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    Post by Raven on Wed Jul 01, 2015 7:36 pm

    Janelle Richards wrote:-GENERAL-
    Name: Janelle Elsa Richards
    Alias: Elle, Jane, Janie
    Age: Seventeen
    Birth date: 31 October
    Birthplace: Fort Lauderdale, Florida
    Home: Camp Half Blood

    Play by: Hailee Steinfeld
    Hair: Dark Brown, Long (falls to just below her shoulder blades) Wavy
    Eyes: Hazel
    Build: Athletic, Tall
    Distinguishing Marks: scar on her left shoulder
    Dress Style: Jeans and t-shirts with a black leather jacket

    Mother: Shannon Richards (nee Diamond)
    Father: (step-father) Adam Richards
    Siblings: (half sister mortal, deceased) Kaitlyn Richards; (step-sister, demi-god, 17) Anna Richards
    Guardian: her parents
    godly parent: (please leave blank)

    Fatal Flaw: Jane's fatal flaw is she tends to hold grudges for a very long time and lets that affect her decisions.
    Hobbies: singing (when alone), Walks under the moon, drawing, writing
    Traits: bitter, standoffish, hot-tempered, clever, antisocial, straight-foward
    Personality: Janelle is a very cold and bitter young lady. She is reclusive almost in nature. She is rather standoffish to those she doesn't know or doesn't like or trust. She isn't one for idle threats or promises. She has very little faith in most people and she doesn't trust easily. She focuses on the tasks she is given unless she finds it to be a total waste of her skills and time. Janelle does have a softer side to her personality, a side only her closest friends and family get to see. She cares for those closest to her and would do anything for them. She is fiercely loyal to those she truly trusts. She dislikes her loved ones being hurt and would be quick to recompense the damage to those who harmed them. She can hold a grudge for a very long time. Those who have angered normally stay on her bad side for a very long time. Janelle is cunning, intelligent and very good at messing with people's heads. She knows her strengths and she knows how to use them to her advantage. She is good at keeping a cool head when placed in a pressure situation. She doesn't have much too say but what she does say is usually important. She doesn't suffer a fool well and she has a hot temper.

    Janelle will not let anything stop her. Janelle has clear goals. Janelle tends to take failure very personally. Janelle is her own harshest critic. Janelle has the ability to find ways to improve things. Strangers find her a little intimidating. She is often a little critical of friends and family. She has a very strong work ethic. Janelle is self motivated. Janelle is driven by an inner set of high standards. When Janelle first meets people they find her abrupt. Friends would describe her as decisive. At work she is assertive and enjoys arguments. She can be very protective about her family. She is canny.

    Janelle needs privacy. She is very independent. Janelle is not very approachable. Janelle wants to make the world a better place. She can be very self-critical. Janelle always has the feeling she could do better. She is a persuasive talker. Janelle has very exacting standards. She can be critical when stressed. She will argue passionately for a cause. Janelle may become obsessed with details. She has difficulties working with a group. Janelle has a few good friends. She is very much an individual. She is obsessed with being correct. Friends describe her as 'original'.When stressed she will blame herself for anything which goes wrong. She works steadily and will put great energy into tasks she sees as important. The emotional needs of others mean little to her. She is always thorough and methodical. She can accomplish any task if she decides to. Janelle is very practical. She likes to spend time away from crowds. She needs to know how things work. She can be relied on in a crisis

    History: Janelle and her sister, Anna grew up in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. They always believed that they were the daughters of Adam and Shannon Richards. Those who didn't know believe the two girls were twins and Adam and Shannon were happy to keep up the illusion. They  were born just days apart, Anna showing. They had a older sister, Kaitlyn that they adored as long as they could remember. They were a happy little family until one day when Janelle and Anna were 10, the monsters attacked the girls. Kaitlyn who could see through the mist and saw what was actually happening threw herself in front of her sisters to try and protect them from the attack. They were saved by a satyr called Mason, but Kaitlyn's injuries were too severe and she died on the way to hospital. Both sisters and their parents were devastated, but it seemed to affect Janelle the most, causing her to become colder and more bitter.

    That caused their parents to admit that Adam was not Janelle's father and  Shannon wasn't Anna's mother and that they were both demi-gods, though neither parent would tell either girl who their godly parent was. They didn't know what to think at the time. Shannon and Adam decided that for their safety, Janelle and Anna were to go to Camp Half-Blood. ane pushed her sister away almost the moment they crossed the border of camp, telling Anna that they were not sisters and to leave her alone, something Anna would never accept, though Janelle kept pushing her away everytime she tries to reconnect with her and remind Janelle that they are sisters by bond and upbringing if not by blood. Janelle rebutted this everytime saying whatever bond they may have had in the past died with their sister and the discovery of their parents' lies. Janelle didn't let anyone close to for a long time before she started letting people in very slowly, not letting them see the real her until she was sure she could truly trust them.

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