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    Graveyard in London (Adam, Bastian, Sojo)


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    Graveyard in London (Adam, Bastian, Sojo)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:25 pm

    Bastian wrote:Bastian was in his normal grey druid robe and was meditating in a graveyard, he had gotten back from his journey away from home and wanted to get out for the night. Bastian closed his eyes and soaked in the energies flowing through the area full of death. He was allowing his energy to be of his home, to fully be home. Bastian's eyes flew open when he sensed someone who was alive enter the place, wondering who it was he began walking in the person's direction. He observed the person in high detail from afar but he walked directly to them. "Good evening. What business brings you here? Not many people come here too often you know." Bastian raised an eyebrow and nodded his head. "My name is Bastian and you are?"

    Adam wrote:All you could hear was the sound of grass being stepped on which was how Adam preferred it. He would usually come through the graveyard on his way home from the office. Oh he knew full well what could lie in them but it brought him a certain peace. Perhaps it was his mother's influence or it could just be he was weird that way. The silence of the graveyard was different then normal silence.

    Biting into the wooden toothpick in his mouth he let the mint taste of it roll about his tongue. His eyes would jump from one name to the other reading them. His own family weren't burried here. His mother's ashes were at his home above the fireplace alongside a photograph of her.

    Blue green eyes shot to the approaching person amd nodded in agreement. "Jus' passin' through, mate. Nice night for a long walk."

    Adam had held up his hands to show he wasn't armed. Smiling slightly he replied back. "Adam, and what're you doin' out in a dress?"

    Bastian wrote:Bastian smirked at the dress comment and stepped out of his robe. Underneath of it he wore a dark grey button up shirt with jeans. "Its not a dress, it is a robe. My father and I are a little different and possess different magics. So we must wear these dresses." He said with a smile. Bastian looked at Adam and addressed himself "I am sure this is much better for a first meeting."

    Bastian looked around the area and nodded "Yes, it is a great night for walking. The spirits seem very restless tonight." Bastian looked up at the moon and smirked. "So what is on your mind, when one goes on walks it is assumed they have something on their minds." Bastian took a couple steps and looked back at Adam, "If you want you can follow me, I know many of the hidden places this graveyard has. Quite interesting to look at."

    Bastian began walking in the east direction of the graveyard, he tapped on a crypt door thrice and it flung open. "Not many know of this tomb but it is to believed that a wise prophesier is buried there. It isn't known because even in his afterlife people believed her could read their fortunes so they moved his resting place here instead of where they said to bury him. So he can have a peaceful resting."

    Adam wrote:"That's what they told us back in first year, mate. I still say a robe is a dress." Adam was in good humor and liked that Bastian didn't get offended. Looking down at himself he ruefully added. "And despite what I'm wearin' I ain't a grave robber. An' I'm always up for a sight seein' tour."

    Following Bastian as he listened to the sounds around them or lack thereof, Adam let his gaze wander where it will. He didn't reply about what could be on ones mind since for him it varied from night to night. Cracking a grin he commented, "You mean peace for 'im as not to be givin' out all those prophecies and wearin' 'im out. Most people wouldn't be greatful for one."

    Bastian wrote:Bastian chuckled "Yes, they did. But this robe is actually needed." Bastian smirked as he commented on himself and what he wore. "I don't have you as a grave robber." Bastian eyed Adam down and smiled. "Great I shall lead the way." Bastian continued explaining once they reached the tomb. "Yes, it was a mess. Spirits were so upset people started getting hurt and just chaos. Which is why they had to move his tomb." Bastian nodded as what Adam spoke was true. Not many people did know how to be grateful now a days.

    Bastian walked past Adam and asked for him to follow him to one more place, the best place in his mind. They walked for a little ways and walked out onto field, soon the field turned into a cliff that overlooked a body of water, it was still, gently rippling as the minor winds caught it. Bastian sat on the edge and pointed out a shore behind the water. "Over there is a single grave, haven't really found out much about it but it is just meant for one person. Kinda sweet, having your own special spot."

    Adam wrote:"Makes sense. Bad for business unless one is an undertaker."

    Adam followed taking in the field and then the cliff. Squatting he took the toothpick from his mouth and rolled it between his thumb and index finger. He shut his eyes as he balanced on the balls of his feet and just listened to the sounds. Bastian and his breathing the faint sound of the water. Contentment was what it was, for Adam.

