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    Adam Ulrich (Eternity)


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    Adam Ulrich (Eternity) Empty Adam Ulrich (Eternity)

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    [b]Full Name[/b]: Adam Nathaniel Mackenzie Ulrich
    [b]Alias[/b]: He's used many combinations of his given name
    [b]Age[/b]: 35
    [b]Former House[/b]: Hufflepuff
    [b]Blood Type[/b]: Mixed
    [b]Loyalties[/b]: Whoever pays the highest
    [b]Job[/b]: Misuse of Muggle Artifacts
    [b]Sexual Orientation[/b]: N/A

    [b]Hair Color[/b]: brown
    [b]Eye Color[/b]: blue green
    [b]Height[/b]: 5'10
    [b]Body Type[/b]: Muscular
    [b]Distinguishing Marks[/b]: [url=http://i42.tinypic.com/1zwkx7a.jpg]Right wrist[/url] , [url=http://i42.tinypic.com/2vnq5q1.jpg]Right Shouler and bicep[/url] , [url=http://i40.tinypic.com/2edtfmf.jpg]Left Forearm[/url] , [url=http://i43.tinypic.com/ejv8jm.jpg]Back & Left Shoulder blade[/url]
    [b]Dress Style[/b]: Usually whatever helps him blend in where he is at. At home he likes muggle clothing.

    [*]toothpick is usually constantly in his mouth

    [*]Carries a rosary or some form of cross on his person

    [*]Drinks hot drinks when its hot and cold when its cold
    [*]Slinkies and a few other muggle toys

    [*]Opera and the theatre arts

    [*]Being comfortable

    [*]Likes keeping in shape

    [*]The lift at work


    [*]Being out of shape


    [*]Open minded





    [*]Father - Nathaniel (halfblood wizard) : deceased (2056) Ruled as natural causes ; heart attack

    [*]Mother - Julia (muggleborn witch) : deceased (2043) Killed by her husband when his magic exploded.

    [*]Brother - Asa (wizard) : deceased (2056) Was a professor during the plague that swept the castle.

    [*]Sister - Hannah (witch) : Younger sister. Works in St. Mungos. Has her older brother wrapped around her finger. He would do just about anything for her.

    [b]Personal History[/b]:
    Grew up in a complicated family. His mother Julia was a muggleborn witch from a predominate Catholic family. She struggled with her faith and magic most of her life. Some of it rubbed off on Adam who would listen when his mother would tell him he had to be good. While his mother at times felt like a lodestone around his neck, he loved her.

    His father Nathaniel was another story. A halfblood that was raised that magic meant everything. He was a strict and stern father. Adam respected him and wanted his father's approval but never seemed to get it.

    His elder brother Asa was his favored child. He was the first born and took after their father of being magically gifted. It also meant that he had a harder time controling his magic so he didn't have accidents and cause problems. They had to repair magic damage quite  bit while Asa was growing up.

    Adam was a weakling in his father's eyes who clung to his mother's skirt. He would listen to his mother and even was influenced by some of her teachings. By the time he reached Hogwarts he still wanted to prove himself to his father. He wanted to earn his respect. Adam wasn't sure what to do when he was placed in Hufflepuff.

    Julia had approved of his house saying that the hat saw what she had in him. That he was a dedicated worker that if he put his mind to it, could accomplish anything. He was family orriented (he never corrected her that it wasn't all the family), that he could persevere anything (his father and Asa). She knew how to cheer him up and as he went through school and made friends he came to the realization that his mother had been right. He became quite proud of himself.

    While in his teens Adam realized that he wouldn't get his father's approval and stopped trying. Instead he focused his attention on his mother and sister. He got along with Asa as long as they weren't in the same room for long. While Asa went on to become apprenticed and learn to be a professor, Adam spent time at home. Until an arguement resulted in his father losing control of his magic and killing Julia. After that Adam hated his father.

    He didn't speak with him again, too busy getting himself involved in the Ministry. By the time he saw his father again it was after Asa died. Hannah told Adam that Asa had once told her in not so many words that he felt pressured to be the best. Adam wasn't around and doesn't know who ended up killing his father (he [i]knew[/i] it wasn't natural) but suspected it had been the old man himself. The other option wasn't one he wanted to contemplate.

    [b]Wand[/b]:10 3/8" Bocote with Dragon Heartstring
    [b]Pets[/b]: Don't need them, I have minions

    [b]Friends[/b]: Who needs friends when you have enemies
    [b]Relationship[/b]: Dating Bastian Vandres
    [b]Enemies[/b]: The enemy of my enemy is my friend

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