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    A Hallow Trip (Skyler/Daryl) - MAMA


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    A Hallow Trip (Skyler/Daryl) - MAMA Empty A Hallow Trip (Skyler/Daryl) - MAMA

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:54 pm

    Skyler wrote:There was something Skyler had to do. Something she needed to do. It was something she had put off all summer. In fact, it was something she had put off for a few years now. She knew she could've asked Draco to bring her before, instead of using the fact she couldn't apparate herself as an excuse. But the truth was, there were just some things one had to do on their own. Some things, had to be faced alone.

    This was why early that morning, the brunette had woken with a sense of direction. The time had come. She could no longer put it off. She had eased out of the strong hold her Alpha had her in, and, surprisingly, had been able to slip away without waking him. That, in and of itself, was a sort of accomplishment. It was almost never that that happened. Her fiancé was always so alert. Especially when it came to her. Sky took it as a good sign that he didn't, however, and paused only to leave the note she had written the night before on her pillow for him to get when he did wake. The brunette didn't want to imagine his reaction if she didn't leave one.

    She didn't say where she was going. Didn't explain what she was doing. The note simply said she had something she had to do, and would be back. So don't worry. The witch knew the lack of answers provided would put him in a not so good mood with her, but she didn't feel it necessary to explain. And aside from that, Draco knew her all too well. He would probably figure it out anyways. So she had given him a kiss goodbye to the forehead, and left before either he could wake up, or she could lose her nerve.

    That, had been hours ago. Hours ago, she had apparated to the very same spot she currently stood, and hadn't moved much since, with the exception of placing her hands on the wrought iron fence that surrounded the graveyard of Godric's Hallow. Two and a half years had passed since Harry had been murdered by Dumbledore, and it was still so painful for the girl. But that pain was all she had left of the Gryffindor she had loved so much, and yet still not enough. And now, it was time to finally let him go.

    For the past couple of years, the brunette had grieved the boy-hero. At first, she had refused to believe he was gone. Had refused to acknowledge the hole in her heart that had once been filled by that special bond she had had with him. His funeral had been the turning point, and it had turned her onto a downward spiral of depression, and guilt. He had loved her enough to give his life to save her. And she hadn't loved him enough to stay faithful to him. It was a fact that would eat at her for a long time.

    Sky knew she would never forget him. His mark was etched into her arm. Every time she looked at it, she could perfectly recall the exact pitch of his voice as he called her Impossible, in that exasperated way of his. And she never wanted to forget him. But for two years, she had held on so tightly to the pain of losing him, because she had felt that without it, he would be completely lost to her. The very idea of letting him go, of making peace with the fact that he was truly gone, made her anxious, and panic.

    That was why she still stood gripping the fence, the only thing between her and the gravesite of Harry. Well...aside from other graves. But that wasn't the point. The point was, for the past few hours, the brunette had been standing there, in the same spot, unable to force herself to go through with what she needed to. Merlin. Visiting her own parents' graves hadn't been this hard. Then again, she had had Draco with her for that. She knew the blonde would have accompanied her on this trip as well, but Skyler didn't have the heart to put him through that. She knew how it had been on him these past few years, watching her grieve so hard over another man. It had put strain in their bond and their relationship, and this was why she knew she had to do this.

    Gathering all the will she had left, Sky forced herself to do what she had come to do. It was time to face reality. The young witch gripped the gate with a shaky hand, and took her first step past it. Her breathing picked up as the panic set in, and her feet threatened to turn and carry her in the opposite direction. Oh how she wanted to run as fast as possible from that graveyard. But she forced herself to stay strong, and to keep moving forward, until finally, she came to the headstone with Harry's name on it.

    It was only then she realized there were already tears streaming from her violet eyes, and she were surprised to find she had no clue as to when they had started to fall. Her shoulders hunched and shook as she cried, the full weight of his death making her want to curl into a ball. But in her head, she could imagine what he would say if he were there. She could hear his voice, hear him make some crude joke about his death. Or how his headstone should've read something like The-Boy-Who-Lived-To-Die, or Failure of the Wizarding World.