    Opening his eyes he turned to regard his.companion for the evening. "That's one way of lookin' at it. Another is it would be kinda lonesome bein' on your own even after death."

    Sticking the toothpick back in his mouth, he grinned unable not to add, "Or he was a horrible bounder that deserves that fate and isolated for everyones good."

    Bastian wrote:Bastian smiled as he inhaled the smell of the place, he exhaled and nodded in agreement with Adam. "Yeah being alone can be a curse or a blessing depends on the situation though." Bastian looked at the water as he felt a breeze flow over the scene. He chuckled "Of course, that is the only other option, did bad enough things in your present life to get a solo afterlife deal." Bastian looked over and saw Adam rolling his tooth pick, making him focus on Adam's lips. He shook himself out of thought and looked at his eyes, hoping that he wasn't noticed. Bastian nodded and said in a low voice "Yes, being alone is never any fun." Bastian knew this feeling all too well, ever since he came back from his journey he felt like he was alone. Even his father had been too busy for him lately. Bastian looked at Adam and said sincerely "I would like to thank you for giving me some of your time, this is nice."

    Adam wrote:Blessing or a curse? He supposed Bastian hit that nail on the head. How many times had he wished to not be a part of his family only to have it granted by death. The only family he had left was his baby sister.

    Bastian brought up memories from when he was younger. Stories from his mother who had been conflicted most of her life. Scratching at the stubble on his cheek he nodded. Smiling he replied, "Well,you were the liveliest conversationer here."

    Something had him asking after giving the other a considering gaze. "That a polite way to tell me ita time to go?"

    Bastian wrote:Bastian blushed and nodded "Yes, I guess I have chatted a lot." Bastian ran a hand through his hair and began looking at Adam's lips again, the toothpick kept drawing him in for some reason. When he heard Adam ask him if that was a sign saying he had to leave. "Leave? Why would I leave?" Bastian chuckled as he realized how desperate that must of sounded to him. Bastian smirked and said "Let me try that again." Bastian took a breath and said seriously "I am intent on staying with you, I was just thanking you for spending time with me." Bastian said with bright eyes. He looked away and looked back out at the water and sighed. Bastian looked back at Adam and began wondering to himself, not that he would impose it was just he was beginning to get wrapped up in the moment. He nervously chuckled and looked at Adam "So what would you like to do?"

    Adam wrote:Adam chuckled and used his teeth, tongue, and lips to flip the toothpick around. It was almost time for a new one. "Ah, well then." Adam sat down and leaned back to prop himself on,his elbows, legs stretched out in front him. "You're not bad company. Better company then me own thoughts."

    It was true since wandering through the graveyard was calm for him but it also reminded him of things best left forgotten. He hadn't once tonight thought about or even acted on touching the rosary in his pocket. He instead got to meet an interesting person and shown a wonderful view he hadn't known was there.

    "What I'd like to do?" Mischief danced in his blue green eyes. He pointed across at the water. "Well, we could find out what's over yonder. Find out what the fuss is about. Evil codger, or Romantic loner."

    Bastian wrote:Bastian watched as he flipped the toothpick without using his hands, which was cool to say the least. Bastian smirked as he watched him prop himself and said that he wasn't bad company. Bastian smiled as he watched Adam with a close eye, this male was very interesting to Bastian, attractive as well. He tilted his head when Adam asked himself what he wanted to do. Bastian looked out to the grave where he was pointing to and said he wanted to discover what kind of person was it, buried alone. Bastian looked down at the water and said confusedly "Uhm well, there is water and to get over there that means we would have to swim over." Bastian had no problem with it, what he was worried about was the fact that they would swim meaning that they would probably both strip to their briefs. Bastian suddenly saw a major plus that he couldn't say no too. "Okay, swimming it is." Bastian stood up and stretched, his shirt popped out from under his jeans and revealed the bottom of his stomach.

    Adam wrote:Adam watched as Bastion realized they'd need to get across somehow. A midnight swim hadn't been on his mind but he wasn't opposed to it. Standing as well he glanced over and turned his head to hide his smile. Spitting out the toothpick he began stripping off his leather jacket and hooded sweatshirt. As he peeled out of his button up which bared his upper body.

    "You shouldn' have problem. You look in great shape." It hadn't crossed Adam's mind that his companion might not be able to swim. Since Bastian didn't appear to be hesitating it was a safe bet he could swim. Popping the button of his jeans, he quickly pulled the zip down and let them drop to the ground. Shoes and socks were discarded until he was only in his boxers.

