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    Deja Vu (Daryl, Skyler, Draco) - MAMA


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    Deja Vu (Daryl, Skyler, Draco) - MAMA Empty Deja Vu (Daryl, Skyler, Draco) - MAMA

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:56 pm

    Daryl wrote:"I think I love you," Daryl sang as he danced/shuffled along the alley completely into the music pouring into his ears via a pair of headphones. Thoroughly enjoying himself the former badger was happy he'd convinced an older student that apprenticed to the WWN to help him figure out how to convert and cobble together a walkman that would work while at school or in the alley! It had helped that Daryl was very persistent and argumentative pointing out that someone had to have figured it out before or there wouldn't be a WWN would there?

    The odd looking player was now one of his most beloved objects. It was also as unique as his wardrobe could be depending on the situation -mainly if he and Riddler had done something that warranted new clothes- and loaded with a bunch of oldies. It made shopping and contending with the other students a much better experience. Clipped to his bleached tie died jeans, the player wasn't going anywhere and had the beauty of being charmed break proof just in case.

    "So what am I afraid of?" His neon orange converse clad feet stopped moving as his body arched when he belted out the next verse. It drew stares and quite a number of finger pointing, but Daryl hadn't ever been concerned bout that. He was enjoying himself and that was all that mattered. Even as a child he'd never bent to peer pressure. Okay that wasn't exactly true, he bent to Riddler's suggestions and such all the time. That didn't count though since she was his best friend and usually as unconcerned as he was about looking like an idiot.

    Speaking of which, Daryl had hoped he'd meet up with his best friend and get into some kind of trouble with her. And it was just their thing that as he was doing something dopey like singing in the middle of diagon alley in front of the bank, she'd be there staring and laughing at him. Eyes going deer in the headlights big, Daryl slipped the headphones to hang from his neck. He spread his arms wide and took a grand bow, hands holding the edges of his open pale yellow button up t-shirt as if it were a cape. Giving a saucy smile he straightened and asked, "Enjoy the show, Riddler? I could give you an encore performance."

    Skyler wrote:Skyler, if she were anyone else, might have been surprised to see the sight that greeted her as she made her way out of Gringotts. But years of being the best friend to one Daryl Oliver hardly left room for surprise. Of course, for just about anyone else, it would be surprising to see the growing man-child belting out in song in the middle of a shopping district. But for the witch, it was simply to be expected. And quite amusing.

    A wide grin stretched across her face as she watched him saunter through the crowd doing a jig, as if he were the only one around. It was typical of him really, to pay no mind to the pointing and staring he attracted, and the brunette couldn't help but shake her head in growing amusement, as well as appreciation. It was one of the many things she loved about her best friend. He hardly cared what anyone else thought, and it was something they shared in common, and pretty much bonded them for life. That, amongst other things. Like their tendency to make complete fools of themselves regardless of where they were or who could be watching.

    The girl continued to watch him, clearly enjoying the show he had no clue just yet she were audience to. And just when she didn't think it could get any better, he sang out a string of lyrics at the top of his lungs, and that was all the encouragement Sky needed to break down into peals of laughter as people began to give him a wide berth, clearly thinking him some form insane. Insane he was. If only the world knew.

    Too soon he had spotted her though, and her grin grew to all new heights when he bowed theatrically, using his shirt as a makeshift cape. Laughing as she approached him, the brunette couldn't resist applauding his performance, officially making herself apart of the insanity that would no doubt sweep through Diagon in record time via rumor. But she hardly cared anymore than he clearly did, as she flashed him one of her trademark smirks. "Oh, bravo Fairy. I think I agree with the rest of the alley that a encore is completely necessary. Maybe you can add in some ballet this time around. You know, for old time's sake."

    Skyler teased him, followed by snorting at his outfit. "Fairy, what in the world are you wearing? You look like a freakin popsicle. I think you're taking the whole 'Magically Delicious' thing a bit far." With a teasing grin, the witch reached out to tug on his shirt playfully, eyes lighting up as she finally heard the music and zeroed in on where it was coming from. Not one to ask permission, she easily grabbed the headphones from around his neck, putting then up to her own ears with an excited grin, bouncing on her toes. "WOW!! HOW DID YOU GET THEM TO WORK?! I'VE BEEN TRYING FOR AGES!!"

