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    Jurian Taggart - Ryan Merriman


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    Jurian Taggart - Ryan Merriman Empty Jurian Taggart - Ryan Merriman

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:35 pm

    Birth Name
      First Name: Jurian
      Middle Name(s): Edward
      Last Name: Taggart
      Nickname: Juri

      Birth Records
      Birthday: January 21st
      Year: 1st
      Birthplace: Glasgow, Scotland
      Nationality: European
      Current Home: Derby, England
      Blood Status: Half-blood

      Brother(s)/Sister(s): Xena [Unixa] Taggart (estranged half-sister)
      Mother: Nyssa Summers
      Father: Terrance Taggart
      Other: Austin Tyler (adopted brother [sorta]), Jerome Baines (step-father)
      Guardian: Mother and Step-father

      Maternal History:
    Nyssa Summers is a Muggleborn who grew up in Glasgow and wanted nothing more than to be a librarian. When she learned she had magic she was happy until she went to Hogwarts. After graduating she opted into living in the muggleworld and taking up a muggle job. While on vacation she met Terrance who was a few years older and neither recalled the other had gone to Hogwarts. She hadn't meant to end up pregnant and had no way of informing Terrance when she'd given birth. Being a single mom she had to get a second job switching her library job to the weekends. Being versed in both magical and muggle worlds, Nyssa get a job helping those from the magical world assimilate into the muggle world if that is where they decided to live.

      Paternal History:
    Terrance Taggart is a Pureblood who almost was a Ravenclaw but was placed in Slytherin (the hat had waffled between the two houses). He had been adopted as a baby and found out through his childhood friend turned girlfriend Lucia that their families had known each other and that he was a Pureblood and not muggleborn like he'd always thought. After Lucia died, he left England and traveled unknowing he had a daughter. When he'd returned from his travels he opened his own Apothecary shop. It was there that he met a scrappy boy by the name of Austin Tyler who became a pseudo son. After some events and his two children grown did he learn that he'd had a son with a woman he met while on Holiday through Terrortours.

      Play By: Merriman, Ryan
      Hair: short brown hair that he spikes on occaision
      Eye: blue
      Skin Tone: Peachy?
      Body: A bit shorter than an average 11 year old and wiry. He hopes that changes as he gets older
      Clothing: Typical casual everyday clothing such as T-shirts, jeans, pullovers.
      Other: His ears are kinda funky and he hopes they'll not be so oblong when he gets older.

      Your Childhood Before School: Jurian was a quiet child that preferred books to toys and was always asking, "Why?" and "How?" He had a vast imagination and was able to entertain himself when his mother was busy. He didn't know about magic until he was four and wished for a daddy and suddenly he had one (he didn't know his mother was actually dating). He didn't know about his real father until he began to display magic and his mother took him to see Diagon Alley and they happened to bump into his father with his two other children. Since then it's been an awkward mess with writing and visiting his father when his mother and step-father allow it.
      Happiest Memory: Jurian's happiest memory was during a family vacation to Hawaii. He liked that the rain was warm, his step-father taught him how to swim, and they ate lots of native food. His mother even tried to learn how to Hula dance.
      Worst Memory: Jurian's worst memory is when he lost a bet to a cousin. Being a person of his word, he accepted the lost wager which had him attired in a frilly dress. He was paraded up and down the neighborhood so everyone could see.

      Personality: Jurian is a quiet kid but can be annoying when he wants to be. He's a good hearted child though who was taught that a real man never raises his hand against a woman. To always be himself or he would regret it and not to try to conform himself to the social norms. He admires and looks up to his step-father, but desperately wants the approval of his biological father as well. Not solitary by nature but doesn't feel bad if he's alone since his imagination is something he prides himself on and has yet to run short.
      Likes: Arguing, books, imagination
      Dislikes: Cockroaches, spiders, asparagus
      Fears: That he'll remain a short midget, not accepted by his biological father's family, disappointing his father
      Hobbies: reading, improving his magic, entertaining himself
      Habits: Bites his nails, always fidgeting unless he's entirely focused on something
      Strengths: Charms, perseverance, intellect
      Weaknesses: Over thinks, gives into temptation when it comes to sweets he likes, won't hit a girl
      Worst class: Flying
      Best class: Charms
      Traits: Curious, Imaginative, annoying
      Values: Be yourself now matter what
      Thing(s) They Love: A pocket watch that has been in his step-father's family for generations.

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