    "Last one there has to open the grave." he grinned as he raced towards the water.

    Bastian wrote:Bastian looked up from the water and saw that Adam had began stripping, Bastian held his breath as he saw the roughly tattooed man strip down to nothing but his boxers. First the jacket, then the hoodie. Bastian began undoing his buttons of his shirt, revealing the bare muscles he possessed. Bastian smirked when Adam said that he shouldn't be a problem, that he was in good shape. Bastian bit his lip as he placed his shirt on the ground. "Uh thanks." Bastian blushed and said "You look a lot more in shape." He blankly admitted. He continued staring at Adam's body as he tugged at his jeans' button. They fell off of his form as gave them a quick tug down. He was now there in tight briefs, they were a dark blue. He shook his head when he heard Adam say the last one there would have to open the grave. Bastian smirked out and said "Well prepare to lose." He dove into the water and began stroking his arms over his head, letting him swim quite fast. He hadn't realize how cold the water was until he well over halfway through the water. Bastian stood out of the water, and didn't care about who was first or second. His body was coated with goosebumps, his nipples were stiff and the tight briefs didn't leave Adam much room for his imagination as being tight formed to him.


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    Re: Graveyard in London (Adam, Bastian, Sojo)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:27 pm

    Adam wrote:Adam gave him a quick grin hearing both compliment and challenge before diving into the water and swimming beneath until his lungs protested needing air. Surfacing, he spotted Bastian and lazily swum behind him. He had good form and was in shape much like Adam had stated.

    Floating in the water for a moment he laughed as Bastian showed how very cold he was. "I thought druids were taught endurance?"

    Joining Bastian on land he threw his arm around the younger man grinning. "Not bad, I'm impressed. Although we both forgot one thing."

    Gesturing at their nearly naked bodies with the hand not touching Bastian, "No wands. Leastwise ones we need to open a grave," Adam commented.

    Bastian wrote:Bastian smiled as he saw Adam surface behind him, he mentioned that he thought Druids were taught endurance. "We are but it is freezing in here." He said in a cute tone. As he went ashore, he felt an arm wrap around him, He felt Adam's warmth and sighed in a relaxing manner. He said he was impressed except they had forgotten something, their wands. Bastian tried not to look at Adam's body, but found it harder not to look. He began admiring it and he slowly said as he was still staring at his body. "That does pose a problem, doesn't." Bastian looked up at Adam and shrugged "Or we can just look at the inscription behind the grave. Behind the grave rested a flat tombstone. It read the following. 'Here Lies Emma Fowler, 7. Daughter and Friend to Many. May she rest under the Cherry Blossoms she so loved.' Bastian nodded and seriously said. "I guess we were both wrong." He looked at the tree and saw that it had little to no life. "I have to come back and revitalize the tree." Bastian shook his head but jumped lightly when he felt Adam brush against his nipple. Bastian didn't know if it were intended or not but either way it felt nice to him.

    Adam wrote:Adam had to laugh softly at the other checking him out when he'd gestured at their bodies. Well, he'd done the same when he was younger. No harm, no foul. Agreeing to just look at the grave, he stuck with Bastian. It was cold and not thought out much.

    "Looks like," was his soft reply. To have lived only seven years and then be burried out here with just a tree. Turning his curious to Bastian he querried, "Druids really do that? It's not all show?"

    He'd never met a druid before. They must have been pretty rare. When Bastian had shrugged his fingers ended up brushing his nipple. An idea formed in his head so he innocently asked, "Does this require a wand?"

    Sojo wrote:Sojo walked seemingly out of ghosts. He had been inside the tomb speaking with Emma. She said there was boys wanting in. He shook his head as she said that the tree was dying and she missed it. Sojo walked past the boys as he appeared in a swirl of spirits. "Hello son. Hello Adam." He had heard their names from Emma who HAD been eavesdropping. He walked to the tree and closed his eyes. "You poor dryad...trapped inside a withering tree....possessed by a spirit of darkness. We will have to change that and free you as well." He opened his eyes and looked to Bastian. "I am not here for you or to bother you in your own time. I am here because Emma was calling me." He looked to the tree. "It is time for a double lesson Bastian. Then I shall let you...and your friend...into the tomb."

