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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:43 pm

    Persephone wrote:-GENERAL-
    Name: Persephone
    Title: Goddess of the underworld, springtime, vegetation, maidenhood.
    Symbol: Pomegranate
    Sacred Animal: Deer

    Play by: Antonia Thomas
    Hair: Dark brown, curly.
    Eyes: Dark brown/green/hazel
    Dress Style: Chiton, generally in soft, flowing fabrics.

    Father: Zeus
    Children: Melinoe, Zagreus
    Famous Children: Nico di Angelo (stepson), Bianca di Angelo (stepdaughter),

    Hobbies: Gardening, overseeing the sentencing of damned souls, enacting curses on dead men, embroidery, singing, exploring Elysium.
    Personality: Cheerful, sweet, charming, has a taste for vengeance, hard to anger but has a temper that is fiery when roused.
    History: Demeter's daughter led a relatively uneventful childhood until she was kidnapped by her now-consort Hades.  She resisted his initial attempts to "woo" her, but was tricked into marrying him when he gave her a pomegranate and she ate the seeds. Now she spends half of the year with Hades in the underworld, helping him manage the place, particularly when passing judgement on damned souls is required.  The other half of the year, she spends with Demeter, encouraging the green things of the earth to grow so that humanity survives for another year.

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