the fighter and terrance was the mastermind strategist. Terrance could fight down and dirty and would pull any stops to make sure victory happened. He had faith in Terrance not to die...he didn't have faith in this girl not to kill him in cold blood. He was sure Terrance knew what he really meant.

    He also knew...Terrance was going to really lecture him and lay into him. That thought made him droopy a bit. He watched as the fight continued. He looked up at the girl. A deer in the headlight look of huh? What? Where did you come to that conclusion? On his face. "That isn't what meant at all..." He grumbled as he sharpened a blade abefore he pouted cutely where he was sitting. She was faking...if he hit her she wouldn't be faking. She'd be on the floor or double over...he knew this much.

    He watched as Terrance grew angry. "Anger is a tool...weild it through the blade not your mouth." he randomly said. Even though the conversation had absolutely nothing to do with what was being said...he'd actually zoned out. Pulling out a bottle of vodka and started to drink from it. He watched them but mostly he was watching Terrance. Hoping he understood what he meant. He said it to him nearly a dozen times...more if you count the times when Terrance was cold shouldering him. A shudder went through him...that. That was real torture.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe smirked, it seemed that Terrance did fall for her trap. Good for him. She thought, she straightened up quickly. " Good. You're not totally dumb in a fight." She said, meaning it as a compliment, she also wanted to anger him more. Anger could be your greatest weapon, or your greatest downfall. Jupe knew that all too well. She saw she had made him angry when she said his friend had no faith in him, her smirk widened. Terrance gave her exactly what she wanted.

    Jupe blinked as dirt was thrown in her face, but she saw both blades coming. She blocked his right blade with her sword and grabbed his left wrist with her hand just before he could stab her. " Heh, pretty close." She commented. " You're angry. Good." She smirked a bit as she tried to move his right hand up so she could get a clear shot at his side, she didn't know if it would work or not.

    Terrance wrote:Not even bothering to tell Thanos to shut up, because he was right, Terrance knew that he should be focusing. How many times had Thanos told him that? And how many times had Terrance gotten peeved because he knew that he needed to do something about his anger? Through trial and error he'd learned to a degree how to channel his anger. But there were times when he forgot or he was just irritated enough that he allowed it to show. Like now. This girl was getting on his nerves. His eyes had flashed at her comment. He wanted to wipe that look off her face.

    "This isn't angry. This is irritated," Terrance stated as he brought his head towards hers to headbutt her. If she moved her head back her body should arch towards him but regardless, he kicked his leg out to connect his foot with her knee.

    Jupiter wrote:Jupe smirked as she kept trying to stab his ribs. If this was him irritated, she wondered how he would be angry. She just continued to have that bit of a smug look on her face as she stared at him. She saw he moved his head to headbutt her, she she moved her head forward to headbutt him back.

    She glanced down and saw he went to kick her leg, so she stepped back so he would miss. She winced after the headbutt and stepped back a little more, she let go of Terrance's arms and circled him again. Like a lion hunting a gazelle. " So, what now huh?" She asked him with a cocky smile on her face and she spun her sword a bit.

    Terrance wrote:So maybe he'd never headbutted anyone before, and he certainly wasn't ever going to do that again. Terrance swore the girl's head was made out of concrete. When their foreheads connected he saw stars. Only his force of will kept him from instinctively going to reach for where it hurt. As it was he was hard pressed to keep his balance as she moved away from his kick which he'd put a lot of movement towards so when she let go of him he was a bit unprepared. Eyes watching her as she circled, he moved as well to keep her in front of him. While some might have mastered that behind your back stuff, Terrance wasn't one of them.

    Oh, this girl was definitely annoying. She had the skill to back up her annoying-ness though. Glancing over at Thanos he felt his eye twitch. Holding up a hand he gestured for a minute. Bending down he picked up a rock and threw it at Thanos' hand glaring. They'd been over the other teen's drinking habit. Shaking his head he turned back to Jupiter and frowned as he thought. He needed to come up with something or he was going to lose. Looking her over again, he tried to make use of what he saw: shin and arm guards only. And she had one blade, a sword which was light enough to be wielded one handed. What he needed to do was force her to use both hands on it. Stepping quickly towards her, Terrance made a feint towards her torso with both blades in successive order before trying to spin around her to attack her back, testing a theory.

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    Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius) Empty Re: Afternoon Practice (Jupiter Valentine, Terrance Taggart, & Thanos Permethius)

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