    He moved and looked into Adam's eyes. Staring straight into his soul as he began to communicate with the soul within him. Stepping away he looked to Bastian."He is of good soul inside where it counts. You have my blessing if that is a road you seek to go down. I wish you the best and good luck." He walked back over to the tree and drew his wand. "First...the removal of a possessing spirit. This can vary. The type of spirit we deal with here is an off branch of the dementors...they are called the rancor." He explained.

    His eyes began to glow and eerie white as he became surrounded by a ghostly aura. "Unde dicitur ens in hac vita obscura distraherent. Atque ex his tenebris in lucem vocat res. In umbra noctis circulus existit et iumenta amet pede. Retro chorum in profundum tenebrarum ... cum bestiis tu non eris." (Within this source of life is a dark entity call the Rancor. I summon out and into the light this dark entity. Come forth and dance a circle of darkness with the shadow beasts you love. Then back into the abyss you go...with the dancing shadows bests you will be no more.)

    He said it in slow motion and the ghostly black magic beam shot from his wand and began to pulsate and pull upon something within the tree. Two more shot from the center of that beam and summoned shadowy beasts. With much focus the rancor came from within the tree. It was like a smaller more twisted and mangled version of a dementor. As he moved his wand rancor and shadow beasts moved to a haunting ghostly beat. "complevit" (finished) The magic from the wand vanished as the circle of shadow beasts got tighter and tighter. "That...is how you withdraw a possessed of the rancor...and banish it back to the netherworld."

    He looked at the cherry blossom tree. "There is another lesson. Would you and your boyfriend please just kiss now so I can show you revitalization and let you both in the tomb?" He said. Looking to Emma who appeared and began speaking with him. Snickering a bit. "Even Emma says if you are going to make kissey faces you should." He looked to the water. "She also says to stay out of the water...the ghost demon has awaken. I advise you do so. I can sense his presence and he is extremely evil."

    He looked at the tree again. "When I am done with this I am gone. I have other places to go tend to the wrongs."

    Bastian wrote:Bastian groaned as he saw a swirl of spirits take form, and he then knew that his father was about to be present. "Father, you and that timing." Bastian was a bright red, he had been almost nude and was having a moment with Adam, and now he had his father here to watch it all. Bastian shook his head and nodded at the tree, "Is that why you are here?" He listened as his father described that it were a dryad trapped inside the withering tree. "Strange that there was just one tree, as it were bounded to it." He shook his head as he knew that his father wasn't trying to bother him.

    Bastian nodded as his father said that it was time for a double lesson. Bastian grew even redder when he watched his father look into Adam's eyes and said that he had his blessing and was good of soul. Bastian wasn't expecting to have his father already eye out the poor guy, here they were having a good time and his father showed up. Bastian nodded as he focused on what his father began talking about. "Rancor, that sounds familiar. On my travels I ran into them in South Asia I believe."

    Bastian watched as his father began speaking the incantation to draw the rancor out. He saw a black beam of magic shoot itself at the tree and drew out the Rancor. He smiled as he saw the shadow beasts rise from the spell he was using. when he saw the beasts and rancor vanish from sight he looked at the tree. He listened to his father talk about another lesson, and his eyes widened when he heard the next thing his father said. Kiss. His Boyfriend?

    Bastian saw Emma appear and frowned at how little she was, a place in his heart thought of Hitari. He shook his head "Okay I will stay out of the freezing water, perhaps that is why it is so cold to me." He could still feel Adam's warmth and smiled. Bastian bit his lip and looked at his father. "Well let's just get this revitalization done."

    He looked up at Adam and blushed, wanting to kiss him, but not wanting to in front of his father and just because he had his father and a spirit girl egging him on. But he wouldn't dismiss a kiss from Adam, but wouldn't lead it in this situation.

    Adam wrote:Adam stared as a new person emerged not that much older looking then Bastian. And knew his name. A smile wanted to creep across his face at being caught out with Bastian in what looked like a compromising situation. Glancing at his companion he did snicker slightly. Poor guy was red. Couldn't blame him really. He'd be dead embarrassed if he'd been caught in naught but his briefs by his father.

    "I think that's all parents, mate."

    So he was a druid too and talk to trees as well. And he wanted to give his kid a lesson was he practically naked and freezing. Not removing his arm from around Bastian's shoulders he watched the other guy through hooded eyes. He wasn't going to show any defensive posture and instead lifted his head a little. The guy seemed to employ a tactic the Ministry used, to souse out people's true intentions. Didn't mean he had to like it. He could go for another toothpick.