    In her head, Skyler glared at him angrily. "That's not funny Bolt." The brunette didn't even realize she were speaking out loud, and her eyes had long since closed, the Harry in her head now giving her that unrepentant look he always gave her when he did or said something stupid that pissed her off. You're just mad that you can't smack me upside the head now whenever I do or say something stupid, stunning witch. In spite of herself, Sky snorted, the ghost of a smirk on her lips as she replied. "I could always turn your headstone pink." The witch threatened, and even as the Harry in her head gave her look of horror at the idea, which in turn made her smirk turn devious, it was someone else's voice that broke into her hallucination.

    "Starting prank wars with the dead now?"

    Recognizing the voice, the brunette didn't bother turning around, nor did she bother to care that she had been speaking to mind-Harry out loud. "What are you doing here?"

    Daryl wrote:Shrugging, despite Skyler having her back to him, Daryl knew that she anticipated the gesture. After more than twelve years of getting to know each others idiosyncrasies, even not being able to see what the other was doing they knew. "Where else would I be when my best friend needs me most?"

    While not one to linger in a place where a bunch of dead people were burried or talk to gravestones, Daryl understood. He may not speak to his parents graves nor visited, he had occaisonally talk to a photo of them. It would have been bittersweet if it had been a wizard photograph. If this was how Skyler got closure who was he to judge or keep her from it? Besides, he'd had a feeling that perhaps the only way to truely grieve was for her to come alone without her fiance. Things might have changed between Draco and Harry due to Skyler but you couldn't erase five years of bad history. Daryl had never met, spoke, or really paid much mind to Harry. People said all kinds of things and how they wished they would have gotten to him or really had liked him, blah blah blah. Daryl had no such feelings or thoughts other than it sucked for Skyler that another person she loved was taken from her.

    As for Draco, again he was someone Daryl never talked to or minded except that he hadn't liked him. In respect to Skyler, he'd still hadn't, but had given him a chance. Yes, he'd changed but he was getting married to someone Daryl considered shared his soul. While he didn't have romantic inclinations toward Skyler, never had nor would, he viewed her as his other half. So he would always try and make sure she was happy and kept from unnecessary pain; which included having a 'chat' with her intended if the need arose.

    "I'm starting to think you rather like pink, Riddler." Daryl gave a teasing smile before it turned to one of understanding as he came to stand beside her. Canting his head and staring off where Skyler's gaze had been so focused he asked, "Don't you agree, Harry?" He paused for a beat before he nodded his head seriously. "I agree. Chuddley Cannon orange would be worse."

    Skyler wrote:As per usual, Skyler didn't need to see it to know her friend had shrugged back in response to her question. They knew each other so well, it was sometimes uncanny. To them, it was simply second nature, but to others, she knew, it was often odd that the pair could anticipate the other's reactions so well and so easily. It was always apparent to everyone else when the two were together that they knew each other just as well as they knew themselves, and often it was a point of jealousy for certain others.

    But the brunette could hardly care. She would never change a thing about her relationship with Daryl. Sky came with loyalty in abundance, but her ties of loyalty to Daryl far outweighed those with anyone else. Even Draco. She considered her and the ex-Hufflepuff to be a sort of package deal. You couldn't get one without the other. That's just how it was. And if someone couldn't accept him, well, Skyler would take it as a personal insult. Because they were like one person more often than not. Not accepting him would be like rejecting a part of her.

    The fact they were so close is probably what made it easy for her to accept his company there in the graveyard. Surely if anyone else had come along she would've had a different attitude. But she knew Daryl not only understood, but wouldn't judge her or question her on it either. This was something very personal to her, and she knew not everyone would understand. Especially considering she hadn't even known Harry that long.

    But it had been long enough to develop a bond. One strong enough that would compel the boy-hero to die in her place, and she felt her heart throb at the thought. Skyler hated the fact that he was gone. Not because he had been the stupid chosen one, or whatever else the wizarding world had dubbed him. But because he was her friend, and he had been too young to die. And because there had been so many things they had left to do together. But mostly, because it meant she had failed to save him.

