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    A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl)


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    A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl) Empty A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:40 pm

    Skyler wrote:Skyler had gone to the library for a little late night studying. It wasn't really that late, seeing as it wasn't past curfew yet, but it was definitely nighttime now. There were hardly a lot of students roaming the halls, and any she did come across seemed to be heading towards their common rooms for the evening. Something the brunette was doing as well. Atleast, that had been the plan.

    But having forgotten completely about her Transfiguration essay that was due the next day meant the teen had bolted down a fast dinner in the great hall so that she could race off to the library to both start and complete said essay. Which meant Skyler had completely skipped dessert. On top of that, she had struggled for a good hour with the essay, which was a new record for her. Usually she was quite good with completing her work efficiently, and rarely spent more than twenty minutes on an essay. Unless it was for Herbology, because she was terrible at Herbology and borderline hated the subject.

    It took her awhile to find the portrait of the bowl of fruit, because she was still trying not to get lost around the castle and this wasn't exactly anywhere she had been more than once. But eventually the teen did find it and Skyler reached out like Harry had done and tickled the pear. Just like with Harry, an entryway appeared and the brunette excitedly entered into the kitchens. Having only been there once before, it was still incredible to see everything. For Skyler, magic, even the simplest of spells and things, never lost their appeal or wonder in her eyes.

    Before she could take more than a few steps into the room, Dobby the house elf came bounding over like a ping pong ball and greeted her enthusiastically. The brunette gave him a brilliant smile for his efforts, and when he asked if there was anything he could do for her, Sky mentioned having skipped dessert at dinner. Before much more could be said the elf was pushing her into a table and before she knew it the table top was covered in deserts. Continuing to smile at the beaming elves, she reminded herself to make herself clear next time. This was way too much dessert just for her.

    Skyler thanked them and tried to decide what she wanted to have first. Pulling a slice of cheesecake to her, the only sort of cake the brunette liked, she put a forkful of it in her mouth and decided to practice the charm she was currently trying to master on a bit of jello in a bowl on the table. She was practicing the enlargement charm, which she had practically mastered with the exception of one problem. Sometimes, she managed to perform the spell and the object wouldn't stop enlarging. Unfortunately, that seemed to be the case that night.

    Skyler's eyes grew wide in alarm when the block of jello kept growing and growing. The teen jumped out of her chair and onto the table as it did, slowly backing away from it and continuously trying to cancel the spell. All to no avail. And it seemed to be a night of series of unfortunate events for the brunette because she managed to trip over her robes and get her legs caught in the jello. Trying to get her legs out of the thick stuff and also trying to cancel the charm was a multitasking ability that Skyler had yet to accomplish. Seeing as she was getting no where, the girl gave up trying to get herself out of the jello and focused solely on stopping the thing from growing.

    Eventually, she managed to do it, but by the time she had the jello was a giant block, with the Slytherin stuck from feet to waist in it at the top. Merlin. How did she manage to get herself into these situations? As the brunette struggled to get herself out, having dropped her wand in the process, she heard the footfalls of someone else entering the kitchens. Looking up, instead of looking embarrassed, the teen went for humorous. "Don't mind me. This entire thing is just a figment of your imagination."

    Daryl wrote:"My, my, if It isn't Skyler Riddle as I live and breathe." Daryl grinned. "It must be my imagination because I've dreampt of this."

    Eyes dancing he jumped onto the edge of the table not engulfed in the red gelatine dessert. "The jello's new though. Maybe I can ask the elves for some whipped cream?"

    Poking his finger in the wiggly wobbly jello he tasted it and grinned wider. It was strawberry. He should have known. Riddle always liked strawberry. Not enough to not waste a shake when she dumped it on him. That was the only sad part of the day. Poor wasted milkshake. The rest of the day was quite fun.

    What made this fun was Skyler couldn't kill him for not letting her know he was here earlier. He'd recognized her name with people whispering and it had shocked him. He knew he was in big trouble since he never came and said hi when he finally spotted her out.

    Crossing his arms he was the picture of cocky. "Strawberry, our favorite! I deffinitely think we should get some whipped cream!"

    Skyler wrote:"Daryl?" Was all Skyler could think to say as her longtime childhood friend grinned up at her. The brunette blinked a few times, obviously trying to make sure she hadn't fallen asleep or something and was now imaging the boy. But of course, she wasn't dreaming, and he was really standing there, or to be more accurate, climbing up onto the table. The Slytherin was learning just how small the world was apparently.

    "Great. Of all the people to witness this, it would be you." Her cheeks took on a very light pink hue at his words about dreaming about this, but Skyler didn't take him seriously. Not skipping a beat, the teen rolled her purple eyes at the one person who knew her best. "Why don't you focus a little less on the whipped cream and a little more on helping me get out of this?" With ease, Skyler fell into the pattern the two had always had. Until it hit her. She had been her long enough for him to have known she was there.

    She crossed her own arms over her chest, mirroring his move, though instead of looking cocky, the girl narrowed her eyes on him. "Wait a second...you knew I was here Daryl Oliver! How come you never came and said hi?!" The Slytherin demanded in a slightly hurt tone and with an equally hurt look on her face, arching a brow and looking for all the world as if she wasn't currently stuck in a giant block of jello. Which only added to the hilarity of the situation most likely.

    Daryl wrote:Spreading his arms wide Daryl bowed with a flourish. "The one and only!" He cheerfully grinned. "Naturally it would be me. We're a team, you and I. If you wanted a different audience you should have said so."

    Waving his hands in the general direction of the door he laughed at her expression. "No?" Pretending to pout at her not liking whipped cream he whined, "But its so full of fluffy sugary goodness!"

    Wincing at the reminder, he knew he shouldn't say it was chance they met now. Scratching at the back of his neck with a nervous laugh Daryl gave a sheepish look. "You were busy?"

    Holding his hands up as if he could ward off her anger that way, he spoke quickly. "In my defence, you never told me you were here either! Blame is a two way street sister."

    Mischief was written clear as daylight on his face as he stepped closer. "I think you went about your jello wrong." Pausing for a beat Daryl gazed at the trapped girl. "Unless you were trying to make a new form of jiggler?"

    Skyler wrote:Skyler rolled her eyes at his theatrics but couldn't stop the grin that tugged at her lips. Daryl had that effect, and because he did, it was almost impossible to ever really be mad with the boy. Even if she wanted to. The most the brunette could be was mildly irritated, and even then he had this way of charming it away. Quite literally in most cases too.

    She shook her head at the older boy, eyes growing amused at his fake pout. "Yes, yes. It's sugary, fluffy, goodness. Though as I recall, it goes much better with the magically delicious things in life." Skyler teased him, eyes sparkling in laughter. It had been much too long since she had been able to say such a joke, and it was one only he would understand, which made it twice as fun for the Slytherin.

    His sheepish look and nervous laugh made her feel a bit better though, even as she snorted at him. "That, is an understatement." Was all she said on the matter of being busy. As far as the other thing..."Fair enough. But I still think you should've said something." Having to have the last word was just a habit of Skyler's, as was childishly sticking her tongue out at the boy. Which she did.

