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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:37 pm

    Aiden Harvey wrote:-GENERAL-
    Name: Aiden Harvey
    Alias: N/A at the moment
    Age: 16
    Birth date: 25th May
    Birthplace: New York
    Home: Manhattan

    Play by: Theo James
    Hair: Aiden's hair is a pretty dark black, almost raven, and it's fairly short, barely falling past his ears. Sometimes he likes to grow it out but that is rare.
    Eyes: Deep blue
    Build: Being into sports and fighting, Aiden has a pretty athletic build with some muscle.
    Distinguishing Marks: Aiden has a scar on his back running from one hip to another. He has three tattoos. Two fairly big ones done on the top part of his back, on the left side he has an angel wing and one the right he has a devil wing and he also has one on his right forearm in the style of a snake winding around it.
    Dress Style: Aiden likes to dress casually with jeans and loose shirts however he also loves dressing up in leather trousers and skin tight tops. He prefers wearing trainers.

    Mother: Angela Harvey nee Black, 42, dead
    Father: (Step Father) Micheal Harvey, 50, dead
    Siblings: (Step Brother) Jason Harvey, 32, alive
    Guardian: Jason
    Godly parent:

    Fatal Flaw: Aiden's fatal flaw would have to be the fact that he can pretty much hold grudges to last a life time however one can also say that his fatal flaw could be the fact that he is pretty much loyal only to himself, his brother and those he considers his closest friends.
    Hobbies: Hacking, fiddling with computers, swimming, doing sports
    Traits: Intelligent, impulsive, observant, sarcastic, aggressive when insulted
    Personality: Aiden is fairly intelligent and quick-witted with a pretty sharp tongue. He is also fairly impulsive and can get into fights quite easily when his family get insulted. He can be pretty mean and sarcastic to people whom he doesn't like. His only loyalty is to himself, his older brother and those whom he considers pretty close. He is the type of person that can hold a grudge for a fairly long time.  
    History: Ever since Aiden could remember he had been living with his older step brother Jason. He had no idea what happened to his mother and step father until he was ten when Jason sat him down and explained to him why he had no parents and why he was living with him. It was hard for him to come to terms that his parents were dead but eventually he did though he does get pretty violent towards anyone who dares to mention his lack of them.

    At the age of eleven Aiden had been signed up for a private school when it became clear to Jason that Aiden's intelligence and his dyslexia stopped him from advancing further in a public school. The school that Aiden had been signed up for not only allowed Aiden to move up a grade, but it also had a program that helped children work past their 'problems' like dyslexia or ADHD. The school also had quite a few clubs, one of which was a Martial Arts one that Aiden joined when it became clear not only to him but his teachers that his impulsiveness led him to fighting innocent students too many times.

    Aiden was quick to become one of the smarts people at the school and he also became fairly popular though that did not really make Aiden happy. He didn't have many friends at the school because not many could get his trust. Most just wanted him for the money that he had, well that his step brother had, while others wanted him for his good looks. Only a handful became his close friends.

    After a monster attacked him at the school and injured a few people grievously the blond realized that he was more then just a human however he still did not know he was a Demigod. After two more attacks, Aiden had found himself fearing for his and his classmates life so he left the school and is currently on the run, trying to get to some place safe from the monster. His brother Jason is aware of why he ran but he did not follow the blond.

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