    "T'anks," Adam replied not knowing exactly what just happened or what had been said. Good soul where it counts? What exactly did that mean or the rubbish after?

    Watching what happened next made the hairs on the back of his neck rise. The chills that traveled down his spine had notbing to do with the cold. Adam watched in rapt attention as the man worked his magic. He couldn't help but whistle appreciativly. "That's some fancy magic that is."

    Eyes snapped wide and he jerked a little at what the man said next. Kiss his boyfriend? Where and when did he get that idea? Glancing over at Bastian that back at the man the cogs in his brain rotated and clicked into place. He had meant to toss Bastian into the water but then his father had appeared to do his magic dance.

    "You've not been a father very long have you?" More for Bastian's sake then his own je gave the younger man a wink. "Sorry, but I just don't fancy kissin' you in front of your da. Bit creepy, that."

    Sliding his arm off his companion Adam crossed his.arms grinning. "Normally I'm all for letting people see their fill, but if you wouldn' mind a blanket or two. Seein' as you're the one with the wand. And we're not going anywhere until your jiggery pokery is done."

    Sojo wrote:Sojo looked at Bastian. “This land used to many centuries ago have many but this...this tree was the centerpiece of it all. Over the years the others were cut down or die. Destroyed by lightning but this cherry blossom tree. It was blessed since the days of old by a dryad queen. She is a very old entity. Much older than even myself to be honest. This tree once blessed the area with purity and light. A place of peace and sanctuary. First the demon ghost...and then the rancor. This does not bode well Bastian. Yet that is a matter for another day and another time.” He shook his head. He looked to Bastian. He really didn’t notice the basicly nudeness as he had raised bastian so long it was not even on his mind. “A cherry blossom tree helps protect against evil spirits yet some are really strong and they need the help of people like us. Or Ghost Whisperers. Like us...those are few and far between.”

    He moved his gaze to the water. “Yes. As Dementors originate in London so do the Rancor’s originat in South Asia. Yet they have started migrating all over the world. Very good Bastian.” he said with a proud voice. “Yes. That is why it was very cold to you. Normally you and I would not recognize a cold water due to what runs through our bloods. Yet when we do it is a source of powerful evil. I will be dealing with the ghost another day.” He looked to his son and Bastian again. “I will give you both a way to get back without going back in the water. It is recommended NEITHER of you do. Especially Adam. He is more vunerable to possession than you or I.”

    He looked to Adam. “Fancy magic? Not at all...Necromancy and Blood magic are my druid birth magics. Just as Bastian’s is Necromancy. I am not evil and nor is he. We are the anomalies in a world of powerful forbidden dark magic. Don’t worry...the ministry and those who matter know of us and our power.” He said. Moving a hand dismissively. “Besides...that was a minor basic spell.” He said simply.

    He froze a bit and sighed. “The druid stop physically aging between the ages of 21 and 27. I may LOOK 23 but believe me I am far older than that. I have been around a very long time. I have raised Bastian a very long time. I am also not how you would expect most father’s to believe. I want the best for Bastian but that does not mean I will be over bearing and not allow him to live his own life and make his own mistakes. That is just life. As long as he stays focused on his training then what he does outside of those times is of none of my concern.” He said simply but honestly. “Bastian is older than he looks as well.”

    He turned back to the tree. He began talking in an off branch of elven tongue. A musical whisper answering. He kept talking back and forth. He stopped as Adam spoke. “All for letting people see their fill?” He said in a quizzical voice. “Dear lord. You think I care what clothes you may or may not be wearing? I have not looked at either of you in such a manner. As I said before...I am not here for you two...I am here for emma nad the dryad maldaia. I could care less if you guys were going at it.” He said rather bluntly.

    He smirked a bit. “Oh? A blanket or two you say?” He said with a playful grin. “Let’s dry you both off first.” He muttered a spell and dried them off and warmed them up. He then looked at the sky. Then back to them. Magicking blankets and food and drinks. “Anything else you need?” He asked. He knelt down by Adam. “Neither you nor he is to go back into that water Adam. Understand? If I find out either of you put yourselves in a situation that could result in your deaths...I won’t be too friendly. To either of you. As you are the ring leader here you are to make sure you guys don’t. Believe me Adam the removal of a ghost demon hurts like hellfire from within.” He stood back up and went over to the tree.