    The look on his face made her grow wary, especially when he stepped closer. The brunette knew that look, and nothing good ever came from it. Atleast, not when it was directed at herself. So far though, it wasn't so bad, if all he chose to do was pick on her failed spell attempt. "Oh hardy har har. You're so funny. Now it's my turn." While she spoke, Sky dug her fingers into the jello to scoop out a handful and leaning as far as she could, smashed it on top of her friends head, making sure to rub it into his brown locks. With a wide grin, she pulled back and admired her handiwork. "Now. Make yourself useful and get me out of here."

    Daryl wrote:Daryl wanted to give another bow and say that was him. He was happy she remembered that joke that became their thing. It just wasn't the same without her around. Summers just weren't enough. Maybe they could pick up from where they left off when he moved? There wouldn't be any competion and with the two of them together it would be easy.

    Shaking his head fondly Daryl almost almost was tempted to place a cherry on her tongue when she stuck it out. He would have done a freezing charm as well. He was quite good at Charms. Even if that one time it backfired with the snow and Riddle knocking him off that wall. When the girl jelloed him he whined, "Did you have to do that? I like jello, but not that much to save some for later."

    Finger combing the goop out of his hair he smirked. Returning the favor he sweetly said. "I thought we agreed to leave the hair alone? We know I can pull off pink, probably red. If you insist I can turn your hair Hufflepuff yellow."

    At Riddle's look that stated he wouldn't dare and then promised him revenge, he nodded while grinning. He dared, she knew that by now. Pulling out his wand he cast the Charm that would have her hair changing depending on her mood. "My welcoming present to you, Riddle."

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    A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl) Empty Re: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:42 pm

    Skyler wrote:Skyler could only grin unapologetically as her friend whined about his hair, a smug smirk overtaking her face. It was almost as if no time had passed at all between then and the last time she had seen Daryl. It was always the same between them, and yet, it was always new and different. The brunette was just happy that her friend hadn't forgotten about her and that he could still say a whole lot with just one look.

    Which was why her smirk faded and in it's place grew a wary look accompanied by narrowed eyes. Skyler knew that look, and it definitely never ended with anything good. It sucked because she knew what would happen before it did, and though normally the teen would threaten him with bodily harm or worse, her wand laying uselessly on the floor kind of took the threat from anything she would threaten him with. Not to mention she was still stuck in jello and it didn't look like he planned on helping her out anytime soon.

    Gritting her teeth when she felt the unmistakable feeling of magic washing over her, Skyler hesitated in looking down at her normally dark locks. She knew without a doubt it was her hair, and the brunette genuinely liked her hair. Peeking down, her shock filled her when instead of the Hufflepuff yellow she had expected, the girl saw orange. Pumpkin orange. Which faded, and turned to cotton candy blue. Realization hit her and her shock turned to anger and annoyance, her hair turning pink. Pink!! Skyler hated pink!! It did nothing to improve her mood and only served to anger her further.

    "Daryl Oliver, you put my hair back now or I will breed an army of mice and sick them on you." The Slytherin threatened, sounding as angry as she looked and might have been convincing had her stupid hair not given her away. It changed color to a rather amusing purple color, and Skyler pouted. "Great. Are you happy now? My hair hates me." Sighing in defeat, she noticed her hair turning into a silvery lavender shade and shook her head. "I am so getting you back for this. Now for the love of Merlin help me out of here." She practically begged, flashing him her best pout and puppy dog eyed look.

    Daryl wrote:Laughing because really who couldn't at seeing someones hair turn multiple colors. That someone being Skyler Riddle just sweetened the deal. It was the icing on the cake. And the pink for anger! That was revenge right there that was! The girl was getting a taste of her own medicine. Grinning unrepentant he sat down grabbing the discarded spoon and took a lump out of the jello block.

    Nearly choking at the threat, eyes going wide, Daryl pouted. "Now that's not fair, Riddle." He never should have told her about his fear of the rodents. They gave him the willies. Beady eyes and the teeth and, he did a full body shudder.

    Snickering at the rainbow colors that changed on the girl's mood, Daryl grinned a cheshire grin and nodded. "Very happy. And I know you'll get me back. That's half the fun, Riddle."

    Grin still in place, the Hufflepuff pretended to think about it. At the puppy eyed look he groaned. She would pull that out wouldn't she? Knowing that if anything else he would give in to that. Eyes lighting up with a plan he sweetly agreed. "Of course, all you had to do ask."

    Swishing his wand, he cut a large chunk of the strawberry jellow and turned it into a rough humanoidish shape. He continued until his friend was freed and surrounded by the blobs. Then grinning widely he cast the Charm that had them doing a certain ballet number. Quirking his eyebrow he held out his hand with a grin. "Remember this number?"

    Skyler wrote:Skyler made a humorous face that was something between a furious glare and a childish pout while her friend laughed himself silly at her expense. The brunette really didn't understand what the fates had against her, to afford this particular punishment. Of all the people to catch her in such a ridiculously stupid situation it had to be Daryl.

    But the teen had never been able to stay mad with the boy for long, if at all, and soon she was rolling her eyes and tossing a fistful of jello at him carelessly with a grin. "Oh shut up. You sound like a hyena." She teased lightly, playful gleam lighting her eyes. She looked at him with a look that clearly said 'look who you're talking to' when he told her her threat about the mice wasn't fair.

    Watching that tell take spark light his eyes, her own grin widened to match his. Even if she didn't know what he had planned exactly, Sky knew for sure it would be fun. Arching a brow, the brunette watched with interest and curiosity as he created what she could only describe as jello people until she was free. Again, the girl quirked a brow at her friend, a slow, wide, ear to ear grin splitting her face. "How could I forget?"

    She easily slipped her hand into his like second nature, and hopped down from the table lithely. She confidently took her position. Of all the incredibly hilarious and fun things she had ever done, dancing the Dance of the Sugar Plum Fairies with Daryl that time in public topped them all. Purple eyes lighting up, she grabbed her wand off the floor and waved it, transfiguring his clothes his easily into a pair of tights, adding a frilly tu-tu this time. Smirking at her friend, she couldn't help but add on, "Scared, Dairy Queen?"

    Daryl wrote:Seeing that look in her eyes almost made him groan but instead had him excited. That always spelled mischief and fun. Trouble for others but Daryl was used to the pranks and enjoyed them even at his own expense. Seeing who could be the most outrageous. Of course she would remember the tights wouldn't she? With a strong sense of dejá vu, Daryl could only laugh as with a flick of his own wrist the girl was clad in the traditional pink ballet outfit.

    "Terrified," he chuckled but then got a smug look cockily saying, "You just wanted to admire my smexyness again."

    Daryl knew it was ruined with him unable to keep a straight face. Snapping his fingers he looked down at his feet and quickly changed the ballet shoes to combat boots and snickered. Looking up he stuck out his tongue knowing it made him look ridiculous.

    Before Riddle could start them off, he clomped onto a bench and cleared his throat. Acting as if he was a circus ringmaster he outstretched his arms gesturing and looking at the bewildered house elves. "Presenting for viewing and entertaining pleasure for one night only...."

