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    The Teddy Brigade (Adam)


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    The Teddy Brigade (Adam)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 2:10 pm

    The memo flew into his head the moment he stepped off the lift. Batting at it in annoyance, Adam read it as he walked toward his office. Changing directions as soon as his eyes had finnished scanning it. Taking a muggle biro out of his pocket, he quickly scrawled a note and sent it in the direction of the Obliviator Department on the first floor.

    Quick as he could Adam strode through the Ministry to an exit. A smile of excitement on his face and blue green eyes shining with eagerness. This case sounded downright fun. Apparently there was an old Muggleborn wizard who went a bit daffy after taking an unknown spell to the head. His mind went softer as he grew older. The old codger had an affinity with plushies and with his childlike behavior, his children hadn't seen the harm in charming a few. What they hadn't taken into account was that the old bugger was still clever and used a wand he'd swiped off a visitor to bewitch more of the plushies.

    Unfortunately, when the man died, his playmates turned feral. It was Lord of the Flies plushie version. By the time Adam apparated to the home there was stuffing and bits of material that used to house the stuffing and had been a child's play thing. The healers and aurors who had been here first had apparently had to blast some of the things in order to extract the dead body. They were in and out leaving Adam's department as clean up. The enchanted plushies were what his team dealt with although this was the first time for somethinge like this.

    The house was eerily silent. The atmosphere was heavy and had an air of expectancy. It reminded the man of muggy days where you could feel that it was going to storm. This was how he felt now in the wrecked home. It made the hairs on the back of his neck prick up and sent a shiver of anticipation through him.

    His suede shoes crunched down on a bit of broken glass from a bent and mangled picture frame. The sound echoed and seemed much louder in the quiet then it normally would. As if the crunching glass was a signal, the plushies attacked. They swarmed through doorways, dropping from light fixtures, even from behind furniture and appliances. It was a sea of stuffed animals.

    It would have been humorous save they looked like they were rejects from a secondhand shop. They were worn with bits of stuffing leaking from popped seems. Railroad track of thread showed where they had been badly repaired from holes. They were armed with sharp objects which were pointed at him or in ready positions.

    There was no choice really. Adam ran, shooting spells behind him as he did so. The teddy brigade right behind him. He was sure if the crazy old codger had thought of giving them voices they would be snarling and sounding a war charge. As it was the blighters were silent which made them even more deadly.

    Running into the kitchenette, Adam tried to come to a stop, eyes widening in horror. More evil muppetts were in utensil drawers, cupboards, and one was sitting in the drying rack. Casting a quick shield charm as his foot hit a patch of stuffing causing him to slip. Adam crashed to floor on his back with arms lifted up to protect his head and chest. Dishes and cutlery rained down and bounced off his shield.

    They jumped and tried to attach themselves to him. Shaking his leg he tried to dislodge the one there. Hearing a distinctive riiiiiiiiip air soon met his calf. A sharp sting registered causing Adam to cry out with pain as he hissed and swore. "You bloody sodding muppett, get off!"

    Using an arm to knock it off he was rewarded with a cut to the inside forearm. "'Ell with this, he muttered.

    Adam didn't care about orders anymore. He quickly spun his wrist and wand sharply twice. "Turbeninis incendium."

    Adam shut his eyes and averted his head as the whirl of fire shot from his wand and incinerated the stuffed creatures around him. The heat caused him discomfort and he was sure the one leg was at least blistered. Scrambling to his hands and knees and quickly getting to his feet. Coughing from the smell of burning cloth and whatever else the repulsive things were made out of burned or melted. Running again, he kept having to cast Relashio to dislodge the flaming and ugly buggers.

    Until one that had a moving mouth clamped down on his wand. The teddy had launched itself from a china cabinet full of painted plates. It's jaw was like iron and snapped his wand in half! Bloody things had gone and done a pincer movement, hearding him. There went trying to find out if he could find out what bloody spell was used on these things. He was sure the Minister would excuse him this once.

    The teddy brigade was a violent deadly pains! Fighting for his wand back he was just able to use it to channel enough magic to set the place on fire. He accelerated it making sure none of the plushies survived. By the time he exited the house his suit was in ribbons, he was covered in soot, and coughing. He smelled like chimney or that he'd been burning hair.

    That was of course when a few of the boys from his department showed up. "Now you boys show up when the barbecue is over?"

    "Sorry, sir. Just got the memo." A nervous rookie replied. The one training him gave a brief nod to indicate it was the truth.

    "Well, lucky for you then, aye? You can play clean up. Explain it was a gas leak that caught or somethin'." Grinning he clapped the pale rookie on the shoulder.

    "What about you, sir?" This was asked while his supervisor was walking towards the gathering.crowds.

    Adam pretended surprise. "Can't very well go off showin' my bits can I? Don't fancy smellin' like this either." A pause as if just thinking about it. "Unless you'd like to write up the report?"

    Adam laughed when the rookie ran off. "Thought not."

    Walking down the street to find himself an apparating point he patted his pockets. His shoulders slumped. He was out of toothpicks.

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