    The brunette gave him a look that said he better not hold out on her, practically yelling due to the fact that the music in her ears made it so she couldn't hear herself.

    Daryl wrote:Eyes flashing in mirth and mischief, Daryl couldn't help returning the wide grin since he knew what song was coming up after the current one. If she thought his routine was funny before she would be in stitches on his next performance. "Your wish is my command, lady ma'am," he replied complete with mock salute. You could throw any kind of spin in a dance and call it ballet, the same went for jumping.

    Not having time to put on a mock hurt expression as she tugged on his shirt and discovered that yes, he had actually been listening to music and not just dancing and singing to the music in his head. Daryl actually liked his clothes and took pride in his jeans which had been a happy accident. He'd met to bleach two pairs at once but guessed they were too cramped in the bucket and ended up tie dyed instead. The black long sleeve and his yellow shirt atop was in honor of his Hufflepuff days and he thought he looked rather good in them. Then again his shoes were just something that struck him funny and really he was going to ask Riddler to use her artistic talents to draw him something on them. Laughing out loud when the witch practically was screaming because of trying to talk over the music and the level he'd had it at, Daryl shook his head and turned the volume dial down a bit.

    "That's because you aren't as stubborn as me." By stubborn he meant being a complete pain and annoying the older student to no end until he gave in just to be rid of Daryl and his constant following him around talking non stop and shenanigans. "Been tinkering with it for a few years now. Cedric introduced me to an older friend of his that could help. He ended up at the WWN."

    Leaning close so his nose was practically almost touching hers, he grabbed the headphone and stretched them a bit away from Skyler's ears and smiling he told her, "I'll share but only with you." Then grining he let the headphones go so the smacked her ears and he gave a short laugh at the looks he shot him. This year was going to be better then ever with her back to help him leave a mark on MAMA. And to start things off...

    Shoving his hand into his pocket, Daryl pulled out a jewelery box and went down on his knee. Flipping open the box he held it out to her and with a solemn expression but eyes not able to control the laughter he felt inside. Inside the ring box was a promise ring but to Daryl it was more like a friendship ring. A promise to be friends as long as they lived. "Skyler Riddle, would you do me the honor of promising to being mine compatriot in mayhem for the rest of our days? That you won't stray and seek to find chaos with another but will think of me first and formost to help it along?"

    Draco wrote:He'd barely escaped that altercation with Pansy without openly snarling in her face, in fact he might have and just blocked out losing control. At this point, Draco honestly wasn't sure and he didn't care. He needed to find his fail snake and get to their shopping and fun with the pack before someone else managed to rile him up. It didn't help that he knew from what his old ex had said that Sky's old... whatever Oliver was had made his presence known. At least it wasn't Adams... Then again, they were both just as bad as each other.

    It was easy for the blonde to notice the ridiculous boy dancing and causing a scene as soon as he exited the shop. They were a ways from him, up by the bank, but the crowd was palpable and drew his attention. Silver eyes darted around until he focused on his mate, her eyes lit with laughter as she observed her friend. Draco watched them interact even as he forced his way through the crowd. It was too bloody busy in the alley for him to get there very fast though, dammit!

    He lost track of the pair soon enough and a possessive growl tore from his throat. He didn't like his fiance being so near another man, especially one who looked at her like she was his. He didn't think Oliver wanted her in a romantic way, but he did consider her his in some way, and Draco hated that. Skyler was no one else's. Only Draco's. Only her Alpha's. She belonged to him and no one, not Oliver nor even Tom Riddle himself could tell him otherwise.