    Pausing before continuing with a challenging look to his friend. "The dynamic duo of hilarity will be attempting to dance an original ballet to The Weird Sisters."

    Skyler wrote:Skyler groaned as she looked down at herself, her hair changing colors to match the emotions flitting through her violet eyes. She seemed to settle on indignant, her hair an annoying highlighter green color. "Why is it always pink?" The teen whined at her friend, pouting slightly. Until she remembered she was a witch. She flicked her own wand and had her outfit changing colors. Green and purple. It was oh so very Skyler.

    She grinned cheekily at Daryl, rolling her eyes at his cocky remark. "Oh yes. I couldn't resist your magical deliciousness if I tried." She replied with sarcasm, teasing him playfully. It was heartwarming to know he still remembered all of their little inside jokes and tricks, and it brought a pleased and happy grin to her face, eyes bright as ever.

    Snorting at the combat boots that adorned his feet, the brunette couldn't help the laughter that bubbled up out of her. "You look so ridiculous!!" She exclaimed through her laughter, doubling over. Wiping the tears of mirth from her eyes, Skyler shook her head at her best friend. "Where's my camera when I need it?" Her eyes sparkled with promise. Someday, she would get a picture of this. It would go perfectly with the one of him and his pink hair. Courtesy of the purple eyed Slytherin, of course. He had deserved it, in all fairness. Marking her with that tattoo like that.
    The girl was still convinced he hadn't paid enough for that one.

    Thoughts of revenge exited her mind when he hoped onto the bench, announcing their dance to the house elves in much the same way she had did back in the street. Her eyes narrowed at his challenging look, and then widened at the actual challenge. Oh hell. The Weird Sisters?! What the hell were the Weird Sisters?! Her hair was changing colors every second, finally settling on a determined red color that she detested. Red was not her color. She dared him with her eyes to mutter one word about it as she waved her wand, smirking her patented Riddle smirk at him when a cat's tail protruded from his backside.

    Having never been one to back down from a challenge, especially not when it was Daryl who presented said challenge, Skyler sent him a superior look. He could change the music all he wanted, she was still going to come out on top. Of that, she was sure. But the brunette knew it wouldn't really matter. Things like this, win or lose, always ended up being some of Sky's best memories, and she treasured them. "Let's get this party started then, oh Ringleader of mine." Skyler took her position, feeling every bit as ridiculous she looked, but she kept her cocky smirk. It was her trademark, and she never did anything without it.

    Daryl wrote:Daryl almost laughed outright at the witch's expression. He was a bit disappointed when she remembered she could alter the colors. He did snort when she made it purple and green. Oh how he wanted to ask her about her liking of a certain dinosaur the same colors. Not wanting to be hexed he kept his lips zipped...for now.

    Winking at the comment, Daryl knew he'd be teasing her later. With only the house elves it wouldn't be as much fun to say it now. Having an audience to appreciate it was half the fun. Irritating or making Riddle laugh was most of the other half. At her outburst he pretended to be hurt, hand going to his heart. "You wound me. I think I look good, or were you just mocking me with the outfit you chose?"

    Smiling innocently though a bit of mischief always leaked through, Daryl told her, "Oh, I'm sure you'll get a picture."

    After he had delivered her challenge and looked at her, Daryl felt full of energy. It was almost like the time she had dared him to down all those energy drinks. Before he got sick he had been buzzed. It was liquid crack in a can. He totally blamed her for his getting hooked on them. Didn't help that he loved sugar. And caffeine. Both together was bliss.

    Before he could utter a word about red, or anything else he felt something and slowly turned his head to look. A tail....a cat tail. Giving it an experimental twitch his eyes widened then he lookes at his friend with a grin. Using his wand he added a pair of cat ears to match. With a smug smirk he strutted over only tripping once because of the tail.

    "Told you I am one smexy cat. You must have agreed." Without waiting, Daryl started and burst into motion. Instead of going into the classical form thing Riddle had done when she'd gotten him to parrot her moves, he went into more of a interpretive/crunk thing. Which was why he chose the Weird Sisters. Last time Riddle had the advantage. He studied up and wanted to see how she would fare.

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    A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl) Empty Re: A Series of Unfortunate Events (Skyler/Daryl)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:46 pm

    Skyler wrote:"Definitely the mocking thing." Skyler replied back cheekily, a wide and unrepentant grin spreading across her lips. Truthfully, she probably looked just as ridiculous as he did, what with her hair changing colors like a flippin' rainbow every ten seconds. Not to mention her outfit. But even that wasn't enough to break her confidence.

    Not around Daryl. There was hardly a thing that would make her feel embarrassed very much around the older boy. And if there was, she certainly didn't stay so for very long. It probably had something to do with the fact that though the two were constantly always trying to outdo the other with their constant tricks and jokes, it was always done with the intention of fun and laughter. So while she knew she looked like an idiot, he made it easy to laugh at herself.

    It was one of the things she loved about her friend. His easy going ways made it just as easy for Sky to find the amusing side of everything. Mostly because he was always quick to point them out. Even at his own expense. And the constant turning of the tables between them only made it all that much more fun.

    His innocent smile had her snorting in such amusement, seeing as it was completely out of step with the mischief she had no problem recognizing in his eyes. If there was one thing the Slytherin was sure of, it was that Daryl hadn't been innocent since the day he was born. Probably before so in fact. He was likely one of those babies that kicked a hell of a lot inside the womb, if she had to take any guess, and the very thought had her grinning even wider if it were possible.

    But like always, his words held a hidden meaning and it was one that went over her head, leaving her to look at him suspiciously. Years of being friends had taught her that the boy always had something up his sleeve, and it was probably why they got along so well, since the brunette was much the same way. The added would-be innocence of his smile only told her that whatever it was he was thinking wasn't anything particularly good. It usually meant some form of him getting the upper hand between them. He did always find his ways to turn things around on her.

    She didn't think on it too long though, seeing as he was soon adding a pair of ears to go with the tail she gave him, and his strutting had her breaking down in peals of laughter, her eyes growing brighter in her amusement at the boy, especially at his words. A smexy cat indeed. Of course, being a cat was nothing Skyler needed assistance with, and her grin quickly morphed into a smirk even as she focused on shifting her appearance to bring the panther out, letting her own tail and ears form rather easily.

    Of course, her eyes widened and jaw dropped slightly once he started doing some kind of dance that the teen was sure wasn't anything she could follow or be good at. She wasn't even sure it could be considered dancing, to be honest. The look on her face was somewhere between incredibly amused and rather doubtful, but she was so not backing down from this one. If he could do whatever ridiculous dance he was, so could she.

    "You know the difference between me and you?" The teen called over the music. Smirk reappearing, Skyler flicked her own wand to have a dark pair of rocking shades covering her eyes. "I make this look good." Her cocky comment matched her cock grin as she began to mimic his movements. It felt rather awkward, and she was sure she wasn't good at it or doing it properly. She was also sure the pair of them would look like complete crazies if anyone were to show up to witness this insanity. But then, that was half the fun, wasn't it?