    “This revitalization requires minor blood magic healing and an old druidic spell. Pay attention Bastian.” He pulled out a dagger and sliced across his fingers and then across his palm. “Just a little more than a scratch bastian.” He said as the blood welled to the surface and he placed his hand on the heart of the tree. Closing his eyes as a red aura began surround him. He spoke so Bastian could hear. “Recanda Heiao Sadora Jyia Venautu Soaak Nda Kakkas Popokda Fdao Nayu. Vadun Jijajo Makar Baboa” (From the blood of the druids of nature I heal you dryad spirt and revive your tree from my life source to yours. Live for now and ever more..)

    The blood began to wrap aorund the tree and seep into the wood. As it did the trees branches began to rise up and spread out. Leaves began to grow from the branches then shift and turn into cherry blossoms. The tree began to spawn more and more cherry blossoms turn further and further until the the tree was lush and thriving and full of cherry blossoms. The scent filling there area. He pulled his hand away and his cuts began to scab over. He looked at Bastian. “The never dying powers...of a druidic revitalization. You guys are also now protected within this area.” He walked over to the tomb. “Emma...please open your doors. Let the boys explore and I will deal with the demon ghost later on.” The tomb began to grind and groan as the tomb slid open enough to let them out.

    Dropping something in each of their laps. “A destinationless port key.” It was a skeleton key made of wolfs bone. “Tell it where to take you and bite it.” After saying he merely kept moving and went walking past them he walked to the edge of the water away from them. Closing his eyes and began to get a spectral glow. Ignoring them.

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    Re: Graveyard in London (Adam, Bastian, Sojo)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:31 pm

    Bastian wrote:Bastian listened as his father started describing the land, and its history. The lands being cut down and but this one was blessed by a dryad queen, It was once a place of light, purity. But now it harvested a demon ghost, in the water. and the Rancor in the tree. "Not at all." He replied. It wasn't a good sign at all. Bastian nodded as his father suggested the demon ghost would be another time. He nodded as he knew a Cherry Blossom was used to protect against evil spirits, he claimed they sometimes needed help from humans, or people like them. Bastian smiled when he was told he was right. It made his journey worth while. He shook his head when he was told that was the reason why he was so cold, was because of the demon ghost.

    "Thanks father." He said thankfully, demon ghost or not, there was no way he would go back into the freezing water, he would become an ice chunk. And he wouldn't let Adam go in there now that he knew it would harm him more than himself. "Oh come on Father, one could classify it as fancy." Bastian smirked at Adam. He listened as his father describe their aging process to Adam and grew even redder when he began saying that besides his training he didn't care what he did, saying that he wasn't like most fathers when it came to his beliefs. Bastian looked down at his feet and nodded when Sojo said that he was older than what he looked.

    He noticed his father speak elvish, somewhat. What his father said next made him red as red could be. Going at it? Not only did it put the thought in his mind but it also made him think Adam would get scared off. Bastian sighed internally as he felt Adam's arm leave him. He watched as father conjured blankets and refreshments. He watched as Sojo told Adam that he was to make sure no one got in the water. Bastian watched as he saw his father slice across his fingers and palm, Bastian could never get the jumps out of him when he saw people cut themselves. He listened to what his father said and memorized it well.

    He observed his father's blood heal the tree, it began blossoming and filling the area with its scent. He nodded his head nodded as Sojo said that was the power of the druid's revitalization spell. Sojo told Emma to let them in the tomb and instant Bastian heard it opening. Before his father moved away to the water a key made of wolf's bone, telling them tell it where to take you and bite it. It was a port key. Bastian looked at Adam and instantly grabbed the blanket, wanting to warm himself since he lost Adam's. "Well that was exciting. I am sorry about that. My father and I help a lot of spirits. No matter the time." Bastian looked at Sojo and murmured "Another day then yes?"

    Adam wrote:There was a lot of talking and it was mostly going over Adam's head. The gist as far as he could comprehend was the tree had been possessed by an asian dementor. Which was now in the water thanks to papa druid. And he was saying it was dangerous to go back in. So they would apparate, nothing to bad with that.

    "Whatever you say, Papa Druid. Is still some fancy magic." Adam didn't think it would even register with the other man if he stated he was with the Minisrty. He knew that unless it pertained to his department he wouldn't be included in sensative information. However, Papa Druid was a bit annoying with his flighty, dismissive, airy behavior. "Didn't sat anythin' against it have I?" he muttered.