    For the past couple of years her anger at everything that had been so swiftly taken away and her own feelings of failure had been simmering beneath the surface, and now it threatened to consume her. Given who she was, it definitely wasn't a good thing. She was already a good deal dark. It wouldn't do to tempt that part of herself any more than necessary. Who knew the kind of damage she could do if she let that side of herself completely take over.

    It was a long, hard, fought battle. And the young witch wasn't sure if she would ever actually win it. What she was sure of though, was that she was glad her best friend was there with her. Surprisingly enough, she accepted his company as if it had been expected all along. And perhaps it had been. They had an uncanny ability of being there when they needed each other them most. Even if they hadn't known they were in need in the first place. It was just, well, usually that involved some sort backfired plan or prank. A snort escaped her as she wiped at her eyes. "How did you even know I was here? Your Spidey senses tingle or something?"

    She replied softly, half grin tugging at the corner of her mouth at the idea. It was no new news to her that Daryl loved his comic books. "As I'm pretty sure I didn't send a bat signal." She added on with humor that was just so...them. Sky found it easier to breathe now, and relaxed noticeably when he took his place beside her. She had opened her mouth to respond to his remark about her maybe liking pink now, but the words never found their way past her lips.

    Instead, she found herself floored by the fact that he were partaking in her rather insane hallucination. If it had been anyone else, the 17 year old would've felt mocked, but with Daryl, this wasn't the case. He wasn't the type to make fun of her in such a cruel way. He did make fun of her, make no mistake about that, but it was always in a playful, friendly way. He never aimed to hurt, and she knew this was his way of showing her his support. And it helped greatly. It touched her deeply, and she found herself moved by the unwavering devotion between them. Skyler snorted through her remaining tears and sniffles in laughter she couldn't keep in even if she had wanted to, and turned to wrap her arms around her oldest and best friend in a thankful hug. "He would have told you to stop encouraging me and giving me ideas." She replied, laughing through her tears against his chest. She stayed like that for a few long moments, breathing in the familiar and reassuring scent of her friend. Finally, her eyes closed, and in a small, muffled voice, she asked him what she hadn't been able to bring herself to ask anyone else. She asked him, because she knew Daryl would never lie to her. Even to spare her feelings. "Do you think he would've forgiven me? For getting him killed?"

    Daryl wrote:The comments about the comics he loved made Daryl half smile. It wasn't a secret that he was a fan or that he'd dragged Skyler to the theater's to see Batman when it came out. It hadn't mattered that he was only ten and his friend eight. Nor that it was rated pg-13 and the ticket seller wouldn't sell them a ticket. They'd just snuck in and watched the movie for free and it was only looking back that he believed they hadn't been caught because the two of them probably used accidental magic to have themselves be 'unnoticed'. Of course she had returned the favor by draggin him two years later off to see Beauty and the Beast which strangely turned out to be one of his favorite animated movies since. At the time thought leading up to the show he'd pretended to be embarrassed to be going to such a girly movie wanting instead to go to the next room playing White Men Can't Jump which was a guy movie, never mind that he wasn't really at all interested in it.

    As for answering her, he wasn't quite sure how he should. It was just something that came naturally just as he knew in a general way how she was feeling. It was instinct. Just as he could sniff out all her hiding places when they were children she easily knew where to look to find him. Later, well...it had happened quite by accident but it wasn't something he would ever take back. In fact, Daryl remembered that at the time he'd thought Riddler would get a kick out of it and bound to come up with some witty commets and crank out pranks abound. "You should know by now, I always know where you are."

    When arms wrapped around him, Daryl hugged her back and placed his head atop hers. He gave a short laugh and had to answer her comment about giving her ideas. "Riddler, there's no need to give you ideas. You're always chalk full of them."

    Rather then blurting out an asnwer, Daryl was quiet knowing that Skyler would know it wasn't a silent admittance or anything like that. He was just gathering his thoughts. He may run and hide, but he'd never lied. Not to Riddler. Besides the fact that he could never pull anything over her, he always felt as if his face was on fire if he tried to lie to her. It also felt wrong. She was his other, it made it impossible to deceive her even if he had wanted to.