    Daryl wrote:Daryl had grinned at the suspicious look he'd received from his best friend upon his statement. It would be all the more awesome when he surprised her. The anticipation had him giddy and helped him in his movements. He was quite smug about how he was able to stun the girl by doing somethign she hadn't expected. And he was going to rub it in later that he was actually able to make her jaw drop. Up until he saw the girl produced her own cat ears and tail. It had been both wandless and nonverbal. Something that had his eyes go wide and caused him to stumble, helped out of course by his tail that he wasn't quite used to.

    From the floor where he'd tripped over his tail, Daryl sat unabashed watching in admiration as the girl danced with more grace then he remembered. It was all the more funny though because her back up dancers were the jiggling jello people he'd made from her huge strawberry block she'd made. Using his wand, he changed the jello people so they had cat ears and tails as well. Changing the tempo and music type, Daryl grinned when the jello cat-people began to sashay and then began to really dance.

    He couldn't help the laughter as they danced around her and getting to his own feet, he sauntered back over til he was in front of the Slytherin. "Yes, you make it look good, buuuuuuuuuut...."

    Unrepentant and knowing that he would get a smacking for it later, the teenager added a layer of jello over Skyler's clothers. "I think you resemble Flubber at the moment. You're lost brother?"

    Skyler wrote:Skyler halted in her dancing to grin smugly as her best friend tripped over his own false tail in his shock and surprise when she made hers appear. Now that was more like it. Atleast she hadn't lost her ability to shock him as much as he shocked her. That would be a tragedy of the worst kind. Not to mention it made her feel better about her own dropping jaw of moments before. Atleast she hadn't tripped over her own tail.

    "I guess you traded being a graceful cat for being a smexy one, huh Fairy?" Sky couldn't help but tease him at his lack of grace, grinning playfully and unrepentantly. The brunette seemed to have conveniently forgotten that she was probably one of the most accident prone people to ever walk on earth however. Excellent reflexes, yes. But it hardly kept her from tripping over her own two feet, or causing catastrophes and other mishaps in her excited ways.

    Before the Slytherin could really concern herself with all the jokes and comebacks her own lack of grace at times provided him with, Daryl was waving his wand around, and years of knowing the older boy had Skyler checking herself over for other changes in reflex. Finding nothing wrong or out of place (you know, aside from the color changing hair and the ridiculous ballet outfit, cat ears and tail, and shades, of course), the teen sighed in slight relief, purple eyes looking around to try and pinpoint exactly what he had done. It didn't take long for her to catch sight of the changes to the dancing jello forms behind her, and the girl laughed as the music and tempo changed and the jello-cat people began to dance around her.

    Sky's eyes were dancing in pure delight and amusement by that point, and the teen hadn't felt so lighthearted in a while as she took in his handiwork in admiration. Daryl had always been talented with charms, and it seemed that, along with so many other things, that hadn't changed a bit. Of course, the distraction left her open to his next move, which was to have her clothes coated in a layer of jello that weighed her down a bit and had her groaning, her hair changing colors again as she pouted slightly at the boy standing before her.

    His reference of Flubber had her rolling her eyes at him, though a true grin formed on her lips anyways. "Yes, and you can be the Abent-Minded Professor, as I could totally see you forgetting your own wedding." The brunette shot back easily, poking at the layer of jello that now covered her, bouncing a bit on her toes to make it jiggle, grinning in amusement in spite of herself. "I still can't believe you consider that a classic. You clearly shouldn't be allowed to pick movies anymore."

    Flashing a cheeky grin at him, Skyler waved her own wand to change the music, and this time, the beginning to a song they both knew very well began to play. She considered for a moment changing the jello forms dancing around into something more appropriate for the song, but thought better of it, as she was not as talented as Daryl with charms, and would most likely end up making them human eating jello zombies that would attack them if she did try. Instead, a smirk curled her lips as she moon walked over the floor, doing a spin and crotch grab in a very practiced imitation of Michael Jackson, her all time favorite musical artist.

    "Still know the moves Fairy? Or have you forgotten the. Thriller dance?" Her tone held a challenge that she knew he wouldn't back down from, which only meant this would be fun. It had been a long time since Sky had performed the dance she had learned to mimmic move for move years ago, but as the music played it wasn't hard to have it coming back to mind. She hoped her best friend remembered, but then again, it would be all the more hilarious if he had forgotten the dance.

    Daryl wrote:"It is a classic!" Daryl had defended. In his opinion it was much better than that LONG movie Gone with the Wind she made him suffer through. That had to be some kind of chick flick that only girls understood. He would rather be publicly humiliated rather than watch that again! Besides hadn't the Absent Minded Professor give them the idea an led to talking about actually trying to make their own flubber? 'Wonder if she still wants to give it a go,' he mused.

    Snickering at her bouncing he shook his head. "A Riddler Jiggler." Eyes gleaming he flashed a grin getting an idea.

    She just had to go and change the music, didn't she? Excitement went through him though causing a face splitting grin. He loved this song! He cracked up laughing at her impression. Oh this was so game on! When had she known him to ever back down?

    This did call for some quick changes though. Waggling his eyebrows then giving her a look that said he would take on her challenge. With some flicks of his wand he changed their clothes. Hers to the king of pop's clothing that he wore in the video. His to rags the back up zombies wore. And naturally he had to make their jello people change shape but kept the ears and tails.

    With a smug smirk he stiffened his body and got into position. He had really missed this. Daryl took the staggering steps and twitched his right shoulder up. He knew to anyone not familiar with the song he'd look like an idiot. It was fun though and it was worth all the hours to memorize the routine. It also helped that he'd gone to a wedding of his uncle's friend. They actually danced Thriller at the reception. And getting a kick out of the house elves staring wondering if the two students had lost their minds was a bonus.

    He hadn't had a tail last time though. Even as he was adjusting he was still unused to it and hadn't realized that it would tangle him up when he spun. Tripping, he landed in a jello cat zombie. "Oof....ow....."

    Sticking his tongue out at Skyler he scooped up some of the now lifeless jello. Slurping it, he grinned and stood up. With arms out in front of him he walked like Herman Munster. "Braaaaaaiiiiiins. Need to eat braaaaaains."

    He staggered toward the girl then halted as if confused. "Wait...you don't have any." Canting his head he continued. "Or was that sanity?"

    Skyler wrote:Skyler merely rolled her eyes at his exclaim that the Absent Minded Professor was a classic. It definitely was not. Atleast, not in her book it wasn't. The term 'classic' was reserved for Disney movies and movies of the classic era, like the ones based on classic novels such as Pride and Prejudice, Shakespear, and Gone with the Wind. Now that was a classic. Oh the world of Scarlett O'Hara and Rhett Butler come to life was a masterpiece and a magic all it's own to the teen, and she could watch it over and over again and never get bored. Of course, she could also watch Beauty and the Beast and The Land Before Time over and over again too. Not too many people knew that specific tidbit though. In fact, she was quite sure that only Daryl knew that, and if he ever told a soul that she had a secret love for such girly things she would murder him in his sleep. And there would be lots of blood. And pain.