    Finally, Draco broke out of the crowd and was able to focus on the pair before him. And his eyes narrowed to silver slits while the hair on the back of his neck stood straight up. What in the fuck was he witnessing? They'd moved on from whatever talking they'd been doing and now that ridiculous fucking Hufflepuff was down on one knee with a fucking ring box in his hand! Screw whatever 'putting the houses behind them' bullshit he'd just spewed to Parkinson. Draco was going to skin that bloody badger alive and then rip out his throat with his gleaming Alpha fangs!

    "Hey, Badger boy! What the fuck do you think you are doing on your knee in front of my fiance?" he demanded, stalking up to them and grabbing the boy by the collar of his black shirt, stomping on forward until the former 'puff was pinned up against the brick wall of the bank. "You really should have learned by now not to try and take what's mine, Oliver. Don't piss on my territory."

    Draco was snarling now, saliva dripping from his elongated fangs. His face was slightly morphed toward a snout and his hair was thickening, getting coarse and more silvery white. He was near to ripping the seat of his pants as his tail tried to sprout and claws were tearing into the fabric of his perceived enemy's shirt. "You want to test an Alpha's patience, boy?" he questioned, eyes flashing with hunger. Oh, Draco hoped the boy did. He'd love to rip into his throat and teach everyone a lesson about respecting what he had claimed.

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    Deja Vu (Daryl, Skyler, Draco) - MAMA Empty Re: Deja Vu (Daryl, Skyler, Draco) - MAMA

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:57 pm

    Skyler wrote:Skyler snorted at him, violet eyes practically glittering with her amusement now. "Fairy, no one is as stubborn as you." She replied with a laugh. It was true though. He took the cake when it came to stubbornness. And ate it too. Absently she thought she would never understand that analogy. It just didn't make sense. One didn't take a cake to just stand around holding it. Of course they were going to eat the thing. Unless they were Sky of course. Because she didn't like cake. Unless it was cheesecake. Just about anything with cream cheese was good in her book. In fact, she had learned this recipe over the summer for a new fruit dip that involved cream cheese that she was just dying to try out. Maybe she could rope Fairy into partaking. He usually enjoyed experimenting with food. Although, usually it ended up with food in places food should never go, but still....

    The brunette had become so distracted with her absent thoughts about food that she completely missed what he said about getting the music player to work around magic, only coming back to reality when they were suddenly nose to nose and he had that would-be innocent smile on his face that was a tell tale sign he was up to something. Of course, it didn't stop the smug grin that appeared on her face when he said he would share the player with only her, completely missing the fact he had pulled the headphones away from her ears until he let them go and they snapped back into place. "Ow!!" The witch's face scrunched up as she immediately raised her hands to rub her ears, forcing the headphones around her neck so she could do so while simultaneously shooting him a half glare. "Not exactly the smartest thing to do now that I can use magic outside of school, now is it Fairy?" Losing the glare, she instead adopted a wicked smirk, and a look that promised of payback in the best of ways. And most likely embarrassing as well.

    Of course, just as she were reaching for her wand, the boy had to go and steal her opportunity to do so, getting down on one knee in a proposing move, complete ring ring box and ring. Though it wasn't any diamond inside, and instead was a tasteful ring crafted with what she noted was their birthstones. Skyler's immediate and reflex reaction was rather priceless. She looked, somehow, both horrified and like she was about to be sick, her cheeks flushing a very vague pinkish color as she fought back the urge to blush. Oh she was going to get him for this one if it was the last thing she did!! The laughter in his eyes told her he was enjoying this far too much, and she wouldn't give him the satisfaction of actually puking at the horrid, even if mocking, romantic display. Never mind that her actual fiance had managed the whole thing without her throwing up.

    Instead, Skyler arched a dark brow at him, crossing her arms over her chest with a decidedly amused yet exasperated grin on her face. By this time, she had her wand in hand, with every intention of using it too, though she snorted at his words. Merlin, the boy only seemed to get more ridiculous as the years passed. It made the look in her eyes soften to fondness, but it did nothing to change her mind about getting him back for this ridiculous show of his. A pretty little wedding dress should be a nice touch to his ensemble...

