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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:38 pm

    Thanos Permethius wrote:Thanos Permethius Leonardo-DiCaprio-leonardo-dicaprio-28582222-1098-1500
    Name: Thanos Adonius Permethius
    Alias: (nickname)
    Age: 15
    Birth date: unknown
    Birthplace: same as terrance's
    Home: on the run still with terrance

    Thanos Permethius Leonardo-dicaprio-1381527923
    Play by: (youth) Leonardo DiCaprio
    (adult) Robert Downey jr.
    Thanos Permethius 7339101526_6c8f29591a
    Hair: see images
    Eyes: uses color changing contacts
    Build: (just for example if you want your person skinny but your face claim isn't or chubby etc)
    Distinguishing Marks: (Scars, gap tooth, tattoo, piercings, etc)
    Dress Style: varies

    Mother: terrances family...he has none
    Father:same as above
    Siblings:same as above
    Guardian: himself and terrance...sorta
    godly parent: (please leave blank)

    Fatal Flaw: drinking and drugs...temper...getting into fights...various others
    Hobbies: tinkering, inventing, fighting, drinking, drugs, and many other things.
    Traits: (What you might have inherited from your godly parent. This info will be used to help determine what deity will claim you.)
    Personality:broken down below
    *is becoming an alcoholic
    *loves bondage
    *enjoys pain <not extreme>
    *is a recovering drug addict...in and out of recovery <marijauna>

    *street fighting
    *building custom wheels (motorcycles)
    *pain <not extreme>
    *being controlled
    *challenging others
    *controlling males
    *his best friend sometimes rival Terrance

    *being in control of a relationship (sexual or personal)
    *dealing with so called tamers and controllers and being the one who controls
    *dealing with bitchy women
    *so called bad asses
    *so called know it alls
    *being alone

    *street fighting
    *building custom wheels (motorcycles)
    *retains anything and everything he sees or hears even if he is not paying full attention
    *Has a photographic memory
    *is a bad ass bad boy
    *is a rebel
    *his genius IQ level
    *has major street smarts
    *is highly observant
    *is a billionare (both worlds)
    *is a philanthropist (muggleworld)
    *tracking things down
    *locating hard to finds things or locations
    *taking care of thanos and keeping up with him

    *horrible people skills when dealing with idiots
    *watching his mouth
    *watching his sarcasm
    *has quite the dirty mouth
    *his temper as is hot headed
    *is mouthy
    *can be smartassed
    *can be sarcastic
    *somewhat devious
    *somewhat mischievious
    *is horrible at following orders
    *Terrance, Terrance, Terrance,
    *drugs & alcohol plus smoking
    History: see terrances profile. What is not yet known is that Thanos is the product of a drunken threesome between Dyionius's Haephestus and Aphrodite...when he was born he was kidnapped around three months old. Some crazy ass events occured that only allowed for half of an elixer of mortality to be given to the little godling...making him a demi-god. These events cause him to remain unclaimed...and even if they make it to the camp it will remain as such for the time being.

    Note: this was approved per Ares and is unknown to any currently

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