    But that was neither here nor there at the moment, though she made a mental note to deliver her threat out loud at some point. Because apparently her wardrobe was destined to change just as much as her hair changed color, as with a few flicks of his wand she was clothed in an outfit that was incredibly alike to that of the King of Pop's in his Thriller video. The brunette couldn't stop the ear-to-ear grin even if she had wanted to. "Awesome!!" Sky exclaimed, running her hands over the red leather-like jacket and doing a spin that ended in a high kick in a move much like the man she was currently impersonating.

    It was then she noted her friend had decided to be a zombie, and she couldn't help but take a crack at him. "That's right. You be a zombie, because we both know you don't have what it takes to pull off Michael Jackson." The Slytherin teased, laughing as he started staggering forward and twitching his shoulder, only to end up falling over his tail, which only served to make her laugh that much more. Oh how she had missed the boy! This kind of comedy act one couldn't get anywhere else with anyone else aside from Daryl, but it wasn't just that. For what was possibly the first time since getting to Hogwarts, Sky felt like the kid she really was, and it was completely refreshing and welcome.

    Of course, the teen spared him a glare when he said she didn't have brains after pretending to need to eat them since he was a zombie, and she easily smacked him upside the head for it. "Haven't got any..I'll show you have't got any brains.." She muttered at him, pushing him out of her way as the song got to her favorite part, and she began the dance they had spent hours memorizing years ago.

    Sky took four steps forward, leading with her right foot, before taking four steps back, again leading with her right foot, She nodded her head once, skipping a beat before nodding it two more times and then turning to the side, ticking her arms straight out and bending her knees, one arm in front and one behind, and stuck her butt out and wriggled it up and down. Then she stood straight, threw her head back and leaned back a bit with one leg out in front, hopping forward twice before striking the famous Michael Jackson pose, knees bent slightly, one leg out, the other to the side, one hand placed where her belt would be if she had one on, the other hand straight out to her side.

    Next the teen leaned down with her whole body, popping back up and making a face like she was yelling 'HA!' and proceeded to do that four times, in time with the music as she sang along to the song. After the fourth time, Sky brought her hands up to clap straight over her head, and then brought them down slowly as she dragged her feet to one side. She turned her head, shrugging her shoulders, and performed the move again in the opposite direction. The brunette put her hands up like claws, but out to the side, and walked forward for three counts before turning to the side, then back, and then back again, walking another three counts. The entire time she performed the dance, a wide grin was spread over her lips, and it was clear Sky was having a blast.

    Daryl wrote:Daryl snickered as he was hit upside the head and shoved aside. He grinned innnocently at his best friend as she began dancing to the song. Oh, he remembered trying to get this dance right and her laughing her ass off. Maybe he wasn't skilled in dancing but he more than made up for the lack in other ways. He'd always been amazed that the clutz she could be normally and accident prone, she never missed a beat when dancing. Huh, there was something to consider. Maybe she should try dancing instead of walking. He couldn't help but laugh at the thought and knowing he'd likely get another smack if she knew what he was thinking.

    He watched as his jello zombies danced along and mimicked his friend's moves. An unrepentant grin adorned his face as he applauded and teased, "Riddler, just because you can move don't mean you have any brains."

    There were lots of people that he would say didn't have any brains yet they functioned. His smile grew wider though and couldn't help continue. "I noticed you didn't deny anything about not having any sanity."

    Of course she might have let that go in order to be able to deal with him. His uncle was always saying that his parents must have been saints to not have lost their sanity having to put up with a child like him. He had just shrugged since he knew his uncle hadn't been compltely serious when he said it. Since the man didn't really mind have Daryl in his house. And he still took him to America for the summers. Huh, that was another thing. With Skyler living here now, maybe the summers to America would end. Since that had been one of the main reasons he wanted to return to his home country.

    Brining his hands up he pretended as if he was video recording her and gave her a wink. If she knew him half as well as he knew her, Daryl knew she'd know exactly why he was doing that. The moment he'd seen the girl in the jello block he'd had to take evidence of it.

    Skyler wrote:Skyler spun to a halt, rolling her eyes at her friend and crossing her arms over her chest with a mild, half hearted glare. Of course she had brains!! Like anyone without brains could be his partner in crime? They were like Pinky and the Brain. He was Brain. The one who always came up with the plan that always went awry. And she was Pinky. The one who everyone thought was dumb but was really the smart one and always saved their butts in the end.

    Cocking her head with a far off expression on her face, the brunette frowned slightly. Maybe that wasn't the best way to define them. After all, people didn't think she was stupid. Crazy, insane, unorthodox...maybe. But not stupid. Well, at least she hadn't said all of that out loud, because Daryl would've had more fun at her expense than he already was. Besides, he always had plenty of ammo against her on his own. He didn't need help. Especially from her.

    In the end, the teen settled for giving him a knowing look, accompanied by an equally knowing smirk that curled her lips. "If I didn't have brains, Fairy, we wouldn't be friends. We also wouldn't have gotten out of half the trouble we did way back when, seeing as I'm the one who always comes up with a plan to get us out of it when your plans to wrong."

    It was true...for the most part. She couldn't help that some of the time her plans called for looking innocent, a feat which neither of them could pull off without arousing suspicion. They could easily look innocent enough, yes. But apparently that only meant they weren't. Or some such nonsense. Skyler would honestly never understand why people didn't believe her innocent looks and act. She conveniently forgot how it was usually associated to her trying to get out of trouble, which generally mean she were guilty of something.

    "Yea well. If I had any sanity we also wouldn't be friends. And it's beside the point because you're just as insane if I am! Even more so!" She quipped back easily, nodding her head as if to reinforce that idea. As if he were any saner than she was. He was a boy who thought he was a smexy cat for crying out loud!! And yet, he was calling her out on being insane.

    Talk about the lot calling the kettle black. If she were as sane as a normal person, there would be no putting up with him. The boy could drive a person up the damn wall if they'd let him. And he'd only laugh about it. The thought had a fond grin blooming on her face. Yes. She was insane. And he should be thanking he for it instead of making jokes about it too. Who would he have for a best friend without her?

    Someone a lot less amusing most likely, and someone who was less likely to give him embarrassing evidence to use against them! Violet eyes narrowing, the Slytherin marched forward and smacked his hands away, knowing exactly what he was up to. "You hand it over right now Daryl Oliver! And don't you even think of playing coy with me. You know exactly what I'm talking about." The teen tried desperately not to grin. It seemed old habits died hard, and she couldn't help but be amused by his antics.

    It was just like him to somehow get embarrassing evidence of her from this altercation. Not that she had made it really difficult, what with the giant jello block and the changing hair color, and the multiple costumes, and the dancing...maybe she should work on doing less embarrassing things. Of course, she had actually tried that once. Didn't to so well, and she really didn't want to remind him of that one. And it wasn't like anything ever really embarrassed her anyways. But it was the principle of the thing. It was just not fair that he managed to con her into doing idiot things like this and then get proof of it!

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    Daryl wrote:"Or into as much trouble since your plans were just as fun and full of trouble as mine were." He stuck his tongue out at her. Her schemes landed them in just as much trouble. Since they both were trouble magnets on their own. Combine them....and they were doomed from the start. Of course, that was half the fun. Most of the time. Okay, all the time.