    Seriously thinking over her question he wondered what he would have felt like if it had been him then dismissed it. Thinking about the type of person he had seen of Harry, not of what he'd heard, he knew Skyler might be a bit impatient but it had to be pointed out. Making sure he knew what he wanted to say he stated, "From what I could tell, the situation was unavoidable. He chose to save you. That was the kind of person he was. So why would he blame you?"

    Shaking his head because Daryl knew that she was about to protest, he sighed. "Skyler, think about it. That last year. How did he seem to you compared to all the years before? Its well known enough." Wincing as he felt the shame of not going to her but knowing she had enough people to support her, Daryl confessed, "We know what it's like to be left alone. Can you honestly tell me that you would have been angry at Harry or Me if the situation had been reversed? I think he'd be more angry if you kept blaming yourself thinking it was your decision to make. It makes what he did inconsequential. You're not living if you let this hang over your head."

    Skyler wrote:His initial words reminded Skyler that she were never really alone, and it was especially relieving to the young girl who often felt like that with the pressure that was placed on her shoulders. When she had first transfered to Hogwarts when she was 15, she had seen it as an opportunity for new adventures. Not even in her wildest dreams could she had imagined it to be what it ended up being.

    While it wasn't all bad, it hadn't been all good either. The girl who was growing up to be quite the extraordinary young woman and witch now bore the scars of war, and had lost several loved ones to it too. Landing herself in the middle of the power struggle between the man who was her legitimate father and the Headmaster of her alma mater was definitely unforseen, and had had a lot of unforseen effects.

    She had persevered through all the ups and downs and loop de loops the rollercoaster best known as life had thrown at her, with a lot of help, love and support, and nowadays, more often than not, the girl was seen as an unstoppable force to be reckoned with. With a natural instinct and flare for leadership, the brunette had been thrust to the top, and with that came a lot of pressure. Pressure she wasn't exactly used to, though she had always been one to thrive in circumstances that often had her facing impossible situations.

    The fact remained, however, that over the years she was often stretched thin, and usually looked to by her peers for direction and guidance. Not only that, but her position in things meant she was always on guard, and forever training. Not that she minded the latter at all. Sky was a student who excelled without needing to be pushed to do so, though, like most people, she had her weaknesses in studies. The need to protect those she loved and cared about, and even those she didn't, had her in a constant state of worry and wariness.

    Her life had become stressful, and along with that, a feeling that no one could really understand what it was like for her. She knew no one could try on her shoes, and even if they could, Sky was so completely unique there wasn't likely to be a person alive who could ever walk in them. At least, not as well as she did. The witch handled the pressure and responsibility well enough, but it had left her with a feeling of loneliness, a feeling like there was always a bit of a barrier between her and everyone else. A barrier of things no one else could understand or know. Or even imagine.

    So when Daryl said he always knew where she was, it was no small amount of relief that made her shoulders sag just that much more as she half hugged, half leaned on the one man in her life who had honestly never let her down. And who never would. It gave her a sense of unity. Like no matter where she went, or what happened, or even if she really was alone, she wasn't. Because he would always know where she was, and in a way, would always be with her.

    In hindsight, she probably should have already known this. But Skyler wasn't without her faults. She was often these days so consumed with what needed to be done and the fact that no one could understand everything going on with her and inside that she forgot that even so, she wasn't alone. Never was, and never would be. She had so many people in her life now, who loved and supported her. Who would never leave her alone. Especially Daryl and Draco.

    She knew neither make especially liked the other. Draco borderline hated Daryl, and while Daryl didn't necessarily hate Draco, he wasn't without a certain amount of dislike towards her blonde fiance. Unlike with Harry and Draco, Sky hadn't ever bothered to try and force them together. She knew a recipe for disaster when she saw one, and that one was not at all a fun looking one. But either way, both wizards were the most important people in her life, and she couldn't thank whatever Gods there were enough for them both.