    But all thought of transfiguring his clothes in a fluffy, princessy white weeding gown complete with veil flew from her mind as she winced at the voice that carried over to them, and it's tone. Draco did not sounds happy. Violet eyes barely had time to widen, her head barely had time to turn in the direction of her Alpha before it was yanked suddenly until the headphones ripped out from where they plugged into the walkman hooked in Daryl's pants. Groaning slightly from the pain in her neck from the sudden movement, she reached up to rub at it, blinking a few times to refocus on the scene.

    "Drake!!" She snapped at the blonde who looked about seconds from fully shifting into his illegal animagus form. Not to mention he looked about ready to murder Daryl. It was true that Sky generally enjoyed when her fiance defended his claim. It filled her with pride, and she lived to see those silver eyes flash in fury, to hear the threatening growl of his voice, to watch him display his strength. But now was so not the time, or the place. And Daryl was so not the person.

    The teen stalked forward none to happily, absently wondering what had happened to get the wolf roaring before Draco happened across them. Skyler was no fool, and she knew her fiance well. He had become much better at dealing with his wolfish instincts and tendencies, so she knew something had to have happened to have the wolf so close to the surface. Not that that was any excuse!

    Shooting Fairy a look that said 'This is entirely your fault. You and your shenanigans', Sky approached the boys, reigning in her own temper. With Draco so close to being full on wolf at the moment, any anger she directed at him would only make him think she were defending whatever threat he clearly considered Daryl as, making him more likely to attack her friend further. She would need to be calm in order to calm him down. Her anger only ever really sparked his dominance, which was not the best case scenario right now. No. Right now he needed reassurance that she was still his, and that there was no threat to that fact. Besides, she could always smack him upside the head once all was said and done.

    "Alpha." Sky called to him gently, wrapping her small hand around one of his wrists as she leaned up on tip toes to murmur in his ear. "It was a joke. It wasn't what you think. You need to calm down before the whole of Diagon figures out you're an animagus." Her voice was a low, soft murmur, but beneath that softness was urgency, and threat. Urgency because the last thing they needed was anyone at the ministry to get word of one of them doing something illegal, or worse, one of Dumbledore's lackeys finding out. And threat because she didn't appreciate the way he had assumed what was going on and then reacted so over dramatically. If he hurt her friend, there would be hell to pay.

    Thankfully, he did manage to calm to the point where he didn't look stuck halfway between wolf and man. But he still refused to let go of Daryl, and Sky sighed, eyes narrowing in annoyance now. "No one ever listens to me.." She grumbled, resorting to using her wand. Taking a page out of Harry's book, she cast a shield, hoping it would separate the two like it had done so many years ago to her and Draco. Unfortunately, either the late boy-hero had used a different shield, or there was some special technique to it, because instead of forcing the two boys apart, it forced her backwards, where she flipped over the back of a bench, eyes going wide as she let out a yelp of surprise, arms doing a windmill like motion as she tried and failed to balance herself.

    Daryl wrote:'Badger boy,' Daryl mouthed towards Riddler's look that said it was his fault. Yes, he knew it was and he'd almost smiled at the supposed insult until he was grabbed and had to backpedal until against the bank. By that time, his annoyance had morphed to anger as he stared coldly back at the blond. While he wasn't really physically hurt that much, he knew that his friend was another story since she was unfortunately wearing his headphones. Snapping the ringbox that he'd been able to hold onto shut, he felt offended on his bestfriend's behalf that her fiance would state something so stupid. It was also irritating that the apparent animagus had so little confidence in himself and trust issues that he was jealous and letting it get to him. Only in hindsite would Daryl think it was rather ironic why it seemed he and Draco rubbed each other wrong. As it was just the phrasing of his tickled Daryl's funny bone. Oh, if only he knew. He was sure that that was something that his bestfriend would never tell anyone, nor would he seeing as it was sort of embarrassing now.