    At the comment about him being more insane he had to give her a manic grin and laugh. Since it was true. Who else would come up with half the insane things he did? Hmmm, okay, the missing weasley brother might come in close to that. He backed up when she realized that he'd gotten blackmail potential. Okay, it was really so he could embarrass her and possibly weasel things such as extra sweets or something off her. Shaking his head keeping his grin he tried and failed to look innocent. Even when he was sure that he looked completely innocent of all charges, he must have had a tell that only she knew because she was always able to know when he was lying. He supposed that it didn't help that even when he was innocent, when accused he would grin or laugh his ass off.

    "Coy? Why would I do that, Riddler?" He stuck his tongue out at her and ran to hop the table quick to put it between them. Pointing his wand at the jello dancers he commanded, "Defend your leader and tackle her!"

    Skyler wrote:Skyler merely snorted at her best friend, rolling her eyes as he stuck his tongue out at her. It was nice to see that some things never changed, and her so-far life-long friend hadn't changed a bit. If there was anyone who was a bigger kid than herself, it was Daryl. That fact was only proven every time the older male stuck his tongue out like a five year old. Of course, the action only got more humorous as they got older. It wasn't everyday one saw a seventeen year old boy sticking his tongue out like a toddler after all. The teen was sure that some people would find the action annoying, but to her, it was endearing for some odd reason. Not that she would tell him that. Ever.

    Her purple eyes narrowed dangerously on him when he backed up and tried to look innocent. She said tried, because 'innocent' and manic grin didn't exactly go together. It was times like that when the brunette understood just why his innocent acts never worked. Because if truth be told, Daryl couldn't look innocent to save his life. Hell, even when he was innocent, he somehow managed to look guilty. Like the time some kids at the muggle store had tipped over the pen of giant bouncy balls, and her and Daryl had gotten the blame because they had been bouncing them around when one of the workers finally noticed the mess.

    Ok, so maybe that had more to do with them being caught with the stupid bouncey balls than his lack of innocent looks, but still. He certainly hadn't helped the situation! Thinking on it then, Sky couldn't even remember why it was the pair had gone to the store. She thought maybe that was the time Daryl had decided to introduce her to smores. Great snack. Didn't mix well with pizza. And soda. And chips. And nachos. And pudding. The teen shuddered. Why, on why, had they decided to eat all that stuff again?

    The memory alone was making her stomach queasy, so she focused instead on her friend who was definitely not leaving that kitchen with whatever blackmail he managed to get, that was for sure. Skyler was prepared to wrestle it from him if she had to, an altogether hilarious idea, considering the boy was a lot bigger now than he had been the last time that particular idea had actually worked. When they were six. But regardless, she was preparing to pounce on him when he ran and jumped to put the table between them. "Hey!! You come back here you-HEY!! OW!! These things hurt!!"

    The stupid jello creations of his were now on the attack, poking and prodding at her, and the Slytherin ducked her head and put her arms over it to protect her face, which was torn between amusement and a glare. "Fairy!! This is so not funny!!" The teen yelled at him, trying to bat the things away with her hands wildly, since she refused to fully look up in case one poked her in the eye or something. She could hear her friend laughing in the background, and finally, an idea sparked. Her eyes lit up mischievously, though he would never be able to see that with how her head was angled down.

    Sky continued to bat at the attacking jello-zombie-thingers, spinning around and moving in a way that would seem completely like she were unaware as to where she were going, and exactly like she were just moving to get away from the things. But in fact, the sneaky little snake knew exactly where she headed, and as soon as she were in range, the witch launched herself at the boy with enough force to send them hurling into the giant block of jello. What she hadn't accounted for was the fact that when they landed, she would land on top of him, with his charmed jello people smacking into the back of her head every other second.

    In reflex, the teen ducked her head, so her face was pressed against his chest and lifted her hands to protect the back of her head. "Call them off or I'll bury you in jello Fairy!!" Her muffled yell couldn't hide her amusement at her own words, even as she groaned at her own lame threat. He'd probably just eat his way out of his jello coffin if she did do it.

    Daryl wrote:Daryl was convulsed in laughter. Oh, this would be one for the history books! This was something that he would never ever forget! This topped their impromptu dance routine in the middle of the busy shopping district. Greater than the time that the purple eyed girl had decided that unpoppable bubbles would be great for wall and ceiling decorations. Those topped when he decided he wanted his room to look like a spider lair. His mother hadn't been too happy when he'd used up all her yarn running it all over the place in his room. It didn't help that Skyler had told him he was being stupid, but he'd been in a Spiderman phase at the time.

    Having been too busy laughing and unable to stop because it was too funny seeing his best friend being attacked by jello people, that he failed to realize until it was too late that she was going to make him suffer as well. Jello people weren't that bright since they didn't have any brains and weren't really alive. So when the teenager was tackled (still laughing), Daryl hadn't been prepared to land in the dessert. It was instinct though to wrap his arms around the girl when they fell. He didn't remove them when they had landed (he was too busy shaking with laughter). Daryl had wanted to make a quip, but he couldn't since the sight that greeted him was funny. His stomach and cheeks were beginning to hurt though and tears were already streaming from his eyes.

    "T,t,to-ooo, la-ate," Daryl stuttered out snickering. They were already IN the jello now. But he knew that if he didn't do something soon, she just might smother him and he didn't want to know what it was like to choke on jello. He already couldn't stomach a type of soda because she'd had to go and wait until he'd taken a mouthful before telling a hilarious joke. He'd ended up choking on it and he disliked the flavor ever since and refused to have anything to do with it.

    Unable to get anything coherent out of his mouth he wordlessly nudged the girl with his wand. He knew that giving your wand to someone was dangerous, especially so with Skyler, but it would be more dangerous if he'd tried a spell and it backfired because he couldn't get it out right! The two were so in tune with each other at times (especially when in trouble or being mischievous), that he knew his wand would respond to her. It wasn't as if they hadn't swapped wands before. Hopefully she hadn't changed her wand since the last time. He'd actually been able to keep his wand unbroken since the last time he saw her. Huh, maybe he should look into that since he'd gone through about three wands already (he was on his fourth). Old Ollivander wasn't likely to be so happy if he had to go in for a fifth wand and explain why. Thankfully Daryl hadn't had to go to the creepy man for his wand yet (he'd heard tales of him from others), even though he was tempted to talk to him because of wand lore.

    Having just thought of the soda and looking at the jello he wondered what would happen if you mix the two. If he could have he would have done just that. Except he would likely get a smack for making his best friend a sugary mess. "W-water," he stated as he began to calm down from his laughing fit.

    Skyler wrote:Skyler tried to glare at her friend, she really did. She would have succeeded had it not been for the fact that she were trying to hide her face from the crazy jello, mobile, figures attacking her. Of all the insane, crazy, pure lunacy....The teen had to hand it to the older boy though. He was damn good with charms, and always great for a laugh and a good time. Even if the good time came at the expense of being batted by jello people. This was one of those times that she knew no one would ever believe the story if she told them. Then again, any time her and Daryl were together, it always ended in some unbelievable story that was quite possibly too crazy to have been made up. Either way, the pair always had a story, that much was certain.