    She snorted against his shoulder at his response though, a smug little smirk taking purchase on her lips unconsciously. [Color=#0B9507]"Too right you are, Fairy. And you can suck on that, Bolt." She remarked with a bit of humor now, lips pulling up into a bit of a grin as she imagined Harry's reaction to that. "He would've said you are a bad influence on my impossible impossibleness." She advised, her violet eyes sparking like they always did in the tell tale sign that she had something up her sleeve. "How he could ever think you were a good influence is beyond me."

    Her playful mood all but disappeared into the stretching silence between them though, and though she knew Fairy were just collecting his thoughts before he spoke, it made her a bit anxious to hear what he had to say, and the brunette were hard pressed not to fidget while she waited.

    He didn't disappoint, and she sighed shakily, nodding slightly as she pulled away from her best friend to turn back to the grave of her fallen friend and comrade. And ex boyfriend. "I know you're right. And you know i would happily die for you in a heartbeat, and would never blame you for it. Its just..." She bit her lip, brows furrowing together a bit as she dropped her head in a defeated sort of way. "I just feel so guilty. It's like owing something you know you can't ever repay. It just feels so wrong sometimes. Going on with life, knowing he should be doing the same and isn't because of me."

    Daryl wrote:Just like any best friend or family, Daryl had been happy to put a smile on Skyler's face and even smiled as well at her comments. It was true, no one would ever count Daryl as a good influence. While he got into his fair share of trouble, it wasn't as if it was all bad or none of it, okay most of it, was ever malicious. And it was true that no one could ever top the violet eyed witch when it came to impossibilities. So rather then compete with that, he had always just joined in and helped it along. Trying to do so would be like trying to compete constantly against yourself and eventually end up even more insane then when you started. Of course it might have helped that he was sure Skyler didn't believe in the word impossible. Daryl knew he'd learned that there was no such thing. Her whole life pointed to that.

    Unfortunately the light heartedness faded at her question and his subsequent answer. At least even if it had been a short time, he'd been able to get her to let down her guard and feel something other then depression. Daryl had appreciated that she'd allowed him to find the words since he knew that she didn't like waiting. It wasn't really a strong suit of either of theirs. So after he spoke his piece he returned the favor and kept his eyes on her as she moved away from him. Listening, he squatted next to her and looked at the grave but not really seeing it.

    It was true that a lot of people didn't think that he had much of a brain, or if he did he didn't take anything seriously. And yes, while he preferred to not focus on the dark stuff, it didn't mean he was ignorant of it. It was just not his style. Just like not worrying about what other people thought of him or how he acted. If he did that he couldn't ever truly be happy or know if people really liked him or who he was pretending to be. It was all just a headache he could do without. Besides, he needed to counter Skyler's tendencies to blame herself and the need to please people.

    Daryl was more instinctive rather then a planner. He would jump into something by following his gut or intuition or whatever you wanted to call it. So he never really chose his words with care, but he knew that right now he should. But at the same time, he wasn't worried since Skyler usually knew what he meant or got the gist of it anyway. At the same time though... What was the saying, 'cruel to be kind'?

    "He was destined to die." Expression and voice serious, Daryl knew that would get her attention and if it helped her vent some, it was all good. Yet, she sorta needed to hear him out and he was hoping she would before she began to make him pay for what he was saying. "From what you've said, that prophecy thing. He chose when and where. Not many of us can do that you know."

    Not many people were strong enough to know that they were going to die but going along anyway. That was the difference and why Harry ended up in Gryffindor. Potter had truly been a person of bravery and courage. He died on his terms saving a person he had wanted to save not felt obligated to.

    Maybe it was beside the point and he wasn't making it better but he had to say it. "As for owing, well it's not like we can ever repay our parents for giving us life. We can never truly repay anyone but just sort of pass it on, you know?" Shrugging he gave a crooked grin at Skyler. "I can never repay you for being my best friend. For being in my life."

    That day at the beach when they'd become friends could have gone so many different ways. But it hadn't and he could never repay her or make up for all the times she'd trusted him when she hadn't had to. Or the times she'd made him feel whole as if he wasn't alone. All he could do was to make sure she knew that he appreciated it and it wasn't forgotten. Frustrated, he ran a hand through his hair a few times.

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