    And the way the other acted just put him in mind of a certain character from a cartoon. While he was tempted to use a line from that movie, seeing as what the blond's animagus form was, Daryl wasn't cruel and didn't want to escalate things. While always having a dislike for Malfoy he dind't know anything about the blond's homelife nor about his parents. Taking a dig at them would be a cheap shot. It would also be sort of insulting to the parents, Riddler, and wolves in general.

    Eyes going past Steel to Riddler, he arched a brow with a half smile that had nothing to do with humor. "He called me, boy." When he was a full year older then the raging blond. He was going to attempt to try and maybe confuse the other male. He was good at that. Confusion and mayhem were his specialties. That was his plan until Skyler pulled a number and ended up going backwards. While he knew she had been trying to help and part of him found it funny that her spells still backfired on her, she should now by now just as he did that you just didn't interfere sometimes. This was going to be between Daryl and Draco.

    Utter contempt was what he felt towards Draco Malfoy and he let his mouth twist into a cold smile. "Alpha? You call yourself an alpha? You're a joke."

    The hand that still was enclosed around the ringbox lashed out to punch the blond in the throat. He wasn't above fighting dirty when it came to him having to do what he had to do in order to keep himself or his bestfriend safe. His other hand came up to grab the blond's thumb and jerked it harshly back intending to break it. While he didn't know much about Draco from what he'd seen or heard from Riddler, the reverse was true. The only one that knew Daryl completely was Riddler. She was the only one who'd ever seen his entire person and knew him entirely. It was hard not to since each knew each other as if they were one soul in two bodies. And she was the only one besides himself who knew what lengths he would go to be it on pranks or protecting someone.

    Draco wrote:This whole situation was insane. That thought kept echoing in the back of Draco's mind even as he calmed the wolf inside thanks to Sky's encouragement. She was right, of course. He would be hurting more than just himself if people noticed his illegal wolf, and this clown of a boy wasn't worth such a huge risk. He was incredibly annoying, though, and Draco still wanted to strangle the guy even if he did need to just use his own human hands. Wand be damned, Draco would fight this fool with punches and kicks and beat him to a damn pulp before he was done. He was... angry.

    The idea that Draco might need to invest in a bit of anger management did cross his mind rather often, but he shrugged that thought off and instead focused on the fact that the boy was still talking and it was so bloody irritating. "God, your voice! Won't you ever shut up?" He was about to do something to shut the sod up when Sky's spell and subsequent yelp reached his ears and Draco turned his head to look at the mess that was his fiance.

    She was like a bloody bull in a china shop. Draco swore one of these days Skyler was going to find a way to impale herself or something just from tripping and stumbling, she was so damn danger prone. He shook his head and was about to turn away from the waste of space that was Daryl Oliver and help his fiance up when he suddenly couldn't breathe anymore. Draco snapped his head back to look at the older male, spotting his hand pulled back from where it had punched the blonde in the throat. The bloody throat! That was so damn cheap!

    Trying to gasp in some air, Draco silently cursed his eyes for watering with the pain and slight panic. He could hardly get air to his lungs thanks to that hard hit. Who the fuck punched people in the throat anyway? Jesus. He was about to try and croak out such a comment when he let out a high-pitched and breathless whine as his thumb was bent as far as it could go, then bent a bit further until there was a sickening 'pop' and it was officially out o socket.

    Draco wailed then, voice rough from the way his throat throbbed, silver eyes filling with tears at the utter pain. "Oh my god, what the fuck is wrong with you?!" he demanded, pulling his hand away and trying desperately not to jostle the thumb while his other hand messaged his throat. "Who the hell punches someone in the bloody throat then pops their bloody thumb out of socket? I didn't even fucking hurt you! Fuck!"

    He had no more words at that point. His world was pain and confusion and he really hoped Sky hadn't managed to hurt herself too badly because he was in serious need of her healing spells. And an explanation as to why she surrounded herself with fucking insane people. "Bloody crazy people everywhere... fuck." He couldn't even think about defending himself as the Alpha or anything else at that moment, as his thumb sent shocks of pain all the way through his arm and his throat felt like he'd literally just swallowed fire. "Fail snake, I think your friend just tried to kill me..."

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