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    Welcome to Hell...I Mean Home (Terrance Taggart, Thanos Permethius, & Dionysus)


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    Welcome to Hell...I Mean Home (Terrance Taggart, Thanos Permethius, & Dionysus) Empty Welcome to Hell...I Mean Home (Terrance Taggart, Thanos Permethius, & Dionysus)

    Post by Raven on Thu Jul 02, 2015 1:20 pm

    Terrance wrote:Having come across others like himself and Thanos, Terrance finally decided that it was worth the risk to check out, which was why when the two had come to the sign about the strawberry farm they knew they were in the right place. They climbed the hill without a hitch and walked uncontested into the camp. That was what it looked like. Some kind of camp maybe a boot camp of some type. He and Thanos had been taken to a room and shown a film that was supposed to explain about his being the child of an Olympian god and a mortal. How he smelled good monsters and how this place was a safe haven for those like him. Throughout the whole thing, Terrance didn't say a word but when he and Thanos were brought back outside, he saw someone that looked vaguely familiar. Taking a quick glance towards his ever present companion, he wasn't sure if Thanos recalled the guy who'd given them a ride and recommended that hotel they'd ended up in for some odd years.

    "Don't I know you he asked?" suspiciously. While the person gave him a deja vu feeling it was also a sort of...vibe. And it was the man's eyes that made Terrance happy that he wasn't alone with the man.

    Thanos wrote:Thanos looked up when Terrance moved. He followed after him and held onto him. He hadn't let go since they climbed the hill and went into the camp. He hadn't bothered to watch the film. He grew bored and it didn't feel right. He didn't know why and then he pulled him into himself. "That movie doesn't feel right Terrance..." he said. Nuzzling Terrance's neck since it was just them. He didn't know why but he was feeling a bit of dejavu right now. He couldn't remember. He left all the hard core thinking as he looked at him. "WHich one?" he asked. Sensing two very strong presences. He hugged onto Terrance tighter. "He is mine...none of you can have him." he said then blinked. "I said something weird again...didn't I?" He asked. Looking at Terrance. Looking up a bit "He looks like he'd f**k you or anyone else he got his hands on..." He mumbled. "My terrance. I won't share him with anyone."

    Terrance wrote:Terrance had been unsure and suspicious about everything, which was why he hadn't minded Thanos' clinging like a leach. He'd made a noncomittal sound when Thanos mentioned the movie and had stiffed at the nuzzling. It was something he'd struggled with ever since they were children; Thanos' overt public affection while Terrance decidedly didn't like it. While it might seem like he was dismissing the other teen, he actually had inwardly frowned at the statement having known to take Thanos' 'hunches' in stride and with some credence.

    When asked which one gave him the sense he knew him, Terrance had nodded at the man wearing the leopard spotted shirt. When both the man who'd introduced himself as Mr. D and Terrance looked at Thanos, Terrance sighed, and nodded. "Very."

    Dionysus wrote:Mr. D had been playing cribbage when the two demigods had crossed the border. Another camper had found yet another demigod this morning. That made three for today. A bit unusual that they hadn't all come together, but then that happened at times. Shame that they couldn't have been eaten on their way here. He'd had Juniper or whatever her name was show the first one around.

    "Nonsense, Travis Turner," he replied to the comment about knowing the boy. He could care less if the boy got eaten, maimed, or lost. At the odd rambling that came from the other one, he stared and wondered if the boy was actually mentally damaged. That would have been a shame. Maybe he should look into that.

    "Welcome to Hell, I mean your new home. Let's go introduce you to your cabin mates in Hermes cabin shall we?" Mr. D said looking at Terrance in a dismissive manner.

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