    And many of those stories involved using each other's wands, since they were so good at making sure the other's somehow managed to "disappear" so they couldn't possibly use it. This usually happened when they were trying to outdo each other or get each other back when playing pranks. Of course, they never managed to get more than one or two ahead of each other in score, so there was never really any winner. But then, that wasn't really the point anyways. In fact, it probably worked best for them both that they were both insane and creative enough to continuously be able to one up the other, otherwise life would've been boring as all hell. Well, maybe not precisely boring, since life as Skyler Riddle was anything but that. But definitely a lot less fun and hilarious, that was for sure.

    Either way, it wasn't at all surprising when her best friend prodded her with the end of his wand, clearly too busy laughing to do anything about his own madman creations. Sky had just enough anger to glare halfheartedly before she rolled her eyes in exasperation, moving one arm from where it was wrapped around the back of her head, to protect it from his jello zombies, to reach down and grab the wand that was surprisingly enough the same one he had had the last time she had seen him. That was odd, and she half wanted to comment on it, but first thing first...

    The brunette aimed the wand over her shoulder, calling out the spell that would have water spraying from the tip. Thankfully she had learned that one recently, and it generally worked normally when she used it. Too bad she couldn't say the same for the Incendio spell. Everytime she tried that one, something ended up in flames that wasn't supposed. Apparently Skyler just wasn't meant to play with fire. In the literal sense, anyways. To be fair though, it was usually more a danger to those around her than to herself when she did. And it wasn't like Champ really needed both eyebrows, and it grew back, so no real harm done. At least it hadn't been Gin that time, because the Slytherin were fairly sure her redheaded friend enjoyed having both eyebrows on her face, and would've been a good deal less enthusiastic about only having one.

    Shaking her head free of those thoughts with a crooked grin on her face, the teen breathed in relief and chanced a glance over her shoulder to check that the coast was clear, and sure enough, the water had done the trick and destroyed Daryl's monsters. "Aha!! Take that jello zombies!!" Sky couldn't hold back her victory yell, her grin spreading from ear to ear in triumph as she tilted her head to look at her friend, placing her hands on his shoulders to help push herself into a sitting position so she could try and get herself out of the jello.

    Unfortunately, this ended up being a better theory than actual process, because she only managed to shower her friend further into the dessert, and the pressure she put on her knees that say aside either of his legs also meant those ended up being pushed further into the jello block, effectively becoming stuck. "Wruh wroh..." The Slytherin bit her bottom lip, brows furrowing as she squirmed and wriggled to no avail. Huffing in frustration, the brunette all but gave up, sitting on top of her friend with a pout. She really didn't want to have to use water to get herself out, because she were already a mess enough, and she didn't fancy the slimy-jello mess that would be in her hair if she did...

    Twirling the wand in her fingers as she considered how to best go about getting them out, the teen remembered a random thought as her eyes glanced from the wand to the boy it belonged to, smirk curling her lips. "You know Fairy...either you've gotten tamer without me, or you're just a lazy bum not performing up to par, considering you're still on the same wand..."

    Daryl wrote:Daryl snickered at his friend's perfomance. He shouldn't really be surprised since if it had been him defeating one of her pranks and/or creations, he'd be smugly crowing too. Of course he wouldn't be using her to try and heave himself out of the trouble they found themselves in at the moment. Only partially worried that she was trying to fulfill her threat to bury him in the jello, Daryl was more full of amusement then anything else. It didn't help that while it seemed Skyler had been trying to free herself, she succeeded in the exact opposite. When she uttered her Scooby Doo line, he cracked up again.

    Choking when she started to wriggle on him, he arched a brow and gave her a look. If he was anyone else this would deffinitely be a compromising position. As it was, he smirked because this was one more thing that he could put in his 'blackmail and embarrassing things' that he had on his bestfriend. Grinning because honestly how could he pass a moment like this up? Just like he did when he caught her stuck in the jello, Daryl waggled his eyebrows. "You're one to talk, Riddler."

    Snatching his wand he quickly doused his bestfriend in whipped cream. "There we go. How many guys dream about this without seeing it in reality?"

    Of course Daryl had given it quick consideration that his and Skyler's ways were the reason of his wand having so many...accidents. Naturally he returned the favor and most of the time they weren't aiming to have their wand destroyed or broken. It just ended that way since honestly, it was just pure mayhem when they two were together and focused on a prank grander then the last. It was Skyler though that brought out his creativity though. Shrugging he stated, "Maybe you're my muse."

    Skyler wrote:One second she were smirking, gloating in her triumph over the jello zombies and then...she were covered in whipped cream. Quite literally too. The teen sat frozen and stuck, on top of her best friend, too shocked for the first few moments to say or do anything. To be fair, Skyler wasn't really shocked that he had done it. She were more shocked that she hadn't quite expected it. Years of experience had taught her that Daryl could be trusted with a wand only for craziness to be the outcome. And well, hilarious fun as well. But this was SO not funny!!

    The Slytherin witch tried to wipe the whipped cream from her face so she could properly glare at him, but she only succeeded in smearing it more across her face, thanks to the fact that it was all over her. With a low hiss of frustration, knowing this would somehow end up as blackmail someday, the teen used her hands to feel out his chest, bending over to bring her face to his shirt and wipe it off on it. Sitting upright again, Sky finally managed to give him one of her deadly glares. For all about five seconds, because his comment took the wind completely out of her sails and she blinked at him, brows furrowing in confusion slightly as she gave him a dubious look.

    "Guys dream about seeing their best friends covered in whipped cream? I think that might just be unique to you Fairy." In spite of herself, the girl snorted in laughter at the older boy, shaking her head in mock-exasperation. It was impossible to ever really be mad at him. He just made it too hard. Of course, it could just be her. It was quite possible that they had known each other long enough and well enough for him to have figured out how to distract her from her anger before she had managed to figure out that he had figured it out. That didn't mean she still couldn't make him squirm under one of her glares for fear of his life though. Or well, at least extreme embarrassment.

    His response about her being his muse had the teen cockiness her to she side, considering the idea for a moment in all seriousness. "Hmm...I guess that could be true. But if this is the thanks I get for being your muse, I think I'll keep my day job." Skyler tried to look serious, but failed spectacularly as a huge grin stole across her face. They both knew that she would never even consider that an option. "Merlin, Fairy, it's so good to see you." Without further ado, the brunette gave him an awkward sort of hug, considering she couldn't really give him a hug because of the jello they were stuck in. In the end, her hands and arms were tucked between their bodies as she laid her top on his, and grinned into his shoulder, breathing in his warm scent happily.

    "It's almost like being home. Or like having a piece of home with me." The Slytherin stated softly before sighing and sitting up again, only this time, there was that mischievous spark in her eye that said she were up to something or planning something. And just what that something was was to scoop up some of the whipped cream on her head and use it to give the boy a beard around his mouth. Then promptly started snickering. "You could be Dumbeledore's twin!!"

    Daryl wrote:"Real classy, Riddler," Daryl frowned but then shook his head with a smile. That was the girl he knew and got his butt handed to. When she misinterpreted his comment, he shook his head rolling his eyes. Only she could get it wrong. "No, that would just be weird, Riddler. I meant for guys having a girl on their laps like this."

