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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:41 pm

    Ikuto Kishimoto wrote:-GENERAL-
    Name: Ikuto Kishimoto
    Species: Demigod -- Earth Phoenix + Naga (diety)
    Age: 146

    Description: Human form -- Feather like black hair; green slitted eyes; lithe swimmer's build; pale skin; scales on wrists, collar bone, spine, ankles; claw like nails; razor sharp teeth; wings (generally hidden)
    Monster form -- All phoenix with black and green feathers; All snake with black and green scales (large 10' king cobra); Wyvern (8' snake with feathered wings -- colored green and black)

    Mother: Earth Phoenix (deceased)
    Father: Naga Diety (deceased)

    Abilities/Skills/Strengths: Basilisk gaze, deadly venom (no antidote), rebirth, can control earth elements, shape shift
    Weaknesses: Bright lights, loud sounds, strong smells, rebirth, shedding
    Personality: Ikuto is a loner. He doesn't care for superfluous people. He prefers the truth, omission, and half-truths (he will never lie). He can sit around and read
    History: Ikuto's mother and father were in human form, planning to seduce a human. However, they met each other and thought the other was human. It wasn't until later, after his mother had been impregnated that the two realized the other wasn't human. They went through with the birth for reasons he was never told. Not long after he had reached adulthood, Hades claimed their souls to the underworld unable to be retrieved or bargained for.

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