    At the moment Adam couldn't have cared the man and Bastian were Father Time and Brother Sun. Papa Druid needed to do his whammy and vanish. He was freezing, his evening stroll was definitely not going how it usually went, and he was sure there had been some miscommunication at one point. He was so relieved to get warmed up and grabbed a blanket to wrap up in and sat down. Might as well be comfortable.

    His eyes hooded as he was talked to as if he was a hormonal and misbehaving teenager. Adam was quite glad when the man moved away from him. Watching him and Bastian, he saw the younger flinch at the knife cut. The smell of blood soon was overpowered and replaced by that of the natural aroma of the tree.

    Looking down at the portkey, Adam had to wonder about how old Papa Druid thought he was. He wouldn't look a gifthorse in the mouth and reject it. Picking it up he turned it about studying it happy when he and Bastian were left relatively alone.

    Glancing over where the man was by the water, Adam cracked a grin. "Don't suppose you were too eager to show off on career day."

    Sojo wrote:Sojo opened his eyes and turned walking past the boys. "The name is Sojo. Good bye gentleman. My apologies for disturbing you." He had come here with the intentions of completing his mission. He could be very goal oriented. He was also attempting to respect their privacy as well as give them warning. It was hard being a father at times. Though he was happy it happened this way. He got to see that bright smile on his son's face again. It was time he had found someone he liked. Despite how he acted he rather liked the young man named Adam. He felt they were a perfect match. They would be a good pair if they ever came to be. He hoped they did. It was time Bastian had a social life that would possibly include love somewhere along the line. He was soon becoming shrouded in spirits as he moved his wand and mumbled soon just fading out as the spirits closed in around him. All that could be heard after he left was the giggling from the little girl ghost who appeared and sat by them. After that she vanished as well.

    (exit. hehe =P)

    Bastian wrote:Bastian nodded and said farewell to his father as he left, he was now alone with Adam again. That is after Emma came around and vanished giggling as she did. Bastian was wrapped in a blanket, all warm and dry. He placed his blanket on the ground next to Adam and sat on it, he pulled out a water from what Sojo left them and took a drink. Not knowing where to even begin. Bastian was still red from everything he had thought about tonight. Kissing, Going at It... Bastian was lost for words. He set his water aside and laid back, sending his hands behind his head. He looked up at the sky and murmured "Yeah that wasn't awkward enough." He said with a smirk, trying to defuse the moment and get back to just them. Bastian stretched out and rolled on his side, looking at Adam, His eyes. His lips. Him. He wasn't used to being so lost in another man, no one made him feel like this. Perhaps it was because like his father he could look inside Adam's soul and determined how 'good' he is. Bastian snapped from his thoughts and looked at Adam and said softly. "So what would you like to do? We have portkeys, a tomb to look at or these blankets, I am pretty comfortable yet I feel as if I am lacking something."

    Adam wrote:Adam mouthed the man's name making a 'huh' face. Papa druid suited him netter in his mind. It was a bit creepyhow he came and went. Glancing at his companion he wondered if that was how he normally went about places.

    "Just a might," Adam laughed. He was too aware of the other's gaze and he quipped, "Like your clothes?"

    Looking at the things left behind, he grabbed a bottle of water as well. Taking a sip he let his eyes gaze at the tree. He wasn't really inclined to be moving at that moment. Still acclimating to what had happened. Switching his gaze to Bastian he had to know, "Is it always like this with you? Go on outin's and save a girl and her tree from a monster?"

    'Havin your da just randomly pop up out of nowhere.' Adam needed time to think so he kept his gaze on Bastian to,see how he answered.

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    Re: Graveyard in London (Adam, Bastian, Sojo)

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    Bastian wrote:Bastian smirked as he watched Adam as he chuckled "Well being as they are missing I have found myself being comfortable. Guess I don't miss them." Bastian blushed as he shook his head. "No it isn't always like that. We just like helping others who can't help themselves. We help the dead and their spirits, since we are the only ones who can." Bastian looked at Adam and seriously said. "When I am not devoting myself to my training I am just a typical kid. Looking for a person who will care for me as I will them."

    Bastian nodded to himself as he took another drink of his water. Bastian was still on his side, barely covered by fabric. Bastian chuckled when Adam as he went on and explained his father. "He isn't always around or popping up. He is a very considerate father, but he is not just my father, he is my friend and mentor. Raising me as a baby, up." Bastian nodded and looked into Adam's eyes. His eyes began rolling over Adam's body. Bastian was always fascinated with human guys, but Adam seemed to demand his attention. Bastian looked down at his tattoos and gently said. "So what else would you like to know about me? I want to know about you, but I shall wait my turn."

    Adam wrote:Giving him a pointed look and gesturing with the hand holding the bottle of water teased, "Oh, aye, I can see that you're 'just' a kid."

    Adam thought that was a strange way to phrase it seeing as most fathers raised their children since infancy. Scratching a brow, he gave a one armed shrug. "Whatever you want to know about me is fair game. I'm an open book, mate.

    Setting the water down, he stretched out much like he'd been atop the cliff earlier. Rolling his head back to stare up at the canopy of cherry leaves and dark sky, Adam thought. Considering and discarding questions before a mischievous grin lit his face. "Alright. I have one for you. Have you ever scared a mate silly with your hocus pocus?"

    Bastian wrote:Bastian smirked as he ran a hand through his hair and chuckled "It is still sometimes strange to me that I am older than I appear, makes things complicated." Bastian looked around the area, it honestly was more appealing with the tree healed make it almost illuminate around them. Bastian smiled when Adam said that he could ask him anything, that he was an open book. As he sat and thought up a few good questions Adam set his water down and stretched out.

    Adam asked a question which instantly made him smirk. "No, I cannot say I have. Being as this magic is considered Dark my father believed it must be used only used for appropriate manners. Can't tell you how many times I wanted to do it though." Bastian smirked as he thought out the right questions to ask.

    Bastian smiled to himself. "Hope you don't mind but I have a few. What do you do for a living? Any Goals you want?" Bastian blushed as he tugged at the bottom of his briefs and smirked as he thought of another question, "And why is it that I am still red over the fact I was asked to kiss you by my father." Bastian chuckled and said with a grin "Although now that he is gone I probably won't be able to even think of the word no." He said with a nervous chuckle.

    Adam wrote:Adam had wondered how old Bastian was after that age comment. With how he and papa druid interacted he had assumed that Bastian wasn't considered a senior citizen in regular years. It still begges the question how hold he was and pricked at you just as an itchy blanket did but you didn't want to remove it.

    "I understand all too well, mate," he commented solemnly. It would much too easy to let that power corrupt you. Shifting his head so he was looking at the other he thought ot was a good thing that power ended up with someone like Bastian.

    "S'only fair for you to ask after I went and asked you."

    After Bastian had asked about his job and goals, Adam had turned his head to look up wondering if he did have goals and missed the resulting blush.

    "Ministry 'o Magic. Misuse of Muggle Artifacts." He grinned ruefully. "Not as borin' or excitin' as they make it out, but its a good job. Fun sometimes. Dunno about goals. I'll get back to you on that one."

    Choking on a bit of laughter, Adam shook his head. That had been weird and awkward and a tad creepy. Father of the year papa druid was not. "Well, if my da just showed up and asked me to kiss someone I appeared to be in a commissionin' position, I think I would have that on the bfain too."

    Confused about the last bit he turned to ask, "How so?"

    Bastian wrote:Bastian smirked as he looked at Adam thinking obviously when he mentioned his age. Bastian smirked and nudged the man playfully. "I am not as sure as my father but I think I could be around my Late Twenties, Early Thirties. I am not completly sure though." Bastian nodded when Adam told him that he understood him about power all too well. Bastian grinned when he saw Adam turned his head and looked at him, Bastian somehow moved himself closer to Adam, barely touching. Bastian nodded and asked Adam the questions he thought of and listened with open ears. Bastian looked up at the sky as he did and nodded as he told him about his job. "Ministry? Intruging. I bet it can sometimes get hectic to say the least. But at least you get to have some fun with it."

    Bastian nodded firmly when he was told that he would get back to him about his goals, which Bastian highly respected. Bastian smirked when Adam spoke next about his father, At least he said he had a good reason for having it in his mind. Bastian looked into Adam's eyes directly when he looked over with a confused look. Bastian looked down at Adam's body and shrugged. "Never have I found myself so interested in a normal guy. But you Adam, everything since the beginning has felt. I don't know. Different?" Bastian stammered a bit and turned red again. Bastian smirked as he looked back at the male. "And all that talk about it has got me curious about it."

    end of pg.2

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    Re: Graveyard in London (Adam, Bastian, Sojo)

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