    At her failed glare, he grinned unrepentant. Most times he knew that if Skyler glared at him, he would definitely be paying for what he'd done. If she didn't get even with him during the course of their caper. He watched as she considered his honest comment that was kind of like a compliment. Sorta. "Your day job is what? It used to be keeping me on my toes and out of trouble, or in trouble, depending."

    As if he just thought of it, he snapped his fingers wide eyed as if he just had a brilliant flash of insight. "I know! You're day job is to find a way to become more legendary than the Weasley twins and the group that came before them, yes?"

    It was good to see his partner in crime as well, and he couldn't help but return the grin with the same feeling. She was much better at words then he was. If he'd tried to tell her, he'd end up putting his foot in his mouth, and it would have been really awkward. However, Daryl was sure that Skyler knew that he felt the same and he showed it in his own way. Normally, he didn't care if he sounded like a sap, but it was times like this when she got mushy that he could only nod. When her mood shifted, he knew he was going to be getting that pay back now. Either that, or she had some other kind of prank in mind to be getting into.

    "I'd prefer to be Merlin. Or Gandalf. Yup, Gandalf, he didn't get tricked by a girl and trapped in crystal and all that." Tilting his head this way and that, Daryl then shook his head like a dog to try and get the whipped cream off then reconsidered and made a cherry appear which he placed on his head. "Well, I'm even more magically delicious now."

    Skyler wrote:At first, Skyler simply blinked at her friend, the look on her face making it clear that she still didn't really get what he was talking about. The brunette were a strange and unusual sort of innocent. While she could pull pranks and make jokes, cause madness and mayhem and pretty much all sorts or trouble on various different levels, she still possessed very real child-like qualities. For instance, her mind worked much like a child's in that she were easily amused, often times easily distracted, as well as easily entertained. One could even say she were easily impressed, given that the teen didn't put much stock in big, flashy things. By looking at her alone, one would never be able to tell the witch were very, very well off monetarily. The flashiest thing she owned was her broom. And she hadn't even bought that herself.

    The truth was, the Slytherin were a lot like a young child in that she were very accepting, and very curious. Just like how young children weren't very selective with choosing things like friends, neither was Skyler. She hadn't yet learned to fear the world either, her curiosity fueling her desire to do things most people grew out of trying early on in age. Like things that might end up in broken bones. And there was also the fact that much like children do, the teen were prone to crawl on top of or over other people.

    The teen had no real concept of sexualness unless it were brought to her attention, or she felt a certain love for someone. It was likely why many things she said or did could be considered flirtatious, or why many sexual innuendos went right over her head. It probably didn't help matters that it was generally the last thing to come to mind for her, or that she didn't view herself as attractive in any way.

    For Sky, love and sex went hand in hand, and so she had no concept of how to think of one without the other, or to feel one without the other. So while the same position she were currently in might have had certain sexual feelings arising were it Draco she sat on top of, the fact it were Daryl meant that any such thoughts or feelings didn't manifest in her mind. And the brunette never really stopped to consider people might take the things she said and did any other way than how she meant them. Which often might have led to mixed feelings or crossed boundaries.

    It was highly likely that eventually the Slytherin would land herself in trouble because of her tendency to be ignorant about such things, especially with the Hufflepuff beneath her, because she were so comfortable and open with him. Skyler trusted him completely, more than anyone else in her life, and it was ten times easier to be completely herself with Daryl than with anyone else. It was so normal and natural to be doing things like this with him that it didn't phase her to think of it in any other way than something that was just so innocently them.

    So it wasn't surprising that it took the girl a few moments of staring blankly at her friend, head cocked to the side, and mouth slightly ajar, to make the connection and realize what the older boy meant. "Ooohh." Comprehension flashed in her violet eyes finally, and then, "Really?" Only curiosity showed in that gaze as she looked to her best friend for an answer, still completely unconcerned with her position atop him, regardless of the topic of conversation. "But, you mean, like, certain girls, right? I mean, you're a guy, Fairy. You don't want just any girl like that, right?"

    It made sense to Skyler that guys desired certain girls to be in their laps, not just any girl. Otherwise, their current position would be extremely awkward. But it wasn't. It was simply normal for them, and she were sure they had ended up in worse positions in the past. Like the time in the shopping district when he had trapped her against himself on the bench for no good reason. Ok, well, there had been a reason. Sky just couldn't remember at the moment. Mostly because she had a nagging feeling she had deserved it...

    "Well I would hardly call that a job, Fairy. After all, a job consists of actual work and whatnot, and I don't have to work to be more legendary than them." True to form. The teen flashed a superior and cocky smirk, clearly confident in herself and her abilities. Besides, that would just take all the fun out of it if it were a job.

    Skyler snorted at him, a teasing grin blooming on her face. "Yea. You just get tricked and trapped in jello." Snatching the cherry off his head with an unrepentant grin, the brunette wrinkled her nose in distaste at the offending fruit. "You couldn't have made it a strawberry?" With that, she tossed it over her shoulder, bouncing slightly in her eagerness to be able to move again. "Well cmon then. Get us out of here already. I prefer to eat jello, not live in it, thank you very much." Of course, she could've very well done it herself, but it was his fault they were stuck in it, so he would be the one getting them out.

    Daryl wrote:"Of course, only certain girls. Every guy has a type you know. And yes, I'm aware I'm a guy. Or I was the last time I checked." Looking at his best friend he shook his head. Sometimes she was a contradiction and he was sure that she wasn't even aware of it. Sometimes that was hilarious especially when it came down to teasing her and waiting for her to get him back somehow. Arching a brow and he couldn't help asking her in a way that told her he was joking, "Why are you jealous?"

    Cat ears flickering, the older boy marveled for a moment that he could hear a lot better now, which wasn't so bad. At the moment he knew that they would be having company within a few moments so it was now or never of getting them out of this since he was quite sure that Riddler would make sure he paid if others found them like this. While she might not be embarrassed and neither would he at how they were, other people would misconstrue it and while he couldn't care less about rumors he did care that they were about his friend and how she might feel about it.

    "Are you sure? I'm sure that mom used to say keeping us from ending up on America's Most Wanted was a hard job." Of course she said that when it was just Daryl himself and while she loved Skyler, Daryl's mom just couldn't cope with having more than one mischief maker in the house for long periods of time. Hence why the two of them would always find mayhem at places such as grocery stores and parks, and pretty much anywhere. That being said they tended to get banned from a lot of places too.

    Tilting his head he gave a mock pout. "If I put a strawberry on me I'd be afraid you'd eat me. I may be magically delicious, but being eaten is just soooo not how I plan on dying. And it just sounds painfull"

    When his best friend began to bounce on him, Daryl had to shut his eyes. It was a blessing and a curse that his friend was the way she was. Now how would he get them out of this? They could always disolve it, or.... Opening his eyes with a smile he started to snicker. Well, it wouldn't be jello. Using his wand he turned the jello into something softer and more easy to get themselves out of, like chocolate pudding. "Bon appetite?" he asked innocently.

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