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    Where the day takes you (Sirena Vetrov, Jonothan)


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    Where the day takes you (Sirena Vetrov, Jonothan) Empty Where the day takes you (Sirena Vetrov, Jonothan)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:20 pm

    Jonothan wrote:Was Metropolis in some sort of depression or recession? Jace had tried to find work to be turned down wherever he went. It couldn't have been that he wasn't a college graduate, he'd seen people his age working in places. The whole day had been one big goose egg. If his shoes weren't already scuffed and worn he was sure they would have been by the time he called it quits for the day. At least his mother was enjoying being back in her home city. That was something. Trying not to get down about his lack of job and just enjoy that he was someplace new, he'd gone for a walk again.Truthfully he was attracted and weirded out in equal measure by this city and the park in general. It was strange not to see people skulking about clearly up to no good with the citizens walking a wide birth or in hurried strides to quickly get home and lock the door. Maybe open spaces did that to you. Made you feel safer and less closed in and trapped. Or it could just be that even during the day the sky was blue and not a clouded over mute grey.

    Running over to one of the trees he was able to run up the trunk enough to be able to kick off and grab onto the lowest branch. Swinging from it he pulled himself up so he could hook his leg over it. Successful, he sat on the branch, eyes roaming around to see what caught his eye. People watching was always interesting. Swinging his feet to and fro unafraid of a possible tumble from his precarious position on the branch, Jace lifted his head to look at the sky. You could see the moon coming out and the cool air felt good. Letting himself fall backwards doing a somersault in the air, he landed in a squat and stood up and blinked in surprise. He'd almost dropped on top of someone. "It's raining men," he warned with a smile as if this happened every day.

    Sirena wrote:Another one of Sirena's wild goose chases had led her into Metropolis, another one of those places she had never been. She was trying to find her parents and she was not getting anywhere. Her councilors keep trying to tell her to forget about it and that she has already proven that they are dead, but she could not accept that. She had just left a diner on the other side of the park and began to walk across the park trying to figure out where to go next.

    Sirena had hoped that someone at that diner would have the information that she was needing and once again she hit a dead end. She was really hating dead ends, but things were starting to happen around her and she was trying to find the answers. She was reading some of the notes she had written down trying to see if that was some clue that she had missed. Of course like her she really was not paying attention until a man dropped out of the sky right in front of her and she jumped a little when he landed, "Well I suppose for a girl like me that might be a good thing." She said with a laugh, "Unless you are planning on attacking me then that might not be